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2020 Playing Card Holiday Gift Guide

My favourite decks from the past year

Playing cards make the ideal gift, particularly the many beautiful custom decks available nowadays. Almost everyone can use a deck of cards at some point, so they have an instant and universal appeal, especially if a deck has some customized artwork and is packaged in an appealing tuck box.
In this list I want to focus on some of my favourite decks that have come out in the past year 2020. This year has been a challenging year for many of us in light of the coronavirus that has swept across the world. But in the middle of all this darkness, there have also been some bright spots, which include the brand new crop of custom decks that have appeared in the marketplace.
The suggestions I'm making are very much a matter of personal choice, and other playing card enthusiasts might make other choices. I haven't seen each and every deck that hit the market in the past year, and there are undoubtedly plenty of other worthy decks that qualify for a list like this. I've also not included any decks that have haven't yet been produced, even if they have been crowdfunded. This list strictly covers decks that you should be able to obtain from online retailers and resellers. I've also not included so-called "hype decks" that sell out almost immediately at the publisher level (e.g. Fontaines), but only those that enter retail channels and are more widely and readily available.
I've also included links to where you find them at PlayingCardDecks so that you can see images of the tuck boxes and cards for each item, and because they're the retailer I personally buy playing cards from the most. But you should be able to find these decks at most online retailers.

Popular Series

Several series of playing cards have become brands of their own, and achieved nearly cult status from collectors. This past year has seen some great additions to the line-ups from popular series that include big names like Jerry's Nuggets, Cherry Casino, and NOC.
Jerry's Nugget Aqua Playing Cards - Jerry's Nuggets are a modern icon in the world of playing cards, due to the cult status of this deck, which was praised by cardists around the world. It was originally printed in the early 1970s, and was so much in demand in recent decades that copies fetched over $500 in the secondary market. A very successful reprinting of the original blue and red decks happened in 2019, and in the past year we've seen multiple reprints in different colours. Among my favourites in this series are the bright colours like orange, yellow, and green, which have all appeared in the past year. But there's also something for those who prefer a more muted look, such as steel and black. For more in this series, see Jerry's Nugget decks.
Cherry Casino Tropicana Teal Playing Cards - The Cherry Casino decks capture a retro vibe, and are a throwback to the old fruit machines from gambling halls, with their distinctive cherry artwork. For me the real appeal of this series lies in the gorgeous card backs, which have a metallic sheen making them feel instantly different from all other decks. The face cards are all quite standard, so that makes them ideal for card games or card magic. Multiple new colours continue to appear in this series, such as Flamingo Quartz Pink, and most recently McCarran Silver. For more in this series, see Cherry Casino decks .
NOC 3000X2 Purple Playing Cards - The acronym NOC originally stood for Nothing Only Colour, and in line with this the initial decks in this series were all very minimalist. Many people like to collect and use the NOC decks, and over time the series has evolved somewhat. The most recent releases show some new splashes of creativity, and with the NOC 3000X2 deck we travel into the future, past the year 3000. Vibrant purples and pinks inhabit the landscape of the cards, for a very modern and flashy look that is particularly well suited to cardistry. This particular deck is also available in a matching pink version. For more in this series, see NOC decks.

Popular Brands

There are several big brands that you can count on for quality, and this year was no exception, with big companies like Theory11, Ellusionist, and Art of Play all continuing to contribute wonderful playing cards to the market.
James Bond 007 Playing Cards - When it comes to glamorous tuck boxes, it doesn't get much better than the luxury of playing card producer Theory11. This wonderful deck is a tribute to agent 007, James Bond. I collect most of the Theory11 decks, and this one is particularly terrific, with a supreme tuck box, and Bond-inspired paraphernalia on the court cards and on the card back. Close observers will find many Bond gadgets and more. Theory11 have put out several stylish releases in the past year, another one being the Hollywood Roosevelt deck. For more, see Theory11 decks.
Shadow Masters Legacy v2 Playing Cards - One of the companies at the forefront of the custom playing cards movement was Ellusionist and their Black Tiger deck continues to be a modern icon. While they've since been overshadowed by the many custom decks produced in the crowd-funding era over the past decade, they continue to produce some memorable decks from time to time that are worth picking up. The Shadow Masters Legacy v2 is a black deck in the classic Ellusionist style, and represents the kind of thing that made them great to begin with. A jet black background is the chief feature of this deck, and the red and white used for the artwork and pips stands out beautifully against the inky black. This deck compares favourably with any other deck from the modern era. For more, see Ellusionist decks.
Yellow Wheel Playing Cards - The brand Art of Play is the home of influential cardists Dan and Dave Buck. Their Red & Blue Wheel decks are among my all-time favourite decks, with gorgeous metallic inks as part of a split-pip design. The Yellow Wheel deck is their latest entry in the Wheel series, that retains the original card backs but now in yellow. But the highlight is the card faces, with the split pips employing a stunning metallic silver that complements the cards beautifully. This is a completely custom deck that is certain to impress anyone who sees it. Art of Play produces many new decks each year, and their Henry & Sally deck is a fun novelty release also worth checking out. For more, see Art of Play decks.

Popular Designers

They are a very select group, but there are some notable designers in the playing card industry who have developed a real name for themselves, have generated a large following of loyal fans, and continue to produce high quality custom decks on a regular basis.
Italia Radiosa Playing Cards - Italian designer Giovanni Meroni is the man behind Thirdway Industries, and his playing cards are in high demand from collectors around the world. His signature style is immediately recognizable in each of his decks, and this one is no exception. Along with its companion Italia Segreta, it's themed around the wonders and secrets of Italy. The unique court cards are the real highlight, showcasing Giovanni's usual creativity and style. The number cards are also fully custom. These are the kinds of decks that will hold their value well in years to come. If you want even more vibrant colours, check out Modern Idols, from the same creator. For more, see Giovanni Meroni decks.
Postage Paid Playing Cards - Behind the brand Kings Wild Project is Jackson Robinson, who is one of the few professional designers that actually makes a living out of designing playing cards. This deck was inspired by the idea of playing cards functioning as postcards, each with its own stamp and post paid stamp. All 50 US states are represented on different cards, and everything about this deck is fully customized. This deck was produced in only limited numbers, so it will be out of stock in most places. But if you're quick, you can still grab Jackson Robinson's General Admission deck, which applies a similar concept to tickets, with each card representing a vintage ticket stub from the early 20th century. For more, see Jackson Robinson decks.
Kodiak Playing Cards - From popular designer Jody Eklund and his Black Ink Playing Cards Company, comes this delightful deck of playing cards that is geared to the poker player and collector. The cards have a very classic look, but offer a fresh take on the designs of the court cards and pips. Jody is highly respected for his approach to graphic design, and these cards will prove an excellent choice if you like playing card games, and want to bring something stylish and attractive to the table. For more, see Jody Eklund decks.

