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Online Casino Credit Card Deposits To Be Banned in the UK

Online Casino Credit Card Deposits To Be Banned in the UK submitted by alexnes11 to economy [link] [comments]

Online Casino Credit Card Deposits To Be Banned in the UK

Online Casino Credit Card Deposits To Be Banned in the UK submitted by alexnes11 to economy [link] [comments]

Online Casino Credit Card Deposits To Be Banned in the UK

Online Casino Credit Card Deposits To Be Banned in the UK submitted by alexnes11 to economy [link] [comments]

Online Casino Credit Card Deposits To Be Banned in the UK

Online Casino Credit Card Deposits To Be Banned in the UK submitted by alexnes11 to economy [link] [comments]

Looking for an online casino with credit card deposit, BTC or ETH withdrawal, and no verification.

I can't stand the idea of handing over a copy of my license to an offshore organization. Seems like a bad idea.
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Credit card transaction on online casino through 3rd party

Did anyone made a deposit to an online casino by credit card but turned on the charges was made through some online gift cards company? Is that legit? Can online casino pass your personal and financial info to third party for transaction? Why are they doing that?
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Where can I Play Online Slot Machines for Real Money?

This is a common question for new players to ask. Most online casinos offer real money slot machines to play. Playing online slots for real money requires that you are able to first make a deposit with an online casino. Credit cards, bitcoin and e-wallets are the most popular deposit methods for playing online slot machines for money. You can find an updated list of casinos offering online real money casino slots at
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[GTA Online]Why cant i use my Shark Card Credit to play at the casino?

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ULPT: Gamble online with your credit card. If you lose, report the charge as fraudulent. As banks don't want to do business with online casinos and you were never sold any actual goods, they won't dispute your claim.

As an additional bonus you'll be put on the online casino's blacklist, which means you shouldn't ever gamble again, because even if you win they won't ever pay you.
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Why Banks Turn Down Debit and Credit Cards Deposits from Online Casinos

There was a time when it was relatively easy to gamble at online casinos using your debit and credit card to do transactions, but not so anymore since the United States Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006. So with this fresh law in the making most banking institutions are declining their users request to do any form of credit or debit card transactions pertaining to online gambling casino sites. It doesn't matter how much money is in your bank account, the banks are simply refusing to do this type of transaction, even though this law has not yet been settled. Most of the top credit card companies do not allow transactions for online casino gambling purposes, however, there are a couple of exceptions to the rule, meaning there are some credit card companies that will allow these online gambling transactions, but because they normally treat these transactions as a sort of "cash advancement" be prepared to be charged a very high interest rate on you bill payment statement. For this reason more and more online gamblers as well as online casinos are keeping of from using Credit and Debit Card payments to perform their online gambling transactions, rather they are opting for online processor services, which have become extremely popular in the online gambling community. With the launch of this new Act on Internet Gambling more and more online based processor sites are popping up upon the internet as these wise people comprehend the need for such a service since the new law on Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was declared in 2006. Currently there are most different choices for conducting deposit and payment transactions at online casinos. Some of the well-known online companies offering these online processor services are; Bank Wire/E-wallet, NETteller, Pre-Paid ATM, Citadel, Fire Pay, Eco Card as well as Click2Pay and even though these are all web based companies and therefore obtainable to everyone who has access to the internet, if you happen to stay in the United States of America, depending upon which online casino you happen to log onto, you might or might not be able to register for these services. Whatever the conclusion of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act, and regardless of the banks refusal to do Credit Cards/Debit Cards transactions relating to online gambling, it is in the interest of the online casino sites as well as the online gambling community to find a way to work around these obstacles and make sure that online gambling will be around for a very long time to come.
via Casinoreviews
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LPT: Avoid Revolving Credit Cards and Online Casinos - LifeProTips

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Will US Online Casinos Accept Credit Card Payments

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Are online casinos allowed to ask for this?

