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🇬🇪 1️⃣ week ''eastern'' Georgia/ 1️⃣ Woche ''Ost '' 'Georgia/1️⃣ Неделя ''Bосточная'' Грузия/(EN,DE,RU)

🇬🇪 1️⃣ week ''eastern'' Georgia/ 1️⃣ Woche ''Ost '' 'Georgia/1️⃣ Неделя ''Bосточная'' Грузия/(EN,DE,RU)
(EN) Big Tour - Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Kakheti and Kazbegi ✅Day 1️⃣-2️⃣ 🏙Tbilisi is the largest city in the country, the most important economic and cultural center, a modern metropolis developing at an accelerated pace and adopting the best European traits and habits. ℹDuring its existence, the city was destroyed and rebuilt 40 times. The legend about the founding of Tbilisi says that in the middle of the 5th century. ''King Vakhtang I Gorgasali'' was hunting a pheasant in a wooded area, the wounded bird fell into a nearby hot spring. The king was so impressed hot springs that decided to build the City. 👉 The name of Tbilisi comes from the ancient Georgian word “tbili”, which means “warm”. The city where East meets West offers something for everyone. 👉Places to visit: ➕Tsminda Sameba Cathedral - The largest temple ➕Rustaveli Avenue ➕Old town ➕Shardeni Street ➕Sulfur Baths - Abanotubani District ➕ glass Bridge of Peace ➕Rike Park ➕Flea market "Dry Bridge" ➕ Ropeway ➕Narikala Fortress ➕Tbilisi Botanical Garden ➕Temki Monument ➕ Legvtakhevi Waterfall ➕Tbilisi Sea ➕Tbilisi National Park ➕Sioni ➕Metekhi ➕Darejani Palace ➕ Tskneti ➕Funicular - from the city center to the upper park to Mount Mtatsminda 👉Place to stay: 🏨5️⃣ Star-Hotel Radisson Blu Iveria located in the heart of the commercial and business district of Tbilisi, a 10-minute walk from the Old Town. It is decorated in a modern, minimalist style. 👉Hotel services: ➕Spa and Wellness Center➕Restaurants➕Sky Bar➕Fitness Center➕Sauna➕Pool➕Casino ➕Parking Great Location, Breathtaking views, professional staff and delicious food. ✅Day3️⃣ 🗺Discover Georgia's mesmerizing heritage and visit some of the most iconic and popular landmarks of the Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region: ➕Mtskheta Old City ➕Jvari Monastery and ➕Uflistsikhe Ancient Rock Complex. 👉Places to visit: 🏦Mtskheta The ancient capital of Georgia is a city that was the capital of the Iberian Kingdom (Eastern Georgia) from the 4th century BC. e. The old city where the most holy relic of Christianity is kept: (Robe of Jesus Christ) ⛪The Jvari Monastery, immortalized in literature by Mikhail Lermontov (poem "Mtsyri"), is the oldest cult monument built at the dawn of Georgian Christianity in the 6th century (585-604) The temple got its name Jvari (translated from the Georgian "cross") not by chance. This explains the old legend that it was in this place that Nino of Cappadocia erected the Holy Cross, which marked the adoption of Christianity by Georgia. Later, a temple was built over the cross, which was called the Temple of the Holy Cross. 🌄The cave city of Uplistsikhe is one of the oldest settlements on the territory of Georgia. Translated into Russian, the name of the city means "the fortress of God". During the existence of the state of Iberia, the ancient city was its cult center. At the beginning of the 8th century, Uplistsikhe became a major trading point, because it was here that many caravan routes from Europe to Asia passed. ✅Day 4️⃣-5️⃣ It is an amazing region of Eastern Georgia, which borders Russia in the north and Azerbaijan in the east and south. ✅Kakheti is mimino, Father of the Soldier, Alazani Valley, “City of Love” Sighnaghi, ancient monasteries, legendary wines “Tsinandali” and “Kindzmarauli” and national parks. 🍇The lion's share of Georgia's grapes grows here. The first seed of cultivated grapes in the world was discovered in Georgia. This stone is 8000 years old, so Georgia is considered the birthplace of winemaking. 👉Places to visit: ➕Signahi - the city of love ➕ Telavi - the capital of Kakheti, ➕Kvareli ➕Gurjaani -15-meter monument "Soldier's Father". According to the plot of the famous film, Giorgi Makharashvili was from Gurjaani. ➕Gremi Castle is the medieval capital of Kakheti, destroyed by the Persian Shah Abbas in 1615. ➕ Fortress Ujarma - For centuries the citadel of Ujarma protected Georgia from the invasions of the Persians and Arabs - fell into decay after the conquest of Georgia by the Mongols. ➕ Chailuri Fortress ➕House-Museum of Chavchavadze in Tsinandali ➕House-Museum of Niko Pirosmani in the village of Mirzaani ➕ David-Gareji Monastery Cave monastery, one of the main Orthodox shrines in Georgia. ➕Alaverdi is the main temple of Kakheti ➕ Nekresi is a functioning monastery of the 4th century, located on a mountain above the Alazani Valley. ➕ Shuamta are two monastic complexes located at a distance of 2 km from each other. ➕ Ikalto Monastery was founded in the VI century ➕ The St. Nino Convent in Bodbe - the relics of St. Nino are buried in it ➕Hirsa Monastery ➕Ninotsminda Cathedral One of the oldest Orthodox churches in Georgia - was built in the middle of the first millennium AD, ➕Telavsky wine cellar ➕ Teliani Veli Winery ➕Tunnel Winemaking Khareby ➕ Kvareli lake ➕Lagodekhi National Park 👉Place to stay: 🏨5️⃣ Star-Luxury Lopota Lake & Spa Resort is located on the shores of a private lake, from the windows of which you can see the majestic Caucasus mountains. The show-cooking Kakhetian Corner restaurant serves a variety of traditional Georgian dishes made with local organic produce. 👉 Hotel Services: ➕Cafe Bar➕4 swimming pools and a relaxation area➕ spa center ➕ you can go quad biking play mini golf go horseback riding Fishing ➕ bike rental parking A chic place with a European level of service, polite staff, delicious food. ✅Day 6️⃣ 🏔Kazbegi is a municipality located in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region in eastern Georgia, on the historical territory of Khevi. ℹAt an altitude of 5047 meters above sea level, Mount Kazbegi (or Mkinvartsveri) is the third largest mountain in Georgia and is surrounded by myths and religious traditions. According to Greek myth, it was here that the `` Titan Prometheus '' was chained to the side of the mountain. Prometheus (known in Georgia as Amirani) was imprisoned in a cave at the top of 4000 meters. The cave, now called Betlemi, later served as a home for Orthodox monks and kept many sacred relics, including the tent of Abraham and the manger of Jesus. Mineral lakes surround the mountain, and tremors are often felt in this area. Covered with a glacier of 135 sq. km, Kazbegi is a great place for mountaineering. Darial Gorge connecting Russia and Georgia, stretching 18 km from Stepantsminda to the border with Russia in Upper Lars. For millennia, this mountain pass has been strategically vital and has been fortified since the beginning of 150 BC. In some places, the cliffs reach more than 1000 m, and towering medieval watchtowers, rushing mountain waterfalls and wildlife make the Darial Gorge one of the most incredible roads in the world. 👉Places to visit: ➕Stepantsminda Historical Museum ➕Kelitsadi Lake ➕Gweleti waterfalls ➕Arshi waterfalls ➕Jute Cliff ➕Truso Valley ➕Bethlem hut ➕Gergeti Trinity ➕Darial Monastery Complex ➕Khevi Sioni Church Complex ➕Zakagori ➕ Bath Monastery of the Mother of God ➕Men's Monastery named Elijah Fortuneteller ➕Ketrice ✅Place to stay: Resort Hotel "Kazbegi View" is located in the village of Stepantsminda. To services of visitors: ➕Terrace➕ 24-hour reception ➕Wi-Fi. 👉Stunningly cozy houses with panoramic windows and mountain views. Very nice and friendly staff, comfort and coziness - what else is needed for a wonderful recreation⁉ ✅Day 7️⃣-return to Tbilisi. 