Magician Decks

Most magicians can perform their magic with any deck, but typically they prefer to do card magic with a deck where novelty and customization are minimal, so as not to distract from their magic. These decks are well suited to performing magic, and contain bonus gaff cards or other secrets that enable them to produce miracles not possible with ordinary decks.
Card College Playing Cards - These decks are a tribute to the most outstanding modern teacher of the fundamentals of card magic, Roberto Giobbi. Mr Giobbi is the author of Card College, a series of best-selling books which are the modern gold standard for learning card magic. Available in red and blue, these decks are simple and practical for the working magician, and as a bonus each contains two double backer gaff cards. If you want more luxury, check out the stunning Luxury 3 Deck Set, which has even more stylish cards, individually numbered tuck boxes with unique origami style features, packaged in an attractive acrylic box - the ideal collectible or gift for magicians.
Remedies Royal Blue Playing Cards - The Remedies decks come from popular creators Daniel Madison and Daniel Schneider, and this is a successor to the Remedies Scarlet Red deck. Many collectors love the Black Roses brand of playing cards, and collect whatever they produce. This blue Remedies deck has a classic and minimalist look with bold blue card backs, and is very functional and practical. The inclusion of a special Angle Zero gaff makes it ideal for magicians.
DMC Elites Red v5 Playing Cards - Of all the marked decks I own, the DMC Elites is easily my first choice whenever I want a marked deck with cards that can be easily read from a distance, due to the clever and yet almost invisible marking system it uses. This deck has previously been released in several different colours, and now incorporates Tamariz's Mnemonica stack. All you need is the deck, but there is a terrific Passport book available separately, which will give you some great ideas for routines you can pull off with this great marked deck. For more, see Marked decks.

Cardistry Decks

Card flourishing has really boomed in recent years, and especially shines when cardists use a deck that has colourful and striking patterns optimized for cardistry, that enhance the visual aesthetics of cards in motion, as these decks show.
Neon Orange Cardistry Playing Cards - This deck represents Bicycle's attempt to meet a demand for a relatively low-cost deck geared towards card flourishing. The card backs have a geometric design, and the faces are all identical and completely non-standard, showcasing the latest evolution in playing cards optimized entirely for cardistry. Bright colours ensure that the cards look visually appealing in fans, spreads, and flourishing moves. Alongside this vibrant orange deck is its blue companion, the Neon Blue Aurora deck.
Autumn Circle Cardistry Playing Cards - Tally Ho is a classic brand that USPCC has been producing for a long time. The circle back design of the typical Tally Ho deck has become iconic, and is especially appreciated by those who enjoy card flourishing. Each year the folks at Bicycle produce some in-house decks for special occasions, and the Autumn Circle Back deck is a lovely result. The colours capture the warmth and glow of autumn leaves and the mood of harvest time, while the pattern on the card backs is perfect for cardistry.
ArrowDynamix Cardistry Playing Cards - Given the high volume of cardistry decks appearing all the time, it can be difficult to come up with something completely original, but this minimalist deck has accomplished exactly that. Each card features a giant vertical arrow on the card backs, and a giant horizontal arrow on the faces. With carefully choreographed sequences and moves, you can create truly unique patterns and effects that you simply can't achieve with any other cardistry deck.

Animal-themed Decks

Do you love animals, or do you have an animal lover in your life? There are a lot of wonderful custom decks that are tributes to our four legged friends, or depict some of our favourite creatures.
Woof and Whiskers Dog Playing Cards - The real appeal of this deck is the cute tuck box, which has cardboard ears that fold up, to complete the look of the friendly dog on the front of the box. I would have liked to see some more customization with the number cards, but it's still a very charming deck, with delightful custom artwork on the court cards and aces. This is one of two Zoo 52 decks, so if you like the Dog deck, you'll also want to pick up the Playful Paws Cat deck, which is equally cute.
Aviary Playing Cards - There are a lot of independent creators that produce Bicycle branded playing cards with the help of industry giant USPCC, but this big name producer also releases its own in-house decks. This is my favourite of their four newest releases that hit the market at the end of 2020, and is a very classy looking deck with artwork inspired by a traditional look, but with adjustments to give it a custom feel, and the presence of several birds carefully positioned throughout the deck. Of the four new releases from Bicycle, the Sea King deck is also proving to be very popular.
King of Tigers Playing Cards - If you're looking for a deck with bling, this is it. The card backs have a borderless tiger skin pattern, which has been printed with some of the latest technology that makes use of foil for a truly eye-catching look. The tuck box is even more glamorous. While the court cards are clearly inspired by traditional courts, the Jokers bring back the tiger theme strongly, and the tiger skin look recurs throughout the deck.

Food-themed Decks

Recent years have seen some wonderful novelty decks themed around different kinds of food. These are always a great way to whet your appetite for a card game, or to show off to family or friends, and have proved a real hit with collectors.
Squeezers V3 Playing Cards - Good luck getting your hands on decks from this extremely popular series from Organic Playing Cards, because they sell out quickly. These fruit inspired decks have delightful tuck boxes, and this grapefruit themed deck even comes in a tuck box that looks like a juice box, and is actually scented like grapefruit. The cards themselves are quite practical, but add humorous grapefruit themed elements to the court cards, and new bold colours. OPC's 2020 releases also included the watermelon-themed Carvers deck, while their current release sees the brand go in a slightly new direction with the corn-themed Shuckers.
Noodlers Chicken Playing Cards - If you like the concept behind the Organic Playing Cards series, you'll probably also enjoy this deck, which has a similarly styled tuck box to the Squeezers decks, but represents a packet of ramen noodles. The orange colour on the card backs and pips has also been inspired by the noodles theme. The artwork on the court cards has a quaint and cute style, with each character depicted in a light hearted style quite different from standard courts, and all holding a bowl of noodles. For a final laugh, the Jokers provide us with the necessary packet of "chicken seasoning" to add to our noodles.
Citrus Playing Cards - Created by Flaminko, the Deliciousness series has been somewhat overshadowed by the more successful fruit inspired cards from Organic Playing Cards. But I love the Flaminko decks, because they apply customization to all elements of the cards, including the pips. This novelty deck is well suited for card flourishing, card games, and collectors, and cleverly captures all that is juicy and wonderful about citrus fruit.