Was trying to withdraw from a site and i need to send photo ID, confirm my adress, and "creditcard copy"
Never had to send that to any other sites and i dont even have a credit card
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$700,000 Bet on Fintech - BFT

$700,000 Bet on Fintech - BFT
Alright Degenerates- I posted a small little snippet a day or so ago about BFT. I wanted to do a bit of DD on BFT but also wanted to highlight something that was brought to my attention by a degenerate gambler. Lastly, I wanted to compile some good little snippets that have been put together by some other members as well as from the investor presentation.
Before reading further please understand the major Risks.
  • This is SPAC with ~10.00 NAV, if the deal falls through it could drop to 10.00 USD
  • The warrants could be very lucrative but they can be called and if a deal fails to materialize, these can become worthless.
  • If you're ok with the above risks, continue reading.
Keep in mind that this merger is not complete, but the terms of the deal have been provided to investors and we will be able to either vote yes for the deal or vote no and redeem our shares in BFT for 10.00 cash. So there is downside to this play should the vote not go through or should the two entities terminate the agreement. Right now the downside is ~3 dollars per share according to the close price from today.


The Customers and MOAT

  • Deep Customer Base with deep ties to gambling/betting industry with Deep penetration in Europe and growing customer bases around the world. Gambling is a tricky business and regulated differently than other industries. Many big players have avoided the industry and Paysafe has a great reputation and has become one of the early movers in the industry. The following are some notable customers.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I actually know Paysafe and the usage quite well.
PayPal has many restrictions in Europe regarding iGaming , so does Square.
This is a big play on iGaming for those that aren’t aware.
I was a mid- high stakes online poker player through the 2010-2018. Played a variety of sites. : iPoker; PokerStars, Paddy, MicroGaming, 888, Party. Why so many sites? Because I was always on lookout for where the action was, if a big whale sat down at one online casino; you bet your sweet ass I’m there.
So let me give you my take as a consumer that’s probably spent over $100,000 in transaction fees personally on Paysafe.
This was one of the cheapest and fastest ways to move money around online.
Unlike Stripe this which is against risky business such as CBD and gambling, paysafe is actually one of the leading payment providers in both UK/AUS / Ireland for iGaming.
Big example is William Hill, Bet365, Bwin.
Now why would you want to move money online around as a gambler ?
Well, Visa/MC charge close to 50%->75% more, online casinos = the merchant. They don’t wanna pay that, and in fact put limits on this type of payment processor. (Your visa’s credit cards etc). If a punter deposits / withdraws frequently, the online casino could literally be on the hook for like 20-30% of the turnover throughout the gambler’s period. (This assumes the gambler doesn’t lose all his money per deposit.
Imagine you’re a professional sportsbettor, you’re not loyal to one site. Different spreads / odds are offered on every site, you want to be able to move your money from one to another quickly and cheaply. Arbitrage opportunities do exist in sports betting as bookmakers hedge their books to minimize risk, diff frequencies of bets occur on each sports book; you get the idea.
For recreational punters, it’s simple: some sporting events that are smaller simply don’t exist on one site that exist on another. Eg. Perhaps you using Pinnacle / 10dimes for low spreads on high volume events, but perhaps you want to gamble on live events on bet365 on another day, and bet ponies on Hill.
What if you only have $5000 ? Giant pain in ass to deposit money to each site, paysafe lets you move it around easily.
Should you use visa, you may get blocked from depositing on various sites; Bodog, WHill, Bet365 just to name a few. Withdrawals and clearing deposits with bank transfers or checks takes days-> weeks and gamblers ain’t gonna wait for that shit.
You can also buy prepaid paysafe cards from stores if you don’t wish to use your real credit card; and load that shit up.
One of the biggest markets this is prominent in is South east Asia, they are some of the biggest punters and fucking loving gambling. Looking at you pinoys, Indonesians, Malays. Not everyone wants to fly to Macau to get their rocks off.
As much as this is a play on FinTech, please understand this company has more or less the best Payment service on online gambling globally.

The Comparable VALUATIONS

From this chart you can see that there looks to be some favorable multiples that could improve once a deal closes. Also, I'm very bullish on the great Margins as well as the conservative growth. I think Foley along with the growing Igaming undervalues the potential of this company. Just the Draft Kings relationship make me tingle.

CHART is COURTESY of u/CoachCedricZebaze

Management and Growth

  • Bill Effing Foley - I have a thing for guys name Bill and this guy get my nips hard.
    • This guy has turned shit into gold. See his previous ventures before and after....
  • Bill has connections and a strategy to dominate Igaming.
  • Igaming addressable Market is expected to grow immensely from a few billion to tens of billions.