👉Privileged package 6️⃣8️⃣0️⃣💲 = meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel (4 stars) ➕ all inclusive➕Personal driver! ✅Travel with us and accumulate unforgettable experiences❗ (DE) Große Tour -Tiflis, Mtskheta, Kachetien und Kasbegi ✅Tag 1️⃣-2️⃣ 🏙Tiflis ist die größte Stadt des Landes, das wichtigste Wirtschafts- und Kulturzentrum, eine moderne Metropole, die sich schneller entwickelt und die besten europäischen Merkmale und Gewohnheiten annimmt. ℹWährend ihrer Existenz wurde die Stadt 40 Mal zerstört und wieder aufgebaut. Die Legende über die Gründung von Tiflis besagt, dass Mitte des 5. Jahrhunderts. König Vakhtang I Gorgasali jagte einen Fasan in einem Waldgebiet, der verwundete Vogel fiel in eine nahe gelegene heiße Quelle. Der König war so beeindruckt heiße Quellen, die beschlossen, die Stadt zu bauen. 👉 Der Name Tiflis stammt vom alten georgischen Wort „Tiflis“ ab, was „warm“ bedeutet. Die Stadt, in der Ost und West aufeinander treffen, bietet für jeden etwas. 👉Besuchsorte: ➕Tsminda Sameba Kathedrale - Der größte Tempel ➕Rustaveli Avenue ➕Alte Stadt ➕Shardeni Street ➕Schwefelbäder - Bezirk Abanotubani ➕ Glasbrücke des Friedens ➕Rike Park ➕Flea Markt "Dry Bridge" ➕ Seilbahn ➕Narikala Festung ➕ Botanischer Garten von Tiflis ➕Temki-Denkmal ➕ Legvtakhevi Wasserfall ➕Tiflis Meer ➕Tiflis Nationalpark ➕Sioni ➕Metekhi ➕Darejani-Palast ➕ Tskneti ➕Funicular - vom Stadtzentrum über den oberen Park bis zum Mount Mtatsminda 👉Platz bleiben: 🏨5️⃣ Star-Hotel Radisson Blu Iveria Das Hotel liegt im Herzen des Geschäfts- und Geschäftsviertels von Tiflis, 10 Gehminuten von der Altstadt entfernt. Es ist in einem modernen, minimalistischen Stil eingerichtet. 👉Hoteldienste: PaSpa und Wellness Center➕RestaurantsestSky Bar➕Fitness Center➕Sauna➕Pool➕Casino ➕Parken Tolle Lage, atemberaubende Aussicht, professionelles Personal und leckeres Essen. ✅Tag 3️⃣ Entdecken Sie das faszinierende Erbe Georgiens und besuchen Sie einige der bekanntesten und beliebtesten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Region Mzcheta-Mtianeti: die Altstadt von Mtskheta, das Jvari-Kloster und den Uflistsikhe Ancient Rock Complex. 👉Besuchsorte: 🏦Mtskheta Die alte Hauptstadt Georgiens ist eine Stadt, die ab dem 4. Jahrhundert v. Chr. Die Hauptstadt des Iberischen Königreichs (Ostgeorgien) war. e. Die Altstadt, in der das heiligste Relikt des Christentums aufbewahrt wird: (Robe Jesu Christi) ⛪Das von Mikhail Lermontov (Gedicht "Mtsyri") in der Literatur verewigte Jvari-Kloster ist das älteste Kultdenkmal, das zu Beginn des georgischen Christentums im 6. Jahrhundert erbaut wurde (585-604). Der Tempel erhielt seinen Namen Jvari (übersetzt vom georgischen "Kreuz") nicht zufällig. Dies erklärt die alte Legende, dass Nino von Kappadokien an dieser Stelle das Heilige Kreuz errichtete, das die Annahme des Christentums durch Georgien kennzeichnete. Später wurde über dem Kreuz ein Tempel gebaut, der als Tempel des Heiligen Kreuzes bezeichnet wurde. 🌄Die Höhlenstadt Uplistsikhe ist eine der ältesten Siedlungen auf dem Territorium Georgiens. Übersetzt ins Russische bedeutet der Name der Stadt "die Festung Gottes". Während der Existenz des Bundesstaates Iberia war die antike Stadt ihr Kultzentrum. Zu Beginn des 8. Jahrhunderts wurde Uplistsikhe zu einem wichtigen Handelspunkt, da hier viele Karawanenrouten von Europa nach Asien verliefen. ✅Tag 4️⃣-5️⃣ Es ist eine erstaunliche Region Ostgeorgiens, die im Norden an Russland und im Osten und Süden an Aserbaidschan grenzt. AkKakheti ist Mimino, Vater des Soldaten, Alazani-Tal, „Stadt der Liebe“ Sighnaghi, alte Klöster, legendäre Weine „Tsinandali“ und „Kindzmarauli“ sowie Nationalparks. 🍇Der Löwenanteil der georgischen Trauben wächst hier. Der erste Samen von Kulturtrauben der Welt wurde in Georgien entdeckt. Dieser Stein ist 8000 Jahre alt, daher gilt Georgien als Geburtsort der Weinherstellung. 👉Besuchsorte: ➕Signahi - die Stadt der Liebe ➕ Telavi - die Hauptstadt von Kachetien, ➕Kvareli ➕Gurjaani -15-Meter-Denkmal "Vater des Soldaten". Nach der Handlung des berühmten Films stammte Giorgi Makharashvili aus Gurjaani. ➕Gremi Castle ist die mittelalterliche Hauptstadt von Kachetien, die 1615 vom persischen Schah Abbas zerstört wurde. ➕ Festung Ujarma - Die Zitadelle von Ujarma schützte Georgien jahrhundertelang vor den Invasionen der Perser und Araber - verfiel nach der Eroberung Georgiens durch die Mongolen. ➕ Chailuri Festung ➕Hausmuseum von Chavchavadze in Tsinandali ➕Hausmuseum von Niko Pirosmani im Dorf Mirzaani ➕ David-Gareji-Kloster Höhlenkloster, eines der wichtigsten orthodoxen Heiligtümer in Georgien. ➕Alaverdi ist der Haupttempel von Kachetien ➕ Nekresi ist ein funktionierendes Kloster aus dem 4. Jahrhundert auf einem Berg über dem Alazani-Tal. ➕ Shuamta sind zwei Klosterkomplexe, die 2 km voneinander entfernt sind. ➕ Das Ikalto-Kloster wurde im VI. Jahrhundert gegründet ➕ Das St. Nino-Kloster in Bodbe - darin sind die Reliquien des St. Nino begraben ➕Hirsa-Kloster ➕Ninotsminda-Kathedrale Eine der ältesten orthodoxen Kirchen in Georgien - wurde Mitte des ersten Jahrtausends nach Christus erbaut. ➕ Telavi Weinkeller ➕ Weingut Teliani Veli ➕Tunnel Winemaking Khareby ➕ Kvareli See ➕Lagodekhi-Nationalpark 👉Platz zum bleiben: 🏨5️⃣ Das Star-Luxury Lopota Lake & Spa Resort befindet sich am Ufer eines privaten Sees. Von den Fenstern aus können Sie den majestätischen Kaukasus sehen. Das Showkoch-Restaurant Kakhetian Corner serviert eine Auswahl traditioneller georgianischer Gerichte aus regionalen Bio-Produkten. 👉 Hotelservice: ➕Cafe Bar➕4 Schwimmbäder und ein Ruhebereich➕ Spa-Center ➕ Sie können Quad fahren, Minigolf spielen, Reiten, Angeln ➕ Fahrradverleih Ein schicker Ort mit europäischem Service, höflichem Personal und leckerem Essen. ✅ Tag 6️⃣ 🏔Kazbegi ist eine Gemeinde in der Region Mtskheta-Mtianeti im Osten Georgiens auf dem historischen Gebiet von Khevi. MountDer Mount Kazbegi (oder Mkinvartsveri) ist auf einer Höhe von 5047 Metern über dem Meeresspiegel der drittgrößte Berg Georgiens und von Mythen und religiösen Traditionen umgeben. Nach dem griechischen Mythos wurde hier der "Titan Prometheus" an die Seite des Berges gekettet. Prometheus (in Georgien als Amirani bekannt) wurde in einer Höhle auf 4000 Metern Höhe eingesperrt. Die Höhle, jetzt Betlemi genannt, diente später als Heim für orthodoxe Mönche und bewahrte viele heilige Relikte auf, darunter das Zelt Abrahams und die Krippe Jesu. Mineralische Seen umgeben den Berg, und in dieser Gegend ist häufig ein Zittern zu spüren. Kazbegi ist mit einem 135 km² großen Gletscher bedeckt und ein großartiger Ort zum Bergsteigen. Die Darial-Schlucht verbindet Russland und Georgien und erstreckt sich 18 km von Stepantsminda bis zur Grenze zu Russland in Upper Lars. Seit Jahrtausenden ist dieser Gebirgspass strategisch wichtig und seit Anfang 150 v. Chr. Befestigt. An einigen Stellen erreichen die Klippen eine Höhe von mehr als 1000 m, und hoch aufragende mittelalterliche Wachtürme, rauschende Bergwasserfälle und wild lebende Tiere machen die Darial-Schlucht zu einer der unglaublichsten Straßen der Welt. 👉Besuchsorte: ➕Stepantsminda Historisches Museum ➕ Kelitsadi See ➕Gweleti Wasserfälle ➕Arshi-Wasserfälle ➕Jute Cliff ➕Truso-Tal ➕Bethlemhütte ➕Gergeti Trinity ➕Darialklosterkomplex ➕Khevi Sioni Kirchenkomplex ➕Zakagori ➕ Badekloster der Muttergottes ➕Männerkloster namens Elijah Fortuneteller ➕Ketrice ✅Platz zum bleiben: Das Resort Hotel "Kazbegi View" befindet sich im Dorf Stepantsminda. Hotel Dienstleistungen: ➕Terrasse➕ 24-Stunden-Rezeption ➕Wi-Fi. 👉 Atemberaubend gemütliche Häuser mit Panoramafenstern und Blick auf die Berge. Sehr nettes und freundliches Personal, Komfort und Gemütlichkeit - was sonst noch für eine wunderbare Erholung benötigt wird AyTag 7️⃣-Rückkehr nach Tiflis. 🅿️Privilegiertes Paket 6️⃣8️⃣0️⃣💲 = Treffen am Flughafen und Transfer zum Hotel (4 Sterne) ➕ All inclusive ➕Personalfahrer! ✅Reisen Sie mit uns und sammeln Sie unvergessliche Erlebnisse❗