Music-themed Decks

Music is another evergreen theme, and there's a solid range of lovely decks for the music lover, whether your taste is classical or more contemporary rock-and-roll.
Composers Mozart Playing Cards - This deck is part of a series that also includes other composers like Bach. These decks are true collector pieces, and make a wonderful tribute to some of the greatest composers of all time. The tuck boxes have a very classical look, and metallic ink enhances the gorgeous card backs. Meanwhile completely custom artwork on the faces emphasizes a vintage and classical feel. They are great for music lovers and collectors, but if classical music isn't your thing, then check out the Rock and Roll deck.
Piano Player Playing Cards - If the piano is your instrument of choice, this is a deck for you. The creative tuck box is available in two styles, one with two black keys and the other with three black keys, which means you can place two decks alongside each other to create a larger keyboard. Fully custom characters inhabit the court cards, with the keyboard motif returning in the details of the artwork. Small touches like this really make this creative deck a thing of unique beauty.
Soundboards v3 Midnight Playing Cards - Remember the old walk-man cassette players? In the 1980s these revolutionary electronic devices were among the first to make your personal music collection portable. The Soundboards deck replicates the look of a classic walk-man, and the Jokers complete the look by bringing the cassette tape look into the box. This Midnight edition has a dark look, so you might also want to consider the red deck if you prefer a more traditional colour.

Fiction & Film themed Decks

Most of us love a good story, whether it's in the pages of a novel or on our screens. Here are some great custom decks that are loving tributes to some of the best from the worlds of fiction and film.
Jane Austen Playing Cards - Fans of the classic novel will appreciate the loving treatment that Jane Austen's famous novels have received in this delightful tribute from the Art of Play label. Each suit represents a different novel, with the court cards featuring the lead characters in the story. The design of the characters is inspired by period costumes and reflects the fashions from the time in which the stories are set. The classy tuck case ensures that everything is nicely packaged and well presented.
Star Wars Playing Cards - Theory11 achieved a real coup by acquiring the rights to bring the Star Wars brand to playing cards. They were the perfect company to ensure that the result was a classy deck that did justice to the world of the films. This pair of Light Side and Dark Side decks begins with a top quality and highly attractive tuck case, as we've come to expect from Theory11. The court cards all feature different characters from the movies, and the design is the perfect blend of customization and playability, making this a practical deck you can bring out for your favourite card game, or to give to the Star Wars fan in your life. A similar pair of decks was produced later in the year in White and Black.
King Arthur Playing Cards - The result of a collaboration between Riffle Shuffle and Studio Muti, this pair of red and green decks tell the story of the famous Arthurian legend. For me it's a personal and nostalgic childhood favourite, in light of the adventure and imagination it evokes. But as impressive as these decks are, they pale besides the King Arthur Gold deck, which has gold metallic ink on the faces, and gold foil on the card backs, for a truly extravagant look. Inside and out, this is a stunning tribute to a timeless classic from the world of fiction.

Space-themed Decks

So I cheated. I already have a section devoted to cardistry, so I figured I'd sneak in a second category, by including some cardistry decks that all have a space theme. These decks all feature colourful visuals that work well for flourishing, but can also be enjoyed by collectors who appreciate their vibrant colours and exuberant designs.
Solokid Constellation Playing Cards - This set of twelve decks captures the twelve different star signs. It was produced by Bocopo, a company well known for producing colourful custom decks that appeal especially to cardists and collectors. These decks are typical Bocopo offerings, with evocative colours that are unique to each different deck, to help capture a different feeling for each and every constellation. If you like vibrant colour, you'll certainly find something to enjoy here.
Stargazer New Moon Playing Cards - Several different decks have now appeared in the Stargazer series, but the recent New Moon deck is probably my favourite. The circular moon that appears on all the card backs makes it an ideal deck for card flourishing moves like spins and twirls. The face cards have some truly vibrant colours, and capture well the feel of a night sky bursting with colour and life.
Sirius B v3 Playing Cards - I fell in love with the style of the original Sirius B deck, so this third edition was always going to win me over. The court cards consist of a blur of colours that look like paints mixed together, and this style has also been applied to the pips. The colours are the real appeal here, and the signature design of the card backs also looks very nice in card flourishes.

Transformation Decks

I personally adore transformation cards, and consider them to be one of the most fascinating and memorable types of playing cards there is. The idea is that you take the pips and incorporate them into a larger picture that forms a unique work of art, for each and every card in the deck.
Cotta's Almanac #1 Reproduction Playing Cards - This historic deck was first created in 1805 by J.C. Cotta, and was the very first of its kind. Themed on the "Joan of Arc" play by Schiller, the beauty and creativity of these cards will still win over collectors today. Lovingly produced in a high quality modern edition, this recreation is the first of the entire series of Cotta transformation decks that is being reproduced by PCD.
5th Kingdom Playing Cards - This deck is possibly my favourite original release from PCD in the past year. It is an outstanding example of the creativity and originality of a semi-transformation deck, where the pips have been cleverly incorporated into the artwork. Each suit represents a different culture, turning each individual card into a work of art that can be admired and enjoyed.
Pack of Dogs V2 Playing Cards - This transformation deck is the work of John Littleboy, who has produced a number of such decks in his inimitable style, including Pack of Dogs, Kitten Club, Mermaid Queen, and Bag of Bones. The number cards are my favourites, and in this deck each of these represents a larger art piece with a dog. Each suit has a progressive image, so they don't feel totally unique from each other. It's more like a series of consecutive snapshots, and you can use flip animation to tell the story. Littleboy's Kitten Club V2 deck applies a similar concept to cats.