This is an end to end payment processor with big big big name relationships for very disruptive companies that have huge addressable markets. The reason I am excited is because IGAMING is just really starting to take off and Paysafe is a first mover with brand new experienced management and very very fair valuations that could pop after a merger.
TL;DR- BUY BFT stock and BFT.W because BFT stands for big freaking tenderloins.
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Looking back on a year of Nano development - Presented by NanoLinks

I think this list speaks for itself. Thank you for this year Nano community and see you in 2021 for even more fun! We are only getting started 🚀

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What are your thoughts on the UK banning gambling with credit cards as of April 2020?

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$BFT (FoleyTrasimene II), SPAC to become Paysafe

I think that this one has been under-reported somewhat but since I work in the online gaming industry, it showed up on my radar.
This SPAC has reached a deal to bring back Paysafe to the market, at a valuation of 9 billions.
What is Paysafe?
Paysafe Group has been consolidating the market for e-wallets and alternative payment methods for years and went back into private hands 3 years ago.
They regroup all the main e-wallets used for online gambling and Forex: Skrill and Neteller and also prepaid cards (to be bought in 7/11 and the like) under the Paysafe brand.
Why e-wallets matter in the online gambling market?
E-wallets and prepaid cards represent about 25% of the volume of payments in online gambling in UK, Europe, Canada and Skrill/NetellePaysafe are by far the biggest names in this field.
Neteller and Moneybookers (as Skrill was known then) were dominating the US alternative payment methods gambling market in the US before they got pushed out in 2007. They still have high name recognition amongst the gambling crowd and web searches in the US for these brands remain high, even if they can’t process much transactions there for gambling since many states don’t have online gambling legislations yet, or very limiting ones.
E-Wallets are often the preferred payment method for gamblers since it allows to move money from one operator site to the other quickly and cheaply. They can also use it as a bankroll segregated from their main bank account/CC and on top of that, Paysafe offers loyalty benefits to users based on their transaction volumes. As such, their user retention is very good.
The prepaid card business is also a major factor for this stock attractiveness. Prepaid cards to be bought in gas stations or the like are often preferred by gamblers who want to strictly control their gambling or those who don’t have access to a CC (maybe because they gambled too much) or those that prefer cash transactions out of privacy concerns…
Why not invest in the gambling operators instead?
Operators such as Draftkings or legacy casino groups are going to make money but the regulatory environment is harsh and gambling taxes are crazy in some states and might keep going higher.
Moreover, the regulations being so fragmented, many smaller operators push in certain states and not others and the competitive environment is broad. Remember that gambling is a fungible good. There is no difference in the casino games that the operators can offer (same game studios, same rules) and aside from bonuses and the margins on sports bets, the only differentiation is in branding, which is a thin moat on a product that often leaves the users disgruntled (losers).
Payments on the other hand are not taxed for their relationship to gambling and there are far fewer players.
How does Paysafe make money?
The margins on their products are pretty high and Paysafe charges both sides of the transaction in the case of the e-wallets and the merchant side in the case of the prepaid cards.
For the use of Skrill and Neteller wallets, Paysafe charges on average 4.5% on the merchant side for deposits and a whooping 9.9% on deposits with prepaid cards… Larger merchants certainly can negotiate these rates down but this is still a healthy fee, much higher than credit card processors.
In markets where Paysafe has established domination they charge a small deposit fee to the user and a withdrawal fee.
For now, they charge no fees to the US users in a bid to grow market share surely but that will probably end some day.
Growth opportunity:
For now, the US online gambling market is still very limited. Most states have not legalized, the majority of those who have legalized only did so for sports betting and then a handful have legalized online casino gaming (where the real money is made). The opening up of the market is bound to grow as states need money and more of the world moves online.
It is estimated that the online gaming market could reach 25 billions a year in the US in a few years time and 150 billions worldwide.,CAGR%20during%20the%20forecast%20period.
These revenues do not equal to deposited amounts, they equal net deposits (deposits minus withdrawals). The hold % of online casinos can be anywhere between 50% and 80% depending on how degenerate the market is in a given country but we can conservatively assume 60%.
This means that deposits volume in the US alone would reach about 40 billions, Europe about 50 Billions and worldwide 250 billions.
That should give Paysafe around 8-10 billions in transaction volume per year in the US alone , another 10-12 billions in Europe and conservatively, another 20 billions worldwide.
Valuation estimates:
Rough estimates are therefore revenues of about 1.5 billions per year for Paysafe group in a few years for gambling alone.
Paysafe claims 1.5 billions in revenues total projected for 2021, with only a third from gambling.
Even assuming no growth from the other verticals, this means that the total revenues of Paysafe should grow by 66% with gambling alone in the next 5 years or so.
Pysafe is investing a lot into expansion in other areas than gambling, notably video-gaming and remittance so assuming they don’t fuck it up completely, we are likely to see a 3 billions dollar in revenues in the next 5 years.
Using Paypal’s marketcap vs revenues, that would mean 50 billions in marketcap for Paysafe… Of course, Paypal is ingrained deeply in the whole of ecommerce and Paysafe is more specialized in gambling which might be shakier and herefore command a lower valuation.
The deal details are not fully known but it looks like a current valuation of 9 billions for Paysafe Group upon listing.
Based on my estimates, the marketcap could reach 50 billions in a few years time, one US market for gambling fully opens.
$BFT is trading at a 25% premium right now, therefore the estimate is 4x on investment over a few years.
Obviously you retards are not the most patient bunch but I believe the stock will jump when it morphs and so keep an eye out for the options.
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Another 10 Overlooked Single Player Indie Games