(RU) Большой тур-Тбилиси, Мцхета,Кахетия и Казбеги ✅День 1️⃣-2️⃣ 🏙Тбилиси – это крупнейший город страны, важнейший экономический и культурный центр, современный мегаполис, развивающийся в ускоренном темпе и перенимающий лучшие европейские черты и привычки. ℹЗа время своего существования, город разрушался и восстанавливался 40 раз. Легенды об основании Тбилиси гласит, что в середине V в. ''Царь Вахтанг I Горгасали'' охотился в лесистом районе на фазана , раненая птица упала в близлежащий горячий источник. Царь был настолько впечатлен горячими источниками, что решил построить Город. 👉Название Тбилиси происходит от древнегрузинского слова «тбили», что означает «теплый». Город,в котором Восток встречается с Западом-предлагает что-то для всех. 👉Места посещения: ➕Собор Цминда Самеба-Самый большой храм ➕Проспект Руставели ➕Старый город ➕Улица Шардени ➕Серные бани - район Абанотубани ➕ стеклянный Моста Мира ➕Рике Парк ➕Блошиный рынок "Сухой мост" ➕Канатная дорога ➕Крепость Нарикала ➕Тбилисский ботанический сад ➕Монумент Темки ➕Водопад Легвтахеви ➕Тбилисское море ➕Тбилисский национальный парк ➕Сиони ➕Метехи ➕Дворец Дареджани ➕ Цкнети ➕Фуникулер-из центра города в верхний парк на гору Мтацминда 👉Mесто проживания: 🏨5️⃣ Звездочный-Отель Рэдиссон Блу Иверия расположен в самом центре коммерческого и делового района Тбилиси, в 10 минутах ходьбы от Старого города. Он оформлен в современном минималистском стиле. 👉К услугам гостей: ➕Спа и оздоровительный центр➕Рестораны➕Sky бар➕Фитнес-центр➕Сауна➕Бассейн➕Казино ➕Парковка Oтличное Расположение ,Захватывающий вид, профессиональный персонал и вкусная еда. ✅День3️⃣ 🗺Откройте для себя завораживающее наследие Грузии и посетите некоторые из самых знаковых и популярных достопримечательностей Региона мцхета-мтианети: ➕Cтарый город Мцхета ➕Mонастырь Джвари и ➕древний скальный комплекс Уфлисцихе. 👉Места посещения: 🏦Мцхета Древняя столица Грузии — город, который был столицей Иберийского царства (Восточной Грузии) с IV века до н. э. Старый город где хранится наисвятейшая реликвия Xристианство: (Риза Иисуса Христа) ⛪Монастырь Джвари, увековеченный в литературе Михаилом Лермонтовым (поэма «Мцыри»), - древнейший культовый памятник, построенный на заре грузинского христианства в VI веке (585- 604 гг.) Свое название Джвари (в переводе с грузинского «крест») храм получил не случайно. Это объясняет старинное предание о том, что именно в этом месте Нино Каппадокийская поставила Святой крест, ознаменовавший принятие Грузией христианства. Позднее, над крестом был сооружен храм, который назвали Храмом Святого креста. 🌄Пещерный город Уплисцихе - одно из древнейших поселений на территории Грузии. В переводе на русский название города означает "крепость Бога". Во времена существования государства Иберия старинный город был его культовым центром. В начале 8 века Уплисцихе стал крупной торговой точкой, ведь именно здесь проходили многие караванные пути из Европы в Азию. ✅День 4️⃣-5️⃣ 🗺удивительный край-Восточной Грузии, который граничит с Россией на севере и с Азербайджаном -востока и юга. ✅Кахетия – это мимино, Отец Солдата, Алазанская долина, ''Город любви'' Сигнахи, древние монастыри, легендарные вина «Цинандали» и «Киндзмараули» и национальные парки. 🍇Здесь произрастает львиная доля винограда Грузии. Первая косточка окультуренного винограда в мире была обнаружена именно в Грузии. Этой косточке 8000 лет, поэтому Грузию считают родиной виноделия. 👉Места посещении: ➕Сигнахи – город любви ➕ Телави – столица Кахетии, ➕Кварели ➕Гурджаани -15-метровым монументом «Отец солдата». По сюжету знаменитого фильма, Георгий Махарашвили был родом из Гурджаани. ➕Замок Греми -срадневековая столица Кахетии, уничтоженная персидским шахом Аббасом в 1615 году. ➕ Крепость Уджарма-Веками цитадель Уджарма защищала Грузию от нашествий персов и арабов- пришла в упадок после завоевания Грузии монголами. ➕ Крепость Чаилури ➕Дом-музей Чавчавадзе в Цинандали ➕Дом-музей Нико Пиросмани в селе Мирзаани ➕ Монастырь Давид-ГареджиПещерный монастырь, одна из главных православных святынь Грузии. ➕Алаверди является главным храмом Кахетии ➕ Некреси – действующий монастырь IV века, расположенный на горе над Алазанской долиной. ➕ Шуамта – это два монастырских комплекса, расположенных на расстоянии 2 км друг от друга. ➕монастырь Икалто был основал в VI веке ➕Женский монастырь святой Нино в Бодбе-в нем покоятся мощи святой Нино ➕Монастырь Хирса ➕Собор Ниноцминда Один из древнейших православных храмов Грузии — был построен в середине первого тысячелетия нашей эры, ➕Телавский винный погреб ➕ Винзавод «Телиани Вели» ➕Тоннель Виноделие Харебы ➕ Кварельское озеро ➕Национальный Парк Лагодехи 👉Где остановиться: 🏨5️⃣ Звездочный-Роскошный Курортный отель Lopota Lake & Spa Resort расположен на берегу частного озера, из окон которого открывается вид на величественные Кавказские горы. В ресторане с открытой кухней Kakhetian Corner сервируют разнообразные блюда традиционной грузинской кухни, приготовленные из местных органических продуктов. 👉 Услуги Отеля: ➕Кафе-Бар➕4 плавательных бассейна и зона для релаксации➕спа-центр ➕можно покататься на квадроциклах➕поиграть в мини-гольф➕заняться конным спортом➕Рыбалка ➕прокат велосипедов➕парковка Шикарное место европейского уровня обслуживанием, вежливый персонал, вкусная еда. ✅День 6️⃣ 🏔Казбеги - это муниципалитет, расположенный в регионе Мцхета-Мтианети на востоке Грузии, на историческом территории Хеви. ℹНа высоте 5047 метров над уровнем моря гора Казбеги (или Мкинварцвери) является третьей по величине горой в Грузии и окружена мифами и религиозными традициями. Согласно греческому мифу, именно здесь был прикован ''Титан Прометей'' к склону горы. Прометей (известный в Грузии как Амирани) был заключен в пещеру на вершине 4000 метра. Пещера, теперь названная Бетлеми, позже служила жилищем для православных монахов и хранила множество священных реликвий, включая шатер Авраама и ясли Иисуса. Минеральные озера окружают гору, и в этой местности часто ощущаются подземные толчки. Покрытые ледником в 135 кв. км, Казбеги является прекрасным местом для альпинизма. Дарьяльское ущелье, соединяющих Россию и Грузию, протягиваясь на 18 км от Степанцминды до границы с Россией в Верхнем Ларсе. В течение многих тысячелетий этот горный проход был стратегически крайне важен, и был укреплен с начала 150 до н.э. В некоторых местах скалы достигают более 1000 м, а высящиеся на них средневековые сторожевые башни, стремительные горные водопады и дикая природа делают Дарьяльское ущелье одной из самых невероятных дорог в мире. 👉Места посещении: ➕Исторический Музей Степанцминды ➕Озеро Келицади ➕Гвелетские водопады ➕Аршинские водопады ➕Джутовый утес ➕Долина Трусо ➕Бетлемская хижина ➕Гергетская Троица ➕Дариальский монастырский комплекс ➕Комплекс церкви Хеви Сиони ➕Закагори ➕Банный монастирь Божьей матери ➕Мужской монастирь имени Елия предсказатель ➕Кетриси ✅Где остановиться: Курортный Отель «Казбеги View» расположен в поселке Степанцминда. К услугам гостей: ➕терраса➕ круглосуточная стойка регистрации ➕Wi-Fi. 👉Потрясающе уютные домики с панорамными окнами и видом на горы. Очень приятный и доброжелательный персонал,комфорт и уют-что ещё надо для прекрасного отдыха⁉ ✅День 7️⃣-возвращения в Тбилиси. 🅿️ Привилегированный пакет 6️⃣8️⃣0️⃣💲=встреча в аэропорту и трансфер в гостиницу( 4 звезды) ➕ всё включено➕Персональный водитель! Путешествуйте с нами и накапливайте незабываемые впечатления❗

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[Table] IAmA: We are five hitchhikers who have used our thumbs to travel over 270,000 km collectively in 30 countries. AuA about hitchhiking!