In-House Decks

PlayingCardDecks doesn't just sell playing cards, but Will Roya also uses his wealth of experience to team up with designers and graphic artists to produce high quality custom decks under the PCD label. Here are some great custom decks that were published in-house over the course of 2020.
Astronaut Playing Cards - This novelty deck is a delightful creation that will please anyone who has an interest in space and space travel, in light of its unique theme. The Kings are all depicted as astronauts, while the Queens and Jacks represent space travellers. The card backs have a futuristic look with neon lights, and this look carries over to the number cards, which are highly customized with unique red and blue pips.
Beekeeper Playing Cards - There are plenty of bee themed playing cards already on the market, but the artwork style gives this one a truly unique feel. Two decks were produced, one with light card backs and the other with dark card backs. This is a great novelty deck for the collector, because there's especially some delightful creativity to be found with the bee-inspired pips, and the detailed custom artwork on the court cards.
Testament Classic Playing Cards - This is a Biblical themed deck created by artist Ben Green. It's intended as an art deck, with the images on the cards depicting Biblical characters from well-known narratives. Representing a dual love for playing cards and a love for Bible-inspired art, this deck will especially appeal to the collector.

Out-of-the-Ordinary Decks

I'm a sucker for highly unusual decks with a high degree of novelty, and even though these are not ones I'd typically use for playing card games, they have very unique features that make them stand out from your average custom deck.
Starry Night Puzzle Playing Cards - Fancy a deck that doubles as a jigsaw puzzle? This clever deck takes its inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting, The Starry Night. The artwork on the card faces is all taken from the painting, and all the cards can be pieced together to make a single giant picture, thus effectively functioning as a large puzzle. Yet each card has clear indices so it's still something you can use for card games too. Definitely unique and out of the ordinary, this set of playing cards is a perfect choice for fans of classic art and paintings.
Falcon Razors Deluxe Throwing Playing Cards - Rick Smith Jr has made multiple world records in throwing playing cards. His baseball background holds him in good stead, but anybody can learn to throw playing cards if you use the techniques Rick teaches. These throwing cards were a collaboration with legendary flourisher De'vo, and were featured in one of this year's viral videos from Dude Perfect, which featured Rick and his amazing card throwing. The cards are slightly thicker than standard Bicycle stock, to ensure extra durability and performance for card throwing.
AQUA Invisible Plastic Playing Cards - If you're looking for something completely different, this might hit the mark. This is a ground-breaking deck that is the closest thing to being invisible. All the cards are made out of completely transparent plastic, after which a high gloss transparent printing is applied to selected areas of the cards to produce the designs and pips. So each card is effectively completely transparent, and yet you can see its unique artwork and determine its value and suit. The handling is surprisingly better than you'd expect for a completely plastic deck, and it's certainly something unique.

Other Gift Ideas

Do you want to let your gift recipient make their own decision about what to get, or are you not quite sure what to buy? Here are a couple of special gift ideas that might help out, even if it is to give your family or friends a convenient way to enable you to select your own gift!
Firstly, there's a wide range of accessories available for playing cards, like card clips, card cases, and more. Alternatively, consider a gift card, which is available in amounts of $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200. There's also the popular Pip Box Club, which has been around for over two years. Subscribers get a selection of decks and goodies shipped to them each month, and offers great value with each box.
Boxing Day Sale: Right now you can take advantage of a special sale at PlayingCardDecks, and save $10 off any order over $30 by using the code box20. This coupon is valid from Boxing Day until the end of 2020.
Happy shopping, and happy holidays!
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Nevada/Las Vegas minimums (COVID Edition) part 5

It was getting really tedious to edit a post with over 100 casinos in it. So I'm breaking it up to Nevada casinos and non-Nevada casinos.
If you are reporting about a casino, could you please try to include the following:
The more information we have, the better off we will be.
We all know that tables can change rapidly. I saw a table go from 25 to 15 to 100 at the Flamingo in the course of a few hours. I'll try to keep the mins what is reported the most and add other information in the comments like "found this table at $5 on graveyard shift" so people konw that isn't the norm
These tables can be a pain to maintain, so please provide as much information as possible. An informed roller is a beter roller.
Vegas Strip Casnio WeekDay Min WeekNight Min WeekendMin WeeknightMin MaxOdds Field Pay Sidebet Dividers/Per Side Last Update Comments
Aria 25 25 25 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/27
Ballys 10 15 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/3
Bellagio 15 25 25 50 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes 9/3
Caesars 25 25-50 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/25
Cosmo 25-50 50-100 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/22
Cromwell 10 10 15 15 100X Unknown ATS Unknown 11/24
Encore 10 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes, on some tables 8/12
Excalibur 10 10 10 15 3x4x5x Unknown Unknown Unknown 11/24 crapless is usually $10. Bubble craps $5
Flamingo 10-15 15-25 Unknown 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 9/29 $100 table at times.
Harrah's 15 25 25 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/22
Linq 15 15 Unknown 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/22
Luxor 10 10 15 15 3x4x5x Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Updated 9/13
Mandalay Bay 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
MGM Grand 10 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes Unkown
Mirage 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes 9/29
NY/NY 15 15-25 15 15-25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes 10/27
Osheas Unknown 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Paris 15 15 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 11/9
Park MGM 10 15 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 11/6
Sahara 5 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/15
Strat 10 10 10 25 10X Unknown Unknown No 11/24
Treasure Island 15 15 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/4
Tropicana 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 11/24
Venetian 25 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/22
Wynn 10 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes, on some tables 10/1
Downtown WeekDay Min WeekNight Min WeekendMin WeeknightMin MaxOdds Field Pay Sidebet Dividers/Per Side Last Update Comments
Binions 5 10 5 10 5X Unknown None Unknown 11/14 Binions had $5 table several times (opens at 10)
California 10 10 10 10 2X Unknown None Unknown 10/27 Tables open at 11AM
Circa 15 25 15 25 3/4/5X Unknown Unknown Unknown 11/2 $10 tables in the mornings have been reported.
The D 15 15 15 15-25 10X Unknown ATS No glass Updated 9/4
Downtown Grand 10 10 10 Unknown 10X Unknown Unknown Unknown 11/14 Table opens at noon.
El Cortez 10 10 10 10 10X Unknown None Yes, some tables 9/4
Jerrys Nugget 3 3 3 3 Unknown Unknown ATS 3/None 10/27
Four Queens 5 10 5 10 5X Unknown Unknown No 11/14 $5 tables can be found on some days
Fremont 10 10 10 Unknown 2X None Unknown No 8/10
Golden Gate 10-15 15 15 Unknown 10X Unknown ATS No 8/28 (GG has been 15 some mornings dropping to 10 later in the day)
Golden Nugget 10-15 10 Unknown 3/4/5X Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/18 $15 with one table open on 8/18
Plaza 10 10 Unknown Unknown 10X Unknown None No 9/4
OffStrip Casnio WeekDay Min WeekNight Min WeekendMin WeeknightMin MaxOdds Field Pay Sidebet Dividers/Per Side Last Update Comments
Aliante 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Boulder Station 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cannery 5 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Firebet 4 per side 8/31
Ellis Island 5 5 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/17 Craps table opens up at 10am and its 5 dollars 90% of the time
Gold Coast 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/16
Green Valley Ranch 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
M Resort 10 10 10 10 3x4x5x Unknown Unknown No 3/side 11/24
The Orleans 10 15 10 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/16
Palace Station 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown ATS And Firebet Unknown 9/17
Red Rock 10 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/14
Sahara 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 11/24
Sams Town 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/15 1 table
South Point 5 5 5 10 2X Unknown None No 10/27
Strat 5 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Suncoast 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 10/6
Sunset Station 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Westgate 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/24
OtherNV Casnio WeekDay Min WeekNight Min WeekendMin WeeknightMin MaxOdds Field Pay Sidebet Dividers/Per Side Last Update Comments
Cactus Pete's (Jackpot) 5 5 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/29
Aquariums (Laughlin) 5 5 10 10 Unknown Unknown ATS No 9/29
Edgewater (Laughlin) 10 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 9/29
Gold Nugget (Laughlin) 5 5 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/29 Opened at noon
Harrahs (Laughlin) 10 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/29
Tropicana (Laughlin) 10 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 9/29 Opened at 6PM on weekeday
Atlantis (Reno) 5/10 5/10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown SharpShooter Unknown 9/29 3 tables on weekends
Cal Neva (Reno) 5 5 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown ATS Unknown 9/12
Eldorado (Reno) 5 10 10 25 Unknown Unknown Fire Unknown 9/12
Grand Sierra (Reno) 15 15-25 15 25 Unknown Unknown ATS Unknown 9/29
The Nuggett (Reno) 5 5 5 5 Unknown Unknown Fire Unknown 8/22
Peppermill (Reno) 5 5 10 10 Unknown Unknown none Unknown 3 craps tables
Sands (Reno) 5 5 5 5 Unknown Unknown none Unknown 8/22
Silver Legacy (Reno) 10 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Fire Unknown
Western Village (Reno) 1 1 1 1 Unknown Unknown None Unknown 8/22
Hard Rock (Tahoe) 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Harrahs (Tahoe) 10 10 25 25 ATS Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/14
Harveys (Tahoe) 10 10 15 15 ATS and Fire Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/14
Montbleu (Tahoe) 10 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Nugget (Wendover) 5 5 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 7/31
Peppermill (Wendover) 5 5 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 7/31
Rainbow (Wendover) 5 5 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 7/31
Part 1. It's getting buried so I figured we would make a new one.
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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Nevada/Las Vegas minimums (COVID Edition)