There are also some links within the first link that discuss indie local multiplayer games as well.
We're all familiar with the Hotline Miami's, Hollow Knight's, and Celeste's of the world. These are some of the indie games that hit the big time. Of course, for every one of these games, there's 100 other indie games that have been glossed over, relegated to a spot in a digital store few people will ever find themselves in. I wanted to bring attention to some of these lesser known indie games once again.
Details About the List
I'm going to order them according to Metacritic Critic Ratings. Steam is the only one on the list with all 10 games featured (Steam has 10 of them, Switch has 9 of them, PlayStation 4 has 7 of them, and Xbox One has 5 of them), but the Switch gets more reviews than the other platforms, so I will it use the Switch version of all the games for their review scores, except #8, where I will use the Steam version, since that’s the only version of it available. The two bottom games have pretty low critic ratings (60% with 1 Critic Review and 53% with 2 Critic Reviews). I personally disagree with the low scores of these two games, but it's only fair that you hear from more than just me. Keep in mind that games with only one or two User Ratings on Metacritic will not show the score. A game needs at least three User Ratings on Metacritic before the score will be shown. This is not the case for Critic Reviews.
Currently 9 of the games are on sale on Steam right now, and 5 of them are on sale on Switch. None of them are on sale on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One at the moment.
For the purpose of this post, I’m just going to stick with saying “achievements” and “getting all achievements” instead of “trophies” and “platinum trophy” since Steam has all 10 games on the list. You can basically substitute these with “trophies” and “platinum trophy” if you’re a PlayStation gamer. I will make mention of the two games on here that don’t include a platinum trophy however.
Platforms will include a link to the U.S. store page of the game for each platform. Price is in U.S. dollars.
1. Ultra Hat Dimension
2. Bot Vice
3. Valfaris
4. Inertial Drift
5. Golf Peaks
6. Horizon Shift ‘81
7. Pato Box
8. Primal Light
9. Tamashii
10. Neon Drive
Special shoutout to Valfaris which is my favorite game on the list and, again, one my favorite 2D run & guns ever.
Have you played any of these games? What are some other overlooked single player indie games?
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I did it guys! I made the jump after almost 19 years rotting in this terrible place. My mom is a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE human being. She stole my savings many times, she used my credit card on her online casino game. She called me names after I came out as a lesbian, and she gaslighted me on a daily basis after her marriage failure with the man who wanted nothing to do with us. She is probably the most pretentious bitch among her church group. I’m sorry to religious folks but that’s my truth. I couldn't wrap my head around her philosophy either.
Turned out, leaving this prison wasn’t as hard as I thought! I was over-complicating things all these years!
I mean, yeah my way of leaving for a new rent-free place is low. It is low. But it’s also the last resort as well as the most brilliant idea I’ve ever come up with: I simply slept with the landlord.
He and I met in the different part of our city, not at my place nor his. He’s married, and this is one way to not be recognized, I thought. I was being paranoid thinking that someone I know would see me sleeping with a landlord.
So at 9PM at a hotel last Friday, he came on time, and he came inside. Judge me whatever you like, but during our sex the only thing I could think of was that I’m about to be fucking free from my misery.
As he was sleeping, wraping his arms around his pillows and snoring his brain out, I made the move. I packed everything I needed, and exited through her nostril. I moved as slowly as I could, so I wouldn’t wake him up. I wiggled my way up to his nose canal, and into his skull. There I dissolved and ate his frontal lobe, the part that controls voluntary movement and emotions. Then I attached my body to this new brain - my new home!!!
After setting all up and getting comfy, I slept like a log 'til almost noon.
Before leaving the hotel, I took a last look at my pathetic past. She was breathing and sleeping tight, her face serene. Without me, she wouldn’t be able to move nor express emotion, but that wouldn’t be my problem no more. Nobody dies.
In this new skull, there will be a lot of things to get acquainted to. The New York voice accent, the movement and anatomy of a man, the memories and responsibilities of a husband and a father. But hey, being a parasite who enjoys fucking girls isn’t that bad. Maybe his wife would love him even more, now that I've hijacked his body.
Cheers to my first ever moving, and no matter how many more to come!
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Reminder to the community ...