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Obviously, a big part of hitchhiking is the human aspect, but let's talk about vehicles. You've spent more time in the passenger seats of more vehicle types and makes than most. Have you developed a preference? Freightliner vs. Mac., which is the better truck? Strangest vehicle you've ridden in? Most luxurious? Smoothest suspension? Most likely to be driven by somebody who will pick up hitchhikers? Love this question! Honestly, any time a truck stops it's one of the best feelings you can know. Last summer I was in south east california and the sun was almost down. I was just about to go set up camp when a huge 18 wheeler pulls over. You always have this moment of frantic euphoria as you run towards the truck where you think to yourself "HOLY SHIT HE ACTUALLY STOPPED FOR ME". Riding in the back of a pick up truck is a close second for most fun. Got a long ride (also last summer) in a pick up from Arizona to New Mexico. Felt so good to have the wind in my hair as we blazed through the desert. Good times! Strangest Vehicle? Freight train, 60s VW beetle, minivan piled high with birdfeeders one time. Smoothest suspension? Trucks aren't bad, had some very nice luxury 4x4s which were great. Most likely to be driven by a hitcher-picker-upper? Beat up cars are slightly more likely I suppose. Pretty rare to get picked up by a flashy sports care. In general not too much of an obvious trend. Preference? Trucks are comfier and offer better views... but cars are faster. 80kmph vs 130-220kmph can make a big difference if you have a long way to go. Depends on how much of a rush or sightseeing mode I am in. However a car with heated seats is fantastic when you are cold! :) Most luxurious? Several high-end Mercedes sports cars or similar and I hitched a chauffeur driven luxury car. Most often the really nice cars are high-end busniess saloons with a big engine and all mod cons. A mate this month hitched two jaguars in one day(!) and a Porsche two weeks later. Suspension? Well, that would depend on the road. Some of the best cars you will mostly just see on autobahns etc, where you have no way to judge it. Most likely to pick up hitchers? In Europe Polish trucks are pretty good for picking up hitchers (especially if you speak Polish) assuming there is only one driver in the cab already. Other countries, moreso in western Europe and especially in the UK often cannot for insurance reasons. Likewise any trucks carrying flammable or dangerous goods cannot pick up hitchers, and will actually risk being stopped by the cops if there are two people in the cab. Trucker's rides are the best: so comfy, so much view, so much distance, some times a bed, and that oh-so-appreciated little-yellow-thingy that lets you adjust the tightness of your seat-belt (to the ones that have ridden a truck, you know what I'm talking about). Most luxurious: I got picked up by a few sports car, one had retractable ceiling. Not like I cared, really, though... I would still say a truck is the best because of the awesome seat, the yellow-thingy, and the bed. Trucks are nice but in America they don't stop much for you. Been in maybe 2 altogether. For regular vehicles, I've gotten rides in everything from oldschool Porches to the Tesla and everything in between. Amazing Chevys with 800,000 miles on them, a Jaguar with 3000 miles on it (the driver cracked the block on that ride, too!), even got to drive a newer mustang as well. I rarely ever get picked up by VWs, which always throws me off. Don't really have a preference for vehicles. Anything with space works for me! Most luxurious: One of those hummers. They have enough room for your feet to fit two more full on yous. Smoothest ride: The big rigs I've ridden in were really, really comfortable. The best trucks are the ones with two bunks and a driver who is willing to let you sleep in one of them and continue driving in the morning.
How did you guys get the idea to do this? What percentage of drivers do you estimate actually gave you guys rides? I think we all had different reasons. I was in Tasmania and there was no other way to travel as I didn't have a driver's licence. It was either hitchhike or don't go. Once I started though I realized how much fun it is, and was hooked right away! The percentage of drivers varies incredibly from place to place. New Zealand and Bhutan were the best. You'd wait 5 minutes max (Maybe 1 in 4 cars would pick you up). Mississippi and Western Ontario were the worst, huge wait times (1 in a couple hundred I'd guess).
A) A desire to travel and really see the country and meet the people rather than just out of bus/train/plane windows. Also, I hate long cramped public transport journeys and was aware that by making my money last I could travel further and for longer.
B) Depends on country, the area of the country, the weather, the time of day, how you are dressed, if you are alone or in a group, the spot you are hitching from, the number of upcoming turnoffs from the road etc etc. You have to be patient and you will often get a ride quicker from a small village with almost no traffic that you will with a city. That said, I have also been offered lifts by people before I even got a chance to finish making a sign or approach and ask them! :) Percentage? Anything from 100% some days to 0% others.
Free transportation. on average maybe 0.5-5% will pick you up depending on location.
I live in a pretty rural area, so getting around wasn't easy for a broke teenager in high school. Eventually I fell in love with the people and the experiences and decided with hitchhiking I could go anywhere I wanted. All it takes is a bag and some gumption.
Ride percentage strongly changes based on location. In Utah the rides were extremely few and I only got rides from people not from Utah. In Colorado they lined up for me.
My father hitch-hiked a bunch when he was younger. When I learned about this, it impressed me. I thought the adventures I would get out of such a trip would be pretty awesome.
The other side of it is that I had been refusing to get my driver's license because I believed we could organize ourselves as a society in such a more efficient way than by simply all having our individual car. I thus tried to opt out of the system by trying hitch-hiking as it created absolutely no economic demand that would stimulate the oil-economy or the car-economy (unless we count the (small, I believe) amount of extra fuel burned caused by my extra weight in a car). Nowadays, I wish I had my driver's license already because I would have been able to help out certain sleepy drivers and thus give them a pay-back, in a certain way. Hell, a trucker in Ontario this year even asked me if I wanted to take the wheel, but then he ended up denying me the opportunity due to my license-free condition. Ah, the errors of the youth! However, no regrets: the last three years of hitch-hiking have been totally awesome.
Another point would be the cost of travelling while hitch-hiking: the difference is so enormous you wouldn't believe it. If you adopt a rent-free life-style as well, you are looking at an extension of your trip possibly by over 200% (if not way more, depending on the current way you travel/budget). I mostly only pay for food when I am on the road: this means I can easily budget to around 10$/day. Actually, this year I decided to come back to Montreal from Western-Canada by going through the US: the whole trip lasted 32 days (I took my time to take a look at the wonderful National Parks) and cost me 200$... that's a single day of work as a tree planter. (But keep in mind that I also practice dumpster-diving out of disgust toward the horrible amounts of food that can be wasted... and for budget purposes as well.)
The last point would be about the travel itself. When taking a bus, a plane, or whatever, you usually only get to see Point A and Point B. Now if you think about it, hitch-hiking from Point A to Point B has many advantages: it gives you more time to explore the in-between, it lets you meet the locals and talk with them about their political issues and views, and they also tell you about all those little secret places that the bigger crowd doesn't necessarily get to see, and finally there is a chance for you to find a random adventure to be proposed to you.
For your second question, I am afraid it'd be too hard to give you a correct answer. A "percentage" wouldn't be representative of any situation in particular: "waiting time" is a more precise data to ask, if you want my opinion. In terms of that, I would say that I can wait anywhere in between 1 to 75 minutes on average (I mostly wait 30-55 minutes), with a fairly high probability of waiting several hours when you are trying to get out of a big city (higher demographic densities usually correlate with less trust toward each other). That and my love for wilderness makes it so that I tend to avoid big cities as much as possible. The smaller towns have the best adventures and people. :)
How do you handle safety concerns? As a woman, I would be paranoid about getting robbed/kidnapped/etc. I have met a lot of women who hitchhike alone and say they've never had a bad experience. They carry phones, a knife or can of mace, and let people know their route before leaving. That being said it is probably best for women to hitch in pairs, or with a male friend if possible. When I discuss with solo female hitchers, they are not denying that there is a risk to hitching solo, but they're not convinced it's any more dangerous than walking alone downtown at night.
I generally do not worry too much, though if my spidey-senses tingled I'd decline the lift. Besides, there are far wealthier looking people to rob than me! I do understand the worries about the safety of hitchers as we never know who will stop for us, and while some female hitching friends prefer to hitch solo, some will only hitch with guys. Again, this varies upon where they are hitching, as some areas are safer than others (often for cultural reasons).
Most of us dont bring any sort of self defense other than a good head on our shoulders. that is the only weapon which cant be used against you.
If you feel threatened and someone doesn't pull over you always have the option of grabbing their steering wheel and causing a wreck. they will have a hard time kidnapping you.
Never had any violent situations. I've always carried a knife but its never been anything but a tool. I've travelled with and talked to female hitchhikers and they also never had any real violent experiences. I can imagine it being much more scary for them, but females also tend to get rides faster since people tend to want to try and help them.
From my personal experience, the solo-hitching women that I've discussed with told me they some times meet jerks or perverts, but that those persons never tried to be forceful about anything. As soon as you identify their "little game", simply let them know you are not in their car for that and they usually either drop you, or drive you safely.
As a general rule, it seems like for girls, you will have to cover up (don't hitch with a skirt kind of thing).
In terms of safety in general, I have never felt threatened. People usually assume that a hitch-hiker is pretty poor, so robbing is kind of a ridiculous thought that doesn't come to their mind. In terms of being kidnapped, as TheWindAndRain said, you do have a certain control over your situation: when someone goes away from the planned route, ask them why, and if it sounds fishy, asked to be dropped right away (most of the people are aware that a hitch-hiker may be stressed a bit if they move away from the planned route so they will explain it ahead of time anyways)... and if they refuse, that's when you indeed want to turn to wheel, or use the hand break, or whatever. Realize that they have to keep driving safely so they can't concentrate all their energy on defending themselves from your attacks. Also, if you carry a knife, please make sure you know how to use it for self-defence: else it is too easy to be turned against you.
But really, I don't think you should be worried about that too much, though it's always good to be prepared.
To be fair, you wouldn't have much chance to talk to a woman who had a very negative experience. This is a good point. I would imagine, however, that these dangers exist in many aspects of traveling solo, not just hitchhiking. That being said, if you ever did want to try it, find a friend and hit the road!
Have there been times where the person picking you up seemed a bit off, and so you decided to wait for another driver? Or do you guys pretty much get into the vehicle of whoever stops? There have been a few odd ones, but nobody that has made me feel threatened. If ever I do feel threatened in future I will definitely not get in the car. It's a good policy to say you're not going to the same destination if you feel threatened.