It was getting really tedious to edit a post with over 100 casinos in it. So I'm breaking it up to Nevada casinos and non-Nevada casinos.
On a side note, heading to Vegas on Thursday. I'll try to write a trip report and update the minimums as I can. I'm there 9 days and We will be hitting more than 10 casinos, so I expect to be busy.
Without further ado:
Last update: 9/29
Vegas Strip Casino Day Min Night Min Weekend Day Weekend Night Dividers Comments
Aria 10 15-25 Unknown Unknown No Updated 8/25
Ballys 10 15 10 Unknown 2 tables Updated 9/3
Bellagio 15 25 25 50 Yes, all tables Updated 9/3
Caesars 25 25-50 Unknown Unknown No Updated 8/25
Cosmo 25-50 50-100 Unknown Unknown Updated 8/22
Encore 10 10 10 10 Yes, on some tables Updated 8/12
Excalibur 10-15 15 10 15 Updated 8/24, crapless is usually $10. Bubble craps $5
Flamingo 10-15 15-25 Unknown 25 Updated 9/29 - $100 table at times.
Harrah's 15 25 25 25 No Updated 8/22
Linq 15 15 Unknown 25 No Updated 8/22
Luxor 10 10 15 15 Updated 9/13
Mandalay Bay 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown
MGM Grand 10 25 Unknown Unknown Yes
Mirage 15 25 Unknown Unknown Yes Updated 9/29
NY/NY 10 15-25 15 15-25 Yes Updated 8/31
Osheas Unknown 15 Unknown Unknown
Paris 15 15 Unknown Unknown No Updated 8/22
Sahara 5 10 10 10 Updated 8/15
Strat Day 10 Unknown 10 25 No
Treasure Island 15 15 15 15 No Updated 9/4
Tropicana 10 Unknown No Updated 9/22
Venetian 25 25 Unknown Unknown No Updated 8/22
Wynn 10 10 10 10 Yes, on some tables Updated 8/12
Downtown Casino Day Min Night Min Weekend Day Weekend Night Dividers Comments
Binions 5 10 5 10 Binions had $5 table several times (opens at 10, usually 5 until 6PM) Updated 9/4
California 10 10 Unknown Unknown Tables open at 11AM Updated 8/10
The D 15 15 15 15-25 No glass Updated 9/4
Downtown Grand 10 10 Unknown Unknown Table opens at noon. Updated 8/10.
El Cortez 10 10 10 10 Yes, some tables 2 tables Updated 9/4
Four Queens 10 10 10 10 No Updated 8/15
Fremont 10 10 10 Unknown Updated 8/10.
Golden Gate 10-15 15 15 Unknown Updated 8/29 (GG has been 15 some mornings dropping to 10 later in the day)
Golden Nugget 10-15 10 Unknown Unknown $15 with one table open on 8/18
Plaza 10 10 Unknown Unknown Updated 7/30
Sams Town 15 15 Unknown Unknown 1 table
Offstrip Casino Day Min Night Min Weekend Day Weekend Night Dividers Comments
Aliante 10 10 Unknown Unknown
Boulder Station 10 10 Unknown Unknown
Cannery 5 5 5 Unknown up to 2 tables - now allowing 4 per side Updated 8/31
Ellis Island 5 5 5 5 1 table - Updated 8/17 - I just called the pit at Ellis. Craps table opens up at 10am and its 5 dollars 90% of the time
Gold Coast 10 10 10 Unknown Updated 8/31
Green Valley Ranch 10 10 Unknown Unknown 2 tables open
The Orleans 10 25 Unknown Unknown up to 4 tables, I was asked to wear a mask
Palace Station 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown ATS And Firebet tables Updated 9/17
Palms N/A N/A Unknown Unknown No open date announced
Red Rock 10 15 15 Unknown Updated 8/14
South Point 5 5 5 10 No Updated 8/31
Strat 5 10 Unknown Unknown
Sunset Station 5 5 Unknown Unknown
Westgate 15 Unknown Updated 8/24
Other NV Casinos Day Min Night Min Weekend Day Weekend Night Dividers Comments
Cactus Pete's (Jackpot) 5 5 5 5 No single table Updated 9/29/20
Aquariums (Laughlin) 5 5 10 10 No ATS - Updated 9/29/20
Edgewater (Laughlin) 10 10 10 10 Updated 9/29/20
Gold Nugget (Laughlin) 5 5 10 10 No Opened at noon -Updated 9/29/20
Harrahs (Laughlin) 10 10 10 10 no Updated 9/29/20
Tropicana (Laughlin) 10 10 10 10 Opened at 6PM on weekeday - Updated 9/29/20
Atlantis (Reno) 5/10 5/10 Unknown Unknown 3 tables on weekends
Cal Neva (Reno) 5 5 10 Unknown Updated 9/12
Circus Circus (Reno) Closed Closed Unknown Unknown Closed table game pit
Eldorado (Reno) 5 10 10 25 Updated 9/12
Grand Sierra (Reno) 15 15-25 15 25 Unknown Updated 9/29/20
The Nuggett (Reno) 5 5 5 5 Update 8/22
Peppermill (Reno) 5 5 10 10 3 craps tables
Sands (Reno) 5 5 5 5 Update 8/22
Silver Legacy (Reno) 10 25 Unknown Unknown
Western Village (Reno) 1 1 1 1 Update 8/22
Hard Rock (Tahoe) 5 5 Unknown Unknown
Harrahs (Tahoe) 10 10 Unknown Unknown
Montbleu (Tahoe) 10 15 Unknown Unknown
Nugget (Wendover) 5 5 5 5 Updated 7/31
Peppermill (Wendover) 5 5 10 10 Updated 7/31
Rainbow (Wendover) 5 5 10 10 Updated 7/31
Part 1. It's getting buried so I figured we would make a new one.
Part 2
Part 3
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Laughlin trip report 9-1-20 / Covid experience