to keep on pushing.
Many people visit this sub and post after a bad loss. I’ve been there ... we all have. What’s going to happen is after 5-10-20-50 days of not gambling you’re going to feel so accomplished that you’ll have the urge to reward yourself by playing a few hands or betting a couple bucks (or thousands) on the Super Bowl. You need to remind yourself why you are here.
Take control of your future and your finances. When you are gambling the difference between $1 and $1000 means nothing as you are so numb to monetary value. “What’s another $1000 bet considering I have already lost 40 times that?” is something I would say to myself before unloading on another game. I am not a financial advisor, but I have experience in economics, finance, and life and feel I can provide some insight as a recovering addict.
My situation is a bit different so I will give some insight and feel it’s best to explain my situation.
I’m 25 years old and live at home (COVID). I have lived on my own in the Big Apple and have seen both sides of life. One where your parents cover everything and one where you have daily and monthly expenses like rent, utilities, and food. Currently I’m lucky enough where I don’t have expenses, but being the dumbass I was, my expense was paying the bookie. I know many people don’t have the same luxury as I, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still save. I’ve given up the last 2 years of saving and instead gave into this disease.
1) first thing first, personal ban yourself from casinos or online sites. My vice was sports and I had a chat with my bookie and let him know I was struggling. We were able to settle the debt for about half of what I owed. Just ask, it can’t hurt.
2) before you can save you need to pay off whatever outstanding debt you have. Credit cards and fees will continue to build. Once these are at or near $0 you can begin the rebuild. I have (thankfully) never been in debt, but this is certainly where I would start if I was.
3) create a budget. A tight one, to the dollar. Mortgage? Phone? Car? Food? High level looking at the entire month, decide what you can spend and what you can save.
4) CONGRATS!!!! You are debt free. For whats it worth, I will consider phone bills and car payments for what they are, monthly expenses. Factor these into a budget. For some, this step might take 1 month or 10 years. Patience is key.
5) the first exciting part of this whole thing is quitting, the next is clearing of any debts, and now for the grand finale. You can now start to build wealth and add to your future. Depending on your financial security you can decide to add to your savings or opening an investing account (I use Fidelity). Investing in low risk ETFs will continue to gain and gain and gain.
6) if your company offers 401k and match, DO IT. I can’t stress this enough, it’s free money that you can’t touch. Over 3 years of working my 401k has absolutely ballooned. My company matches as well and I can’t withdraw, only add. It’s the perfect scenario for someone still learning how to control their financial future.
7) sit back and watch your money grow. Once you see gains in your investing accounts, you will become invested in learning about different ETFs that it will become a low risk way to “gamble”.
Hope this helps. Be patient. The damage is done and the recovery will take some time. Use your new time wisely, you’ll have a lot of it. As someone who constantly bet on sports, I’d sometimes spend 6-7 hours a day watching college basketball games I normally wouldn’t care about or sweating doing research on how to make back the money I lost. Spend this time to learn new things, pick up a new hobby, and apply to new jobs/opportunities to advance your career and increase your salary.
Most of all, be excited. Be excited about a life without lying to loved ones, chasing loses, owing people or institutions money. Be excited for a life of stability, even if it takes years to arrive at that point. Don’t let the past you define your future. It is never too late to recover. There will be a point where you’ve made so much progress you think you can go back as a changed person. You can’t. Use whatever you can to remind yourself.
One thing I want to add. The most difficult part for me is dealing with the constant regret of losing money. My parents certainly think I’m better off than I am and my bank account could look far better. What helps me is thinking about how fast time flies and how fast you can rebuild if you set your mind to it. Another thing is not comparing myself to others. I always think about how far ahead my friends and classmates are, but in reality everyone deals with different vices. I’m not big into buying material things or smoking, but many people do. These cost money. A lot of it. You really don’t know what other things people are dealing with. I look at gambling as an investment gone wrong.
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Bovada interestingly pays significantly more rewards points for TRUE ODDS parlays vs straight sports bets.
2500 points = $1
When earning points, there's a multiplier, depending on the game. For some games, even ones with moderately high house edges like roulette, it's 1x ($1 bet earns you 1 point). Not good. For straight sports bets, it's 3x. Meh. But for parlays, it's 25x!
And even though it's in the title, I'm gonna need to say this, because I know some people right now are screaming "Because they're parlays dude! That's why! They're horrible!" Nope, not true, at least not at Bovada. And from what I understand/assume, most online sportsbooks. (I'd be curious to know how many sportsbooks still butcher their parlays.) They pay exactly the same as if you bet at -110 and let it ride over and over. In the end it's the same ~5% house edge, you are simply increasing volatility (drastically, I might add, which I'm aware can ruin you, but that's not the point here). Another example of these butchered parlays, is your typical 5 team parlay. At Bovada (and probably most online sportsbooks), it pays almost 25:1. Yet go Google "what does a 5 team parlay pay" and you will get answers like 20:1.
Also, in general, these rewards are better than they look. Which they look like this... Sports pays 3x, and 2500 points is $1. So it requires $833 of bets to earn $1. "That's awful!" Except you're not spending $833, you're gambling it; the vast majority of that $833 will be returned to you. So let's multiply that $833 by 5% (roughly the house edge of sports betting and roulette) = only $42?! Yup, $833 is really $42 truly spent... So they're giving you $1 back for every $42 you're projected to lose. That's not insignificant, and is on par with other reward programs in life, such as your credit card. But still, $1 for $42 is not that great. OK well that's just regular sports bets that are 3x. Parlays are 25x the points (733% more points than straight bets, a shocking difference, thus why I made this thread), so now we're talking about getting $1 for every $5 you're projected to lose. Keyword projected, as you will be paid whether you win or lose. So mathematically, parlays pay 20% of the house edge back to you at Bovada, whereas straight sports bets only pay 2.4%. That's a considerable amount of house edge removed to consider playing more parlays, despite the variance.
Kind of strange if you ask me. Like the reason you still might not want to bet parlays, despite the lower effective house edge, is the swings. Agreed. OK, but swings don't affect the casino, so what reason would they offer this? It doesn't make them more money. Not unless the average person bets literally 9x as much when they bet parlays. Which obviously isn't true. So they're encouraging people to play parlays, giving them 8x the rewards, why?
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How low is the bottom?