Turned down lifts because of tingling Spidey-senses, though it happens rarely. I have also accepted lifts from what are called 'The Travelling Community' in the UK/Ireland (Gypsies basically) who have a bad reputation. They were mostly lovely, with one exception in Scotland. Was offered to go to a party with one set in Ireland, offered work by ones in England and other in Scotland saw me getting out of a car in my destination city and asked if I was looking for casual work! :-D.
Generally though we are fine, my way of looking at it is the assholes drive past. Lots of nice people too, but virtually no assholes will stop.
I have never turned down a ride that was going where i wanted to go. plenty of times i have gotten bad vibes and no one has ever tried to hurt me.
Yeah you gotta get a vibe for the people. Its really rare to turn one down, though. You can't go on visuals, either. One ride looked like an axe murderer but was the nicest guy with the softest voice. I've had uncomfortable rides, but never felt in fear for my life. People are generally good.
I have refused very few lifts, maybe 4?
Two of them were refused because they weren't driving very far (under 5 km) and the further point was not going to add any new traffic, and I was hitch-hiking at a very good spot (you never know if where you'll be dropped will be a bad spot, so some times it is in your interest to stick with a good shoulder).
One was because she asked me right away that I would have to split half-half the gas cost if I wanted to enter her car, and it's not like she looked like she was part of the lower socioeconomic classes. To me, that didn't sound like a person that I wanted to meet, so I just refused.
The last one was because I had been given 3 lifts over 1 km each (without having to wait a single minute in between!), and that one was also going only 1 km ahead, so I decided I had had enough of those lifts. Luckily enough, right after she departed, a guy did a U-turn for me and decided to go for a 14-hours detour to drive me to my destination.
EDIT: I'm forgetting a lift where I was simply not headed the way it was going.
What is the longest you've waited for someone to give you a ride? What's the longest distance someone drove you? Longest wait time: about 24 hours in the Australian Outback. I was well stocked with water, and I had a tent, so I knew I wouldn't die. If ever I started running low on supplies I would stand in the road and flag down a car. If a car sees you are in distress (or waving an empty water bottle) they will stop right away. Longest distance, probably North Carolina to Syracuse, whatever that was. Though I did have 1200km on the east coast. I think payne007 had a massive one down the west coast from Alaska to California or something.
A) Spain, 2 days. I hate hitching in Spain.
B) From near Nimes in France to a bit north of Valentia in Spain. About 700km, including an overnight stop in Barcelona. Also been offered, but had to decline, a lift from Poland to London (about 1200km). Had a football game to go to, so only went the first few hundred km with them.
3 days in phoenix. other than that my longest wait is 8 hours in kansas.
My longest distance ride was from palmer alaska to bakersfield california, 3,250 miles.
The longest I've ever waited was about 2 days. Finally got a ride by pouring out my water and waiving someone down. Had to sit on someone's lap for over an hour and hang my head out the window but a ride is a ride!! Longest ride was San Francisco to LA. Awesome dude, I still keep in touch with him.
11 hours, up in Watson Lake (Yukon). After that it's 9 hours out of Vancouver (BC), and 7 hours out of Winnipeg (BC). 6 hours out of Calgary (BC).
As you can see, it's mostly with big cities that you wait several hours. The Yukon one was because I wasn't trying too hard: I was reading, or juggling.
You can assume you'll have a ride under 75 minutes for sure generally.
This year, I got a few pretty (some times only potential) good rides: I had a trucker that went all the way from Hearst (Ontario) to Edmonton (Alberta), and another trucker from Oklahoma to New York. I also had a ride from Whitehorse (Yukon) to Kitwanga (BC), but she was actually going all the way to Sudbury (Ontario), and I had to get off there to go to Terrace. From that same spot she dropped me, as I was hitching to Terrace, I had to turn down another epic ride that was going all the way to California! That damned detour to Terrace was pretty awesome though: I met a nice family that hosted me for a few days and we went hiking around and stuff. Last year and the year before, I also had a trucker that went from Montreal to Winnipeg.
Really?! You just walk up to the locomative's driver and ask them? By that time, you are already trespassing, I believe, so the good old white-truck can bust you, no? There was no barrier where I was between the tracks and the road, so yeah, I just walked up and said "Sorry to bother you, I don't want to do anything illegal or dangerous, but I'm trying to get east, could I ride with you?" The guy set me up in my own cabin with water and AC. Sweet deal!
Jeez! Whereabout? Got pictures? New Mexico. Here's my only pic. Typewriting in the cabin.
You had the typewriting machine with you? Or it was already there? EDIT: Funnily, my only chance to hop on a train was right out of New Mexico, in Hereford (Texas). I brought it. I love typewriting and wanted to write about things as they were happening, as opposed to after having got back. It was a bit of extra weight, but worth it.
I remember someone posting on digihitch a long time ago about hitching with a typewriter, was that you? by the way I have heard from multiple people that just walking up the the conductor and asking for a ride does indeed work. Nope, wasn't me. There must be at least two of us.
Did all the people that picked you up fit into a particular demographic? Personality type? Not at all! And this is one of the best thing about hitching. The only similarity is that they are all profoundly good people, but other than that they come from all walks of life. I've had soccer moms, architects, physicists, a fashion designer, single dads, other hitchhikers, mexican refugees, religious, atheists, people driving to find themselves, a math teacher, a set designer for HBO, one of the merry pranksters, and honestly this list could go on forever. Because of the huge diversity of people you learn so much that you wouldn't have considered otherwise. It's a great way to introduce yourself to different worldviews.
Never! Its always such a variety, all good people coming from different walks of life. You never know who you're gonna meet and the variety of people broaden your understanding of the world around you. You start seeing every individual differently.
Most of my lifts were from a male of about 35-40 years old. - About 60% of those were self-employed. - 85-90% of my lifts had hitch-hiked at least once in their life. - 5% of my lifts had never picked up hitch-hikers before. - 15-20% of my lifts were from woman (ranged mostly from 30 to 55 years old, and the fact that they some times tend to be older is probably due to their motherly nature?). - 75% of my lifts had been in contact with marijuana at least once in their life-time. And 65% of those had been/were actual drug dealers. - 5% of my lifts did a U-turn to come back to pick me up. - Only 4 or 5 lifts had a baby in their car.
(This is, obviously, very subjective and approximate.)
I can't think of other categorization, but if you ask specifically, I could probably give you a number.
What's the most unexpected thing you've used your towel for? Haha, I loved the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy series. Honest answer: nothing especially interesting comes to mind besides drying myself off.
Hmm... Aside from the regular drying myself or lying on at the beach/park? Can't think of one thing, but other uses mine has achieved are...
Wringing with met clothes inside to dry them quickly (quick-drying travel towels rock), head/neck-protecting bandanna, to tie things together (when twisted into a rope-like thing), to carry stuff (holding all 4 corners), across the top of my sleeping bag to catch some of the morning dew, pillow/cushion, to prevent unwanted complaints about my sexy nudity, to block cold drafts from under a door, to create shade on a hot day...and of course as an emergency cape! :)
I came to believe that a towel is fairly useless. If you have enough clothing, you can simply use clothing to dry yourself out.
I always carry a towel in my banjo case! Keeps the snare drum dry!
I've always wondered. What about money for your bills? (School loans, credit cards, phone, etc) How do you deal with that while traveling? I have no debts nor contracts. I also hate owing money to anyone. When I am travelling I am usually on longer trips and thus have no rent/electricity/gas bills to pay either as I move out of my rented accommodation. Just day-to-day living costs. I have a bank account, so I can access funds whether I am in the country or not, so long as I don't loose my cards. Which I usually do not.
I usually make sure I'm square with everything at the homestead before I leave. I have very little, and it frees me up. I don't really have an address, I don't have any credit cards, my expenses are few and I like it that way. My phone and expenses on the road are taken care of by saving up some money and busking my banjo. Finding work on the road is also an excellent way to go.
I am homeless and have no bills whatsoever other than a storage unit and a gym membership to shower at, and even that is temporary. Any company that wants to collect a debt from me would find me impossible to contact or find. I am entirely untraceable. I never stay in one place longer than 7 months and often that means no longer than one day.
When I need to provide an address for something, I make one up.
I stay away from periodic payments: any interests on payments, rent, phone, etc..
I work as a tree planter 2 months per year, and as a cherry picker for 2 to 3 weeks per year. Then I pick up any job offered to me on the road.
Since I usually budget to 10$/day, if not lower, it is very easy for me to have no debts, and yet even actually build up my bank account for the day I'll be done with the road-life.
That bolt of fear that shoots through you when you're hundreds or thousands of miles away from home and you can't find your card! Ahhh! Or drunkenly put the wring code into a cash machine thrice when it is your only card, you are on the opposite end of the continent from home...And you have only €0.07 in your pocket. :(
What was the best story you heard from the people you were traveling with? Heard stories from people being abducted by ufos to someone supposedly hitchhiking and having someone pull a gun and try to shoot them as they ran. Most of the stories were probably bullshit. Everyone wants to tell you a story, or be told one. There are some good ones, one dude launched sattelites for a living. Worked with NASA. That was neat. One guy was musician and went into detail on some mothedaughter groupie hookup threesome. Are they true? I don't know but I choose to believe them because that makes life more fun. I had one recently who had dropped out of school and hitched from England to India when he was young. Great to hear people do these things, as it is far better to regret the things you have done than the things you haven't. Not that he regretted doing this! :-D.