Hey y'all glad to see more casinos figuring out this covid mess, and some of you brave souls getting back to the tables! We had a few days and were in the area on road trip so decided to use a Tuesday comp room at Harrah's, Laughlin. Here's what I learned.
Aquarius - $5 ATS Gold Nugget -$5 Tropicana -$10
Aquarius seemed to have no problem keeping the table running all day.
Gold nugget opened the table at noon.
Harrah's, Tropicana, and Riverside were doing the 10$, and Trop opened the table at 6pm. Dealers in short supply, info from the pit manager. Heard this from multiple bosses across town.
If you are gonna stay in Laughlin, the Gold Nugget was desolate, perfect if you want to keep to yourself, but this was a weekday after all. Paul was a kind, hard working old-school dealer. Didn't get to tip him enough as my budget was already busted this trip. They have some decent video poker too, if you are into that. New members still get a free wheel spin for freeplay.
Aquarius felt pre-pandemic vibes. You could stand at any position if you were playing, and I got a good hour in ($60 buy in!!) and rolled my best there. I love longer tables. Hit 3 $1 hardways for the dealers, I was down to $10 and back to $60 three times, finally fizzled out. It is really hard to play with $60 but I made it happen. Almost hit the small but could not hit the snakes even if it was mating season! The table almost hit the ATS two more times but the dang snakes were hibernating. Insane.
Now, a word about pandemic procedures.
In an era of endless information, it seems that there is still no one agreed upon way to deal with covid-19 in public spaces. In general, I've found you just need to wash your hands and use sanitizers frequently, thick tight fitting cloth masks or a supply or surgical masks are a good thing, mandatory at one of my home casinos, Casino Del Sol. However, I got away with just my gaiter in Laughlin.
I've been going to casinos for a good two months in Southern Arizona now and the sanitizing seems to happen less on the slots and tables than before, so you have to just look out for yourself. I do enjoy a cigarette in a casino sometimes and it seems hard to get a drag in without some employee telling me to pull my mask up again. Apparently smoking and gambling gets security to boot you at some places, as one employee at Harrah's took it upon himself to watch me smoke and a third warning pulling my mask down to smoke would have called security. I put out my cig and called it a night.
Harrah's by far the most strict about everything Covid. With places to throw on the table marked by tape, 6 spots, and if you are with a significant other you can only stand directly behind, not touch any rails on the table. I Almost got booted for leaning over to see the throw.
At Aquarius it was everything like normal craps but spectators couldn't hang at the empty table, had to stay six feet back. Dealers didn't like the ambiguity but they still seem to be figuring things out there.
Sorry my rant went long but these are interesting times.
Aquarius - $5 ATS
Gold Nugget -$5 (table games opened at noon)
Tropicana -$10 (craps opened at 6pm weekday, seems to be a dealer shortage)
Covid-conditions: Aquarius: pre-pandemic standing at the table, masks (duh).
Gold Nugget: desolate, great dealers when they have them
Harrah's: half-capacity standing, no spectators in general, forget enjoying a smoke without getting threatened with the boot.
Use sanitizers and get out there everyone, but be safe (don't lick your dang hands and stay away from your face...) and keep rolling!!
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Incorrect Mass Effect Quotes.