Where does one start... I suppose with the fact that I'm 62, disabled and work part-time so I don't have alot of time to fix the financial mess I allowed myself to get into with gambling. I got fortunate in life after a bad spell which ended in bankruptcy (not gambling related, bad business related)... how I got fortunate was I landed an 80k paying job and had all the overtime I wanted so I was saving almost 20-40k a year. Built my nest egg from -0 to 500,000! I was for once going to be okay in the end of my days. Easy street! Who blows that? Credit score of high 700's. Doing just fine. Then I gave up alcohol. I had almost 2 years under my belt and being disabled I had alot of time so would go to the casino. Started slow... progressed fast to 50, 100, 200 and 500 slot bets! Won 85k Twice! Spent every dime of my 500k, ran my credit card debt up to 90k, owe the IRS 230k and owe 60k in markers at the Casino in which I'm being sued. Whew.... I got it all out. I excluded myself from my local casinos and I regret that still. How stupid is that statement? I then sat home and spent 20k in online stupid, senseless slots! At the bottom I sit and it's been 3 months since I've gone to a gaming site. I have $1k and what do I want to do? Go to the casino! In hopes of what? What kind of a sickness is this? I don't know who in their right mind would act as I've done? I don't know how to stop? It's better but still not good. I hate it. I've bottomed right out! Help!
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8 Most Exclusive Black Cards on the Credit Card Market ... How To Count Cards in Online Casinos (Blackjack Card ... Gambling With a Credit Card (Gambling Vlog #26) - YouTube How to Instantly Deposit on a Crypto Casino with a Credit ... Online Blackjack Dealer Justin Bieber vs Card Counting ...