Also I thought the title said: We are five Hijackers who have used our thumbs to travel over 270,000 km collectively in 30 countries. With the plane in the image icon I was confused for a bit. A few good ones come to mind. I had a brit pick me up in Australia who wasn't happy with his life in the UK, so he quit his job, bought a ship and sailed to Australia to start a new life. I was picked up by a 'prison architect' (that's a thing apparently) once who had amazing stories about every pub we passed. He had once picked up a hitchhiker who had left home at 16 in France and had traveled nonstop ever since. He was 35 when the drive had picked him up. An Ecuadorian man who picked me up in Louisiana had ran away from home (also at 16) and lived for a year on top of a bakery. Heaps of good ones!
Share a interesting story/experience! Interesting experience? Many of them, it's one of the reasons I hitch. I'll give one coincidence story, one funny story and one sad. There are not many sad stories, but I feel this story gives a good indication of the openness of conversations you can have with a stranger.
EDIT: also, sign or thumb. What do you prefer? What do you think gets more rides? I prefer signs, though sometimes when there is only really one place the road leads I won't bother. Like physicshipster I usually prefer signs, unless the road only goes to one place. Coincidence story: In rural Morocco, just south of the Atlas mountains. Passed the same Polish car and van twice in a day in rural Morocco, first in the morning in the same town as we had stayed in the night before when going to our hitching spot. The second time could see they were just stopped for photographs, and I knew we had about 5km before we were getting out. I quickly made up a sign in Polish on the (correct) assumption that that the car and van would be there soon after us, and going to the gorge at the end of the road. When the car we were in stopped I hopped out, grabbed my bag and while my friend was still getting her bag out of the car spotted the Polish vehicles. I held out the sign and saw the most stunned look on the drivers space before they pulled over and screeched to a halt next to us. Their confusion was compounded by me being a Celt and my friend being Lithuanian - neither being Polish! :-D Anyway, they too were going to Ouarzazate - our destination city a few hundred km away. They not only found space for us but also we went and saw both this gorge and another we wanted to see (the second we had not expected to have time to see, but it turned out they were going to see it too en-route) and we stopped and ate together. The driver of the car knew one guy in Ouarzazate whom he had met before (he did regular charity drives from northern Europe to Senegambia region of Africa). We had a CS host in Ouarzazate, so we were delighted to have a lift to the city. We got to the city and it turned out our host lived almost opposite the hotel our drivers were staying at. Shortly after we got to our hosts place there was a knock at the door - and it turned out that the one guy the Pole knew was our host! :-D It's a small world as they say! :) Sad story: Again with a Polish link. This lift involved a long conversation in broken Polish with a guy with his life in the back of his car who was moving to Germany to work to support his wife and kid. His wife was an extreme alcoholic. I felt really sad for him, I wished I was so much more fluent to be able to speak better with him, to be more comfort to him. I think it was gong him good to talk about it to a stranger, but I felt so sad for him. One of the truly heartbreaking experiences I had hitching. He loved his wife and small son so much, but was being put through the emotional grinder by the wife. He was welling up at times while speaking. I sometimes think about him. I really hope his life has picked up. He didn't even want to move to Germany, he just had to in order to earn a decent wage. Poor guy. generally thumb over sign except when going long distance between major cities.
Have you ever had any sexual encounters or proposals through hitchhiking, if so details? I ended up skinny dipping with a MtoF transsexual in California once. There was nothing sexual about it, but wow did the surgeon do a good job on her boobs.
Only once: I was hitching out of Oklahoma City (waited 3 hours there) and this black guy picked me up (the very first black man to pick me up in 3 years). He was maybe 35-40 years old? Middle-class. He was headed to a casino to the East.
We started talking about segregation (I had so many questions: I was quite excited to meet someone that had gone through it). Then once that topic wore out, he asked me if I had a girlfriend. And then if I had ever been picked up by gay drivers. I said yes, and that I had no problem with it at all.
I'm fairly open-minded, so I simply assumed he must've had a few experiences, so I asked him about that. He said he did, back when he was travelling with the military forces.
The whole time, he looked very stressed (I initially thought it was simply his way of being, and it might have been, who knows). By that, I mean he was changing which hands he was holding the wheel with very often. Anyways, he ended up asking me if I needed to take a shower, and that he could pay for a motel room. I had previously mentioned that I was open to the idea of sexual relations with men though hadn't been presented with much opportunities. That's why he asked me if I wanted to have some fun as well. He then proceeded to mention that he wasn't into "ass" but that he loved sucking dicks (as he said, "sex is sex").
Anyways, I refused his offer, and he dropped me at his exit. I still don't consider this to have been stressful in any way: as I have often said, no one wants to be forceful about those things... simply refuse will remaining open-minded and everything will be fine. I was actually cracking up a smile when he specifically asked me, thinking "well, it took 3 years to be asked that question".
Obviously, I eased him into asking me that question. It was fairly easy to guess that he was getting to that, but I didn't care. Had I not been so vocal about my open-minded point of view, maybe he would've simply asked me quickly as he was dropping me anyways. But yeah, I broke a few rules for when it comes to trying to avoid this kind of proposal, and I consciously knew it.
One older lady in Colorado. It was gonna be a cold night so I took her up on the offer more for the nice warm bed than the sex, but it was a bonus.
A younger, prettier lady in Colorado. She gave me a ride to her hometown and I wound up sticking around for a few days. Saw her again and we wound up watching a movie and going out for dinner. Next thing ya know!
In Santa Cruz I met a travelling girl from Ireland and we hooked up. We traveled together and she was a lot of fun to be around. The sex was a bonus.
On the other hand...
I've had a few guys proposition me in one way or another. Some even offer to pay me, but I've never took them up on it.
Sexual encounters aren't too common, but they do happen. At least for me. If you look like a movie star I'm sure it would happen more.
I have had a dozen or so propositions from men which i had no interest in.
Have had two opportunities to get with women on the road (maybe more for the subtle ones that I didn't catch on to) but my crippling social and performance anxiety meant that it has never happened.
That's amazing because that is exactly what happened in a scene from the movie Transamerica (2005) starring Felicity Huffman. Haha, never heard of it. Who woulda thunk.
That actually sounds like a hilarious story. She was great, we camped together by the Pacific and shared stories about our lives by the campfire. Shame I'll probably never see her again. Oh, I should also mention I only discovered she was transsexual when we first got in the water. A wee bit of a surprise to say the least, haha.
MtoF? Male to Female.
Have you ever paid for a motel room on the road? I like "spaghetti + tomato sauce + canned tuna + celery + carrot + garlic + onion" (all those things can be carried nearly eternally except for celery/carrot which you can simply munch on if they're getting old... also, that recipe is a perfect mix of carbohydrates/proteins/, and is cheap). Trail mix peanuts. PBJ sandwhiches. Vanilla yogourt + Granola cereals. Else, always keep in mind the dumpster diving option! Motels, never, although if I'm traveling somewhere cheap where a hotel room is 5-10 dollars a night sometimes my gf and I will splurge. Couchsurifing is always my first choice though.
What are your classics in terms of food? What is your average daily budget? Food classics - peanuts, bread, canned chicken, multivitamins - Patience brings you what you want. And also that you can learn to adapt yourself. That we are capable of doing whatever we want, generally. That it is important to do what you love in life. That psychedelics are seen too poorly by (or are scaring too much the) current society. That it's better to live by your own set of morals rather than someone else's, hence civil disobedience.
What is the most unusual pet you've encountered on the road? What has The Road taught you? What has the road taught me? People are good. Before I headed out on the road I had become cynical about modern life and the way it was turning people into money chasing pricks. After hitching though I am very happy to say I was wrong on this, that people are still good. Yeah, there are still jackasses out there, and yeah there will always be greedy people - but at the end of the day most people are good! :) Unusual Pets: Only dogs so far, though I heard of a guy who traveled with a pet squirrel.
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[Table] IAMA white guy who worked the overnight shift weekend shift alone at an inner-city housing project. I have seen a ton of messed up stuff AMA..

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¿ What scarred you for life? The one thing I will NEVER forget is a young girl who hung around on the weekends. I had a suspicion that she was younger than 18 but she claimed she was 18. When I asked to see her ID, she showed it to me and it looked legit (holograms and what not) and said she was 18. I come in one weekend and ask where she is because she was not around. It turns out she was a runaway who got sucked into the sex trade which is rampant in Ohio and was shipped down to Columbus. Guys were passing her around upstairs for 10 bucks a pop. She was 14. I felt fucking horrible for not trusting my gut. I guess I will tell you something else since I already posted something about a young girl who was a a runaway and was passed from guy to guy for 10 dollars a pop. Another instance involved another prostitute. She was legit mentally handicapped, could barely function. She started showing up towards the end of my time there. She was passed around as well but I believe her rate was 5 for sex. Apparently she was having a heart attack and a guy just put her in the elevator and pressed the down button so she would come to the lobby. The elevator opened and she was obviously in need of help. I laid her down and called an ambulance. It turned out it wasn't a heart attack but she turned out to be alright and showed back up later that night.
Since when is the sex trade rampant in Ohio? Toledo is a huge hub for interstate human trafficking. I will find some stats if I get a chance. I'm not insulting Ohio, it is just that you can get to somewhere like 75% of the country within 24 hours from Ohio.
Did you make friends with any of the people there and what did they think of you? Oh yea of course. There were about 150-200 residents there. I tried my best to help everyone. When I first showed up they thought I was a cop because I was white. There was a guy James who would come and mop the lobby every night at 3 AMish. We built a pretty strong bond. I helped him make a resume and he eventually got a job because of it. I found out that he had never eaten out at a breakfast restaurant so I took him to breakfast one morning after I got off and he had a blast. The funny thing was he ordered a burger and fries for breakfast. There were plenty of people I made friends with they were usually older than me though.