\(Commander Shepard is standing on the middle turnbuckle of a wrestling ring to a roaring crowd with a microphone in the First Human Spectre's hand)**
\(Crowd cheers wildly)**
Samantha Traynor: [on commentary] And they love the Commander here!
Jeff "Joker" Moreau: [on commentary] You can bet on that! Ha ha!
Commander Shepard: Kai Leng, Oleg Pertrovsky, Saren Arterius, and Urdnot Wreav. Commander Shepard says you all four jabronis can go down to the Tropicana Hotel; it's right up the road. You find the absolute best slot machine you can find. You can't miss it; it's got a big N7 logo on it and it says "Commander Shepard's Slot Machine".
Jeff "Joker" Moreau: [on commentary] I saw that today!
Commander Shepard: And then one of you jabronis pulls the handle. And there it is; one N7, 2 N7s, 3 N7s! You jabronis hit the jackpot! And all of a sudden, you're jumping around like a bunch of idiots! Kai Leng, with his Ouroboros tattoo and his 33-pound head ...
Jeff "Joker" Moreau: [on commentary] \(laughs briefly, then stops himself and starts to act like someone else laughed)** Oh, what you laughing at?
Commander Shepard: ... Jumping around, screaming like a girl! \(does impression of Kai Leng girly screaming in excitement)**
\(The crowd laughs)**
Samantha Traynor: [on commentary] \(laughs)**
Commander Shepard: And then all of a sudden, Saren Arterius, running around doing cartwheels! Scaring everybody in the casino! \(does a mocking impression of Saren's sinister, monotone voice)** "I won! I won! Let's party!" ... And then the biggest goof of them all, Urdnot Shriek, sits there scaring all of Commander Shepard's fans! \(does a mocking, whinier impression of a krogan roaring)**
\(The crowd roars in a mixture of laughter and cheering)**
Jeff "Joker" Moraeu: [on commentary] "Urdnot Shriek"!?
Samantha Traynor: [on commentary] Well, he's always complaining about "revenge for the genophage". And he's gonna be in the ring with Commander Shepard tonight!
Commander Shepard: And then, the doors open and Commander Shepard arrives.
\(The crowd cheers loudly)**
Commander Shepard: And as Commander Shepard looks at you four jabronis, with tears rolling down your cheeks and piss rolling down your legs!
\(The crowd laughs harder)**
Samantha Traynor: [on commentary] WHAT!?
Jeff "Joker" Moreau: [on commentary] Ah, you heard Shepard!
Commander Shepard: Commander Shepard says Shepard's gonna gather up all the gold coins you guys won ... and IN FRONT OF THE MILLIONS ...
Crowd: [in unison] AND MILLIONS!!!
Commander Shepard: ... OF SHEPARD'S FANS! Shepard's gonna shine all the gold coins up ...
Jeff "Joker" Moreau: [on commentary] Ha Ha! Shine 'em and shine 'em!
Commander Shepard: ... shine all the gold coins up, turn that sumbitch sideways, AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!!!
\(The crowd blows the roof of the arena with a big cheer)**
Jeff "Joker" Moreau: [on commentary] What a night at the Tropicana will be!!!
\(Shepard pauses for dramatic effect, eyebrow raised, basking in the cheering of the crowd)**
Commander Shepard: ... IS COOKING!!!
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Mass Effect Incorrect Quotes I

\(Commander Shepard is standing on the middle turnbuckle of a wrestling ring to a roaring crowd with a microphone in the First Human Spectre's hand)**
\(Crowd cheers wildly)**
Samantha Traynor: [on commentary] And they love the Commander here!
Jeff "Joker" Moreau: [on commentary] You can bet on that! Ha ha!
Commander Shepard: Kai Leng, Oleg Pertrovsky, Saren Arterius, and Urdnot Wreav. Commander Shepard says you all four jabronis can go down to the Tropicana Hotel; it's right up the road. You find the absolute best slot machine you can find. You can't miss it; it's got a big N7 logo on it and it says "Commander Shepard's Slot Machine".
Jeff "Joker" Moreau: [on commentary] I saw that today!
Commander Shepard: And then one of you jabronis pulls the handle. And there it is; one N7, 2 N7s, 3 N7s! You jabronis hit the jackpot! And all of a sudden, you're jumping around like a bunch of idiots! Kai Leng, with his Ouroboros tattoo and his 33-pound head ...
Jeff "Joker" Moreau: [on commentary] \(laughs briefly, then stops himself and starts to act like someone else laughed)** Oh, what you laughing at?
Commander Shepard: ... Jumping around, screaming like a girl! \(does impression of Kai Leng girly screaming in excitement)**
\(The crowd laughs)**
Samantha Traynor: [on commentary] \(laughs)**
Commander Shepard: And then all of a sudden, Saren Arterius, running around doing cartwheels! Scaring everybody in the casino! \(does a mocking impression of Saren's sinister, monotone voice)** "I won! I won! Let's party!" ... And then the biggest goof of them all, Urdnot Shriek, sits there scaring all of Commander Shepard's fans! \(does a mocking, whinier impression of a krogan roaring)**
\(The crowd roars in a mixture of laughter and cheering)**
Jeff "Joker" Moraeu: [on commentary] "Urdnot Shriek"!?
Samantha Traynor: [on commentary] Well, he's always complaining about "revenge for the genophage". And he's gonna be in the ring with Commander Shepard tonight!
Commander Shepard: And then, the doors open and Commander Shepard arrives.
\(The crowd cheers loudly)**
Commander Shepard: And as Commander Shepard looks at you four jabronis, with tears rolling down your cheeks and piss rolling down your legs!
\(The crowd laughs harder)**
Samantha Traynor: [on commentary] WHAT!?
Jeff "Joker" Moreau: [on commentary] Ah, you heard Shepard!
Commander Shepard: Commander Shepard says Shepard's gonna gather up all the gold coins you guys won ... and IN FRONT OF THE MILLIONS ...
Crowd: [in unison] AND MILLIONS!!!
Commander Shepard: ... OF SHEPARD'S FANS! Shepard's gonna shine all the gold coins up ...
Jeff "Joker" Moreau: [on commentary] Ha Ha! Shine 'em and shine 'em!
Commander Shepard: ... shine all the gold coins up, turn that sumbitch sideways, AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!!!
\(The crowd blows the roof of the arena with a big cheer)**
Jeff "Joker" Moreau: [on commentary] What a night at the Tropicana will be!!!
\(Shepard pauses for dramatic effect, eyebrow raised, basking in the cheering of the crowd)**
Commander Shepard: ... IS COOKING!!!
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Looking for locals suggestions

First off, I'm not a Vegas local, but it's certainly a second home to me. I make my way out very regularly, and doing so again later this week. I have used other forums to search out the local gems, and many have become my regular haunts. Carlos at Crown & Anchor knows me by name, and I stop by every trip. Casa Di Amore is a must for me, as it Patisserie Manon. I discovered The Griffin and have always enjoyed the electric crowd and absence of machines. I found a fantastic cuban place down in Henderson as well. So, I come to you, Vegas Reddit group, and ask what are some other fantastic local places to add to my itinerary this trip? Anything awesome going on this weekend as well?
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List of Las Vegas Casinos that Never Opened