Credit cards really do work at our recommended USA online casinos and you will playing all your favorite casino games and slots within minutes after signing up. We ourselves have played and made deposits at every online casino we list here on USCasinoReport. An online casinos ability to get USA credit cards approved is a requirement to be listed here on our website. Use any of the above USA ... Credit Cards Online Casino Payment Method. Credit cards are invariably the most convenient banking option for players. Credit Cards offer a fast, secure and easy means of transferring funds into a casino account and allowing players to start playing immediately. Unfortunately, credit cards are also heavily regulated and for the past few years banks have been monitoring and sometimes refusing ... Online Casino HEX ist Glücksspiel Guide №1 für alle Glücksspieler, trotz Ihr Niveau. Casino HEX führt Sie in die magische Welt des Online Casinos und vielfalt Casino Spiele online. Zunächst warten hier auf Sie eine Menge nützlichen Info über die besten Online Casinos Deutschlands mit aktuellen Boni, unterschiedliche Spielautomaten, Roulette & Blackjack & Baccarat Spiele, Casino ... It's hard to top the convenience of credit cards. Online casino deposits with Visa and MasterCard aren't just instant, but they're also safe and secure. What's even better is our gambling experts have found fantastic licensed casinos that welcome your favourite way to pay. It doesn't matter if you prefer MasterCard or Visa, we'll direct you to fully licensed online casino action. We discovered ... Credit cards offer online casino players enhanced protection over their money. How it Works. Once you've signed up to one of our recommended credit card online casino rooms, head to the site Cashier. Loading your account is quick and easy: Select the card type from the Cashier list; Enter the long number and CV2 code on the back ; Go through additional security if needed; Access your funds ... Credit cards make it possible to start playing using real money at online casino sites almost immediately. In fact, almost every online casino out there allows credit card payment options, although the specifics could vary from one site to another. That said, there’s no guarantee which credit card will work at a particular casino and which don’t. Choosing the right credit card online casino isn’t the easiest of tasks. That’s mostly due to the fact that the range of options is quite overwhelming. As you know, there are hundreds of online casinos and most of them accept credit cards as a payment method. Credit cards are easy to use, and you just need to provide the necessary details to the operator. And that is it – a deposit will ... Credit cards are one of the most convenient & safe ways to top off your gambling funds. Hence, we compiled a list of top online casino sites that accept credit cards you ought to check out: Crazyno – €500 + 50 FS Are you looking for a top online casino with credit card payments? Then, Crazyno is the place to be! This gambling platform ... Credit cards are a very safe, secure way to deposit or withdraw funds from any online casino. Not only that, many credit card companies offer additional benefits, from payment and fraud protection ... Overview of Online Casino Credit Card Payments. Credit cards are one of the quickest and most secure payment methods that players can use on online casinos. Sportsbooks and casino sites that accept credit cards usually work one or more processors like Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. In this guide, we’ll discuss the basics of credit ...

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8 Most Exclusive Black Cards on the Credit Card Market ...

Learn more on the Amex Platinum: Learn more on the Chase Sapphire Reserve: Click "show more" for ad disclosure ... ♠♦♣♥ Play Live Blackjack 18+ Please Gamb... Gamdom: In this video you will learn how to count cards in online casinos with a blackjack card counting software. Card counting online can really benefit you becaus... Gambling with a credit card? I didn’t even know you could but Joey did. We did nfl betting in Atlantic City for the first time and his gambling addiction mad...