What can you tell us about your views on systemic problems? That is, on a macro scale, what problems do you see with the overall system (i.e., the governmental response to poverty via the policing system/war on drugs, welfare system, social services, education, etc) that have impacted the lives of people where you work? Do you have a sense of what changes could be made to improve these people's lives over the long-term? As with anything else on the macro scale it all comes down to money. These residents cant afford to pay 1000+ dollars of rent every month so they are ignored. Columbus is also trying to gentrify the west side where these projects are so they are in talks to blow this building up because they dont make money off of it. The police really could give two shits about this place. I called the police plenty of times and it would take them an hour or more to show up. That's what pissed me off the most. They would show up, write things down and leave. Even if we had video footage they would say that a detective would be there Monday to investigate and the detective would never come. This happened twice. If you do not have money you are fucked. The fucked up thing is that say a person who is paying 20 bucks a month in rent gets a job. Their rent immediately goes up to about 460 dollars a month. Most jobs residents got were minimum wage so how are you supposed to work you way out of the system when the system keeps taking any money that a person makes. I do not see a wide spread change such as tearing the building down and giving residents housing assistance working for everyone. I talked to residents all the time about how life could get better and it seemed like a more micro approach would work.
460 dollars a month? I live in Columbus and that's more than I pay... Is that comparable to other apartments in the neighborhood? I am not sure. From what I saw while I was driving around that part of town there are not too many other apartments. The location is ideal though. Downtown Columbus is a half mile away. Like I said rent was on a sliding scale, however I did not dig deeper into how they decided those rates.
Did anyone ever lie about if they had a job to keep their rent down? Yea...I even advised a few to do so...
What was the racial makeup of the residents? Racial makeup=80% black, 19% white, and two mexican guys.
Was there ever a time where you saw someone being treated unfairly or being taken advantage of because of race, age, ethnicity, etc? If you saw this, did you ever feel compelled to do something about it? Could you have done something about it? The Housing Authority (CMHA) really treated these people like dog shit. Most residents barely paid rent. Rent is paid on a sliding scale so some residents paid like 20 bucks a month but that might have been 50% of their net worth. Anytime ANYTHING went wrong in their apartments (flooding, heat not working in the middle of winter, AC not working in older residents apts in the summer) residents had to wait until monday. I did my best to hound them until they sent someone out. Sending someone out meant paying overtime and they were too cheap for that. Maybe three times they sent someone out in the year I was there. I tried to help and have basic mechanical skills but I am limited in my abilities to help.
So you saw a lot of misery. But with 150-200 people there, and you with a (remarkably) open compassionate attitude, I'm guessing you also saw some good people trying hard to make good lives. Can you recall some things that pleasantly surprised you? Oh yea there were plenty of people who just had slipped in life and they were working hard as fuck to make it back in their lives and when bad shit happened to them I just felt horrible because I knew they were working. One big success story was that guy James who mopped the floors, he helped out anyway he could around the building. Whenever pipes would burst he would be there to mop up the floor and put buckets down. He would wash and wax floors. He got back on his feet. Got a job. And because of all of the work her put in around the building the building manager actually paid his rent for a year. I would say 2/3 of the residents were hard working people who either were injured or just kept fucking up and ended up there.
What was the most dangerous situation you were put in? There were plenty of times I had to defend myself. One time in particular a couple was walking into the lobby to go up to their apartment. Another couple came up behind them (who did not live there) and tried to snatch the ladies purse and beat up the guy. I hopped over the desk and had to "L" the one guy out until he agreed to leave. I saw his lady Friend reach into her purse and pull out a knife at which point I let them go. They left and I called the police. I believe they were caught later. I HATE bullies and to see that just pissed me off.
What is "L"? It is a choke hold. Looks almost like a sleeper hold. One arm goes across the throat and the other one behind the head. It immediately shuts off the airway.
"L"? Sorry it must be something we called it growing up.
Kill niggers. The funny thing is, the couple who was doing the robbing was white..
What? o.o. I explained it above, it was a chokehold. I am sure it has many names.
Its a TJ Strongbow lol. Styx is the Gweatest Amerwican Wock Band, and the only Weason they caught a bad Wap was cuz most critics were cynical Assholes.
*cwitics. Damn autocorrect.
What was the biggest moral decision you had to make there? and how great was the racial tension between you and the majority black population there? Moral decision....that is a tough one. I would say always just trying to remain unbias no matter how shitty a particular resident had treated me. I was threatened pretty much on a weekly basis. I just brushed it off. But the next week they would usually be apologetic (and sober) and would ask for some kind of help. There wasn't too much racial tension. It wasn't like they hated me because I was white. Once they got to know me and realized I had grown up in Baltimore and was not just some rich ohio state student they started to accept me. However I was called "cracker" and "honky" on a regular basis and I had to explain to them that this wasn't "the jeffersons" and those words dont sting anymore.
What was the craziest thing you saw? There are a lot. I wouldn't say this was the craziest. I mentioned my craziest in a previous post. A particular resident was really off the hook. Let's call him E. He was addicted to crack and would wander the streets all night and just steal from people (how this guy survived this is beyond me) but he would show up every night with a cart full of stolen goods/shit he found in the dumpster and try to sell it to me. I started calling him Bubbles but he didnt get the reference. The craziest thing was probably this twenty something year old guy who had alot of women in and out of his apt. One day during the day shift (I wasnt there but saw on camera later) a girl came and started arguing with him in the lobby. He beat her within an inch of her life. Closed fist punches and everything. Once she was on the ground he booted her right in the jaw. Teeth and blood were everywhere. When I had gotten to work I noticed the stain and asked the working second shift what that was and he said it was the womans blood.
"He just waltzes in there, and becomes the king of the carts. What the fuck does he think I'm supposed to do? " Yea man I am from Baltimore, so any chance I get to quote the wire. I take it. I actually did a project at OSU which involved videos and references to The Wire...
What is the story that you would most like to share with us? There are plenty of stories. There was alot of crazy stuff there. I mentioned some already. One story that comes to mind was with this resident nicknamed Frog. He was hooked on crack. Right before I left he got hooked on bath salts which is a rising craze among addicts because it doesnt show up on piss tests. He attempted to commit suicide and almost jumped but the fire dept saved him. While I was there two people jumped (1 survived). Two guys died from medical reasons. One guy died from going fishing on a boat while drunk as hell and falling in the water and did not know how to swim. A lot of misery there.
What do they do with bath salts and how does this get one high? Haha I am still learning tryin to figure it out. From what I have been told you snort em and it is just like a coke high. I hope your not gonna go out and start snorting haha, shit will fuck you up.
Was there a housing police force that policed the area? If not, was it just the city police force? Yea, they came by usually once a night. But they were pretty much rent a cops even though one was cool and former Air Force. They were not armed. Pretty much stopped by every night around 2 AM to take a shit in the employee bathroom haha.
>One day the cop arrested CT for a humble. Do you mean that the cop's intent was to humble CT, or is "humble" some kind of slang for an amount of drugs or something like that? Its slang, sorry its habit. It means a minor misdemeanor charge (i.e. disturbing the peace etc.)
What is the drug scene like in a project high-rise? Is it run of the mill crack and impure heroin? Or since it's Ohio is meth a big deal? Not much meth. Mostly crack and heroin. We had dealers come in and pay residents to move in with someone else so they could just set up shop in an apt and people would go right there. They would usually last a couple of weeks and word would get out and they would either leave or be kicked out. Like I said the police were useless. While I was working, there were two big drug guys everyone would go to for their shit. One used to be a cat burglar who would pay hookers so he could go down on them (not the other way around haha), and the other was more of a stone cold dealer, never talking unless he needed too and people respected him.
1) Did the residents ask you for money/handouts? 2) Did you ever give money to residents? 3) Ever get mugged/robbed or items stolen while on the job? 1.)ALL THE TIME! haha. every night it was "hey john, you got a dolla?" Usually people would come with four quarters and ask for a "hard dollar" because the dealers didn't like change 2.) No, I would sometimes give change for a dollar if i knew they were using it for laundry 3.) No but someone did put nails under my tires so that they would go flat. One of them did, I was lucky all four didnt. I was careful to keep all my stuff locked up and my car within sight in the parking lot.
>Hey john, you got a dolla I need dolla dolla....dolla is what I need.
Did you ever have to take the witness stand in court for something that went down during your shift? After that attempted robbery the columbus police took my info but I was never called. The guy who was working during the beating of that woman was asked to be a witness but turned it down. He was changing jobs soon and didnt want the hassle.
Good luck, and congrats. My wife's an LISW, MSW, from OSU. edit I had asked first if graduation was in June, then remembered OSU is switching to semesters, from quarters, and it all made sense. You going to go to grad school at OSU? No. I am moving back to Baltimore and going to grad school at the University of Maryland. Not at OSU. They are still on the quarter system so technically they have 3 or 4 graduations a year. I planned it so I graduated this quarter so I can get a jump start on getting a job.
This is off topic but I'm thinking about joining the military to help pay for college. Are you happy with your decision to do so? I do not regret the experience. I do regret not being more prepared to handle my recruiters. The GI Bill was def worth it but make sure when you go in you are doing what you want to do and not what your recruiter nudges you to do. What branch are you considering?
<3 BC. Moi aussi.
Did you like Seattle? Loved it..I was a lacrosse coach on bainbridge island...I have a lot of great memories out there.
Were the police shown the video evidence? what did they say about it? What is the reasoning behind them not making an arrest? Yes they were shown evidence...they said I detective would be along Monday to investigate detective showed happened multiple times.
Jeez. How many justified arrests were made while you worked there in comparison to all the crime that was going on? Honestly, one. A guy named E who I compared to Bubbles from "The Wire" was arrested one time for selling stolen goods. It was some shameful shit. Cops were there almost every weekend but no arrests were ever made.
Sounds weird.. but has someone ever died while you were working? Natural or otherwise? Oh shit...I almost forgot. This did happen. I think my second month working there. A woman came in looking for her brother. I called up to his apt but there was no answer. She said that no matter what he always had lunch with their brother every saturday and he had not shown up or answered his phone. I got a sinking feeling when she said that. I called the police (this had to happen for me to go into someones apt without their permission) they came and I opened the door and saw this guy laying there. He was dead and I had to go down there and console his sister and nephew.
Oh man, that sucks for them. You ever find out what it was from? He had heart problems. I asked around and people told me it was a heart attack but I never saw a medical report or anything.
So what's the solution? There is no solution really. I could take it on a case by case basis but it is up to the people to want to change. Believe it or not some people loved that existence and did nothing to better their situation no matter how much I tried to advocate for them. They would just keep making excuses. It's sad really.
If you had the capability, would you dust off and nuke the whole site from orbit? No haha, although after some rough nights I wish I could. I did joke that we should somehow get the drug dogs into the building for a surprise raid and I would sit outside in a lawn chair drinking beer and laugh at how many drugs are thrown out the windows..
My dad worked at a liquor store across the street from the projects, he always had a gun on him, in plain sight did you do the same? No I never carried a gun. I am pretty good with my hands (boxing, wrestling etc.). I know the corner store workers by the projects here had a gun. A guy came back pissed off because the store owners pulled the gun on him for apparently no reason. I didnt believe the guy at first but I could see how distraught he was. I felt bad for him.
Which do you think comes first; homelessness or addiction? Addiction definately. Most of the residents were referred there from a local shelter called the faith mission. None of the ones I talked to that used to be homeless were clean while they were homeless.
Sorry, read through a little bit more and wanted to ask another question. You're from Baltimore, where the drug trade and problems with the city was much publicized by The Wire (and David Simon in general). Then, you worked in Columbus, which I think most people would be surprised had a ghetto at all. Anyway, do you think the publicity of Baltimore's inner city helped it? Does Columbus struggle to get help/resources because of an out of sight/out of mind mentality? Or, do you think it has no effect at all? Lastly, I'm assuming you're white because of your white flight comment. Did race play any role in how the tenants treated you? The only thing "the wire" helped was to open up people's eyes to a society they had no idea was 10 mins away from their fed hill rowhome. I have not seen any reform or resources thrown to the west side of Baltimore since the wire came on the air although the ports which were focused on in season 2 seem to be doing a little better. Columbus's west side has its own reputation which is very well known. Politicians know about it. However right now it is going through a gentrification process. A casino is being built and I believe 2 public housing complexes have been destroyed (dont quote me on that figure, I know of one for sure Riverside Bradley). The projects that I worked in are scheduled for demolition but the date keeps getting pushed back so who knows. Some resources such as section 8 housing vouchers are being thrown their way but besides that there is a long way to go. FInally race did play a big role at first and in time that dwindled. At first they assumed I was a cop because I was white, and then people took a long time to warm up to me which I expected. After they realized I was not just some rich Ohio State University kid whose mommy and daddy paid for everything they warmed up to me pretty quick. I said before that racial terms like Honky and Cracker and Whiteboy were thrown around but they never affected me.
So, I notice a lot of negative questions, which is normal, but as someone who spent years living in and around the projects I always was impressed by the underground economics of the place. The residents are seriously very ingenuitive and find interesting ways to make money (fixing things that are FUBAR, getting ppl. free cable, making homemade meals for lunch etc...). What are some interesting ways you saw people making money? Also, as far as gangs go, did you notice the gangs and other organizations helping to police the community, or in your eyes were just making everything worse? Oh many the economy of the projects was amazing. You nailed it. People would make money doing anything. Some people would clean your apartment. There was one guy who would fix your car, another who would wash it. Women would do your hair. One sign I saw hung up offered to actually bathe people (this included a foot scrub and cleaning behind the neck haha). There was always a way for people to make money. As far as gangs go, there was not too much activity in the actual project. Dealers were there, however gangs were not their muscle at least in the building. In the surrounding communities they were active. However the dealers did try to help the residents. They bought a TV for the lounge area, they would order the boxing fights and throw parties, and they would order pizza for random people and sometimes even pay peoples rent. However if you got in debt to the dealers you better believe you would do your damndest to pay them back. As long as you were on their good side you were fine. However, I have digressed. To your question of self policing, most of the time this is what happened. People would fuck up and others would either help or punish whoever was involved. Police were called quite often but it was mostly for minor squabbles. I hope I answered your question.
Did any of the statues or props in the inner city houses come to life overnight? Naaa I dont think the golden tablet was there...probably stolen by one of the fiends and pawned.
To my knowledge there is really only one true high rise projects in Columbus, by osu east? Is this where you worked? Assuming you went to osu, how would you compare where you worked to the section 8 around campus? The one I worked at u can see it from 315. It is called sunshine terrace. I'm not sure if there are others..its on the westside by mt carmel west. I did not hang out too much by the on campus housing I live up in Dublin. So I can't compare.
Also a question. ive done work with at-risk kids in these kinds of projects. Are there any programs in place by you to help keep the kids off the streets, and out of the whole poverty cycle? There were not any kids in these projects except for maybe those that visited on weekends. We had one little guy call 911 and hang up in the lobby and all kids of cops and fire engines showed up. I do work with at risk youth at my internship and there are alot of programs to help them get off the streets. Two are LiFE Sports and Camp Mary Orton's Wilderness bond program. Both can be found online..
Why is it relevant that you're white? Its not. I was just putting it in the title to get people's worked.
Did you ever have any homo erotic experiences with any of the people that lived there? Aaaaaaalllllll the time....jjjjjuuusssstttt kkiidddiiinngg....there wasnt too much man love but I knew for sure three gay guys who lived there....its not exactly the most welcoming demographic.
Were there any kids growing up there? would visit on the weekends and stuff but there were no kids living there.
Mine is..... Nice...just recently discovered the band I love their shit. Although you could be a Dicken's lover haha.
Why did you feel the need to call out that you are white? Gotta be honest on this one. It was kind of a big deal with people around here knowing that I was a white guy working in a predominately black housing project. I could care less either way but it was just habit I suppose..
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Chances Terrace - Terrace - phone number, website, address & opening hours - BC - Pubs, Restaurants, Recreation Centres, Casinos. Join us in the chances terrace lounge and restaurant and enjoy one daily lunch specials or come in for a relaxing dinner. Casinos and gaming clubs: available online casinos, the nearest slot halls, casino resorts with hotels and restaurants near you. Terrace's city council has signed a letter of support encouraging the province to work quickly to develop a casino reopening plan. Terrace Mayor Carol Leclerc says city council toured Chance's casino to see the floor redesign, which she says accommodates social distancing. "They have taken out the bingo area and spread the machines over that part of the floor's footprint. They have an ... Chances Fort St. John Casino is all about fun and friends. It’s a place you can spend a few hours talking, eating and playing together. Escape the routine, join in some fun and experience the exhilaration of playing for a prize. Chances Terrace. Treasure Cove Casino. Kootenays Chances Castlegar. B.C. Gold Win up to $200,000 with any bet. B.C. Gold slot jackpot is a popular favourite across 21 BC Casinos. This traditional slot theme reflects B.C.’s mining heritage and is known for its classic reel symbols and the jovial Miner character. Play B.C. Gold for a chance to win up to $200,000 with any bet, or play for local ... This casino seems to adjust its winnings to certain days. Some days you can win a little but others you cannot win anything at all. I heard the food was ok in the casino so we tried it Yuk!!! It was the WORST food we had in terrace. We paid as much as any restaurant and a bit more and we didn’t get forks, napkins or ANY type of service at all whether it was friendly or not, nobody came by ... Get the best gaming experience with Casinos BC! Enjoy a variety of entertainment experiences with the highest standards of security with BC Casinos. Menu Close Find a location Casinos Games Dining Entertainment Hotels. About the games Jackpot slots New to gaming How to play What's happening. Get Encore Rewards My Rewards Statements Profile Sign Out. BCLC COVID-19 Updates. Learn more. Casinos ... Chances Casino Terrace is your local hot spot for good times and fun with friends. Watch a big game on screen, have dinner and drinks with your crew and try your hand at slots or bingo. For current updates for Chances Casino in Prince Rupert, please see our Facebook page. COVID19. Welcome to Chances Prince Rupert! An incomparable gaming, dining and entertainment experience awaits you at our community entertainment escape where you and your friends can share hours of fun and the thrill of winning. At Chances Prince Rupert you will find a multipurpose, 380 seat, licensed, state ... Book your hotel in Terrace and pay later with Expedia. Enjoy free cancellation on most hotels. Save big on a wide range of Terrace hotels! Terrace is known for its riverfront and mountain views. Find hotels and other accommodations near Hai Lake - Mount Herman Provincial Park and Kleanza Creek Provincial Park and book today. Other sights in the area include Skeena Valley Golf and Country Club.

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David Bowie - YouTube

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