List of Las Vegas casinos that never opened
Over the years there have been several casinos and resorts planned for the Las Vegas Valley that never opened. The stages of planning may have been just an announcement or groundbreaking.[1][2][3]
Asia Resort and Casino
Where the Palazzo Casino and Resort currently stands (adjacent to the Venetian Hotel and Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center), an Asian themed casino was proposed but was rejected for the present Palazzo project.[4]
Alon Las Vegas
A proposed luxury hotel and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip on the former site of the New Frontier Hotel and Casino, announced in 2015.[5] The project was put in doubt after Crown Resorts announced in late 2016 it was suspending its involvement in the development.[6] Crown announced in December 2016 that it was halting the project and seeking to sell its investment. The remaining partner Andrew Pascal announced he was seeking other partners to proceed with the project. However in May 2017, the land went up for sale.[7] The land was later purchased by Steve Wynn.
Beau Rivage
Steve Wynn, who had purchased and demolished the Dunes hotel-casino, had originally planned to build a modern hotel in the middle of a man-made lake. He later built the Bellagio with a man-made lake in the front of the hotel.[citation needed] The name was later used by Wynn for a resort built in Biloxi, Mississippi.
Caribbean Casino
In 1988, a sign for a proposed casino was erected on a fenced vacant lot on Flamingo Road. Standing near the sign was a scale model galleon. For several years, that was all that stood on the property. The empty lot was the source of many jokes by the locals until the ship, which was later damaged by a fire started by a homeless person, was torn down in the 1990s and the lot became the site of the Tuscany Suites and Casino co-owned by Charles Heers, who has owned the property since the 1960s.[8]
In 1990, the Radisson group proposed a 3,376-room hotel next to the Dunes, with a casino shaped like a Hershey's Kiss.[9]
A proposed resort that was to have been built on the site of El Rancho Vegas. The parcel is now partially taken by the Hilton Grand Vacations Club and Las Vegas Festival Grounds.[4]
City by the Bay Resort and Casino
A San Francisco-themed resort was proposed for the site of the New Frontier Hotel and Casino. The project was rejected in favor of the Swiss-themed Montreux, which was also eventually cancelled.[4]
Countryland USA
A country music-themed resort was planned for construction of the site of the former El Rancho Hotel and Casino. For some years, the El Rancho sign stood with the words "Coming Soon - Future Home of Countryland USA."[10][11]
Craig Ranch Station
Main article: Craig Ranch Station A Mediterranean-themed hotel-casino for North Las Vegas, proposed by Station Casinos in March 2000.[12] The project faced opposition from nearby residents,[13][14][15] which led to the proposed location being changed to a vacant property on the nearby Craig Ranch Golf Course.[16] Residential opposition to the new location led to the project being rejected by the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee in March 2001. Station Casinos still had the option to develop the project on the initial site,[17][18] but the project was cancelled entirely in July 2001, following a weak financial quarter for the company.[19]
Crown Las Vegas
Main article: Crown Las Vegas Formerly known as Las Vegas Tower, the Crown Las Vegas was to have been a supertall skyscraper built on the former site of a Wet 'n Wild water park. In March 2008, the project was canceled and the property was put up for sale.[20]
Desert Kingdom
In 1993, ITT Sheraton purchased the Desert Inn casino, and had announced plans to develop the large parking lot into a Balinese themed resort to complement the Desert Inn. The project was never developed and the site is now the location of Wynn Las Vegas.[4]
DeVille Casino
After building the Landmark Hotel and Casino on Convention Center Drive and selling it to Howard Hughes, developer Frank Carroll built the DeVille Casino across the street from the Landmark at 900 Convention Center Drive in 1969. Chips were made for the casino (and are sought-after collectibles), but the casino never opened.[21] The building was renovated in 1992 as a race book parlor named Sport of Kings which closed after nine months.[22] It became the location of The Beach nightclub, which was demolished in 2007 to make room for a planned 600-unit tower[23] that was never built.[24] The land sits currently empty.
Echelon Place
Main article: Echelon Place An announced project by Boyd Gaming planned to have a hotel built on the property of the former Stardust Resort & Casino. Construction was suspended on August 1, 2008 due to the Great Recession. In March 2013, Boyd Gaming sold the proposed site for $350 million to the Genting Group, which is redeveloping the project as the Asian-themed Resorts World Las Vegas.
Fontainebleau Las Vegas
Main article: The Drew Las Vegas Located on the Las Vegas Strip and originally known as Fontainebleau Las Vegas. Construction began in 2007, and the resort was to include a casino, 2,871 hotel rooms, and 1,018 condominium units.[25] Construction on the $2.9 billion project ceased in 2009, the year of its planned opening. Investment firms Witkoff Group and New Valley LLC purchased the unfinished resort in 2017.[26] In 2018, Witkoff and Marriott International announced a partnership to open the renamed project as The Drew Las Vegas in 2020. The resort will include a casino and three hotels totaling nearly 4,000 rooms, with the condominium aspect removed from the project.[27]
Harley-Davidson Hotel and Casino
A resort themed after the motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson was proposed, complete with hotel towers shaped like gigantic exhaust pipes, but was never built.[4]
Jockey Club Casino
The Jockey Club is a condominium and timeshare resort at 3700 Las Vegas Boulevard South. It was planned to have a casino, and chips were made for its use, but the casino was never opened.[28]
Kactus Kate's
By April 1994, Gold Coast Hotel and Casino owner Michael Gaughan was interested in building a hotel-casino in North Las Vegas,[29] at the northeast corner of North Rancho Drive and Carey Avenue. In January 1995, the city planning commission approved the rezoning of the land for use as a hotel-casino. The resort, to be named Kactus Kate's, would be built by Gold Coast Hotel/Casino Limited. The hotel would include 450 rooms, and the casino would be 105,000 sq ft (9,800 m2),[30] later decreased to 102,000 sq ft (9,500 m2).[31] The resort would be located directly north of the nearby Fiesta and Texas Station resorts.[31]
In December 1998, Coast Resorts, Inc. received approval from the planning commission for a use-permit relating to the undeveloped property. In November 2000, the planning commission unanimously approved a two-year extension on the permit, giving the company more time to decide whether it would build Kactus Kate's. Because of a 1999 Senate bill that placed restrictions on casinos in neighborhoods, Coast Resorts had a deadline of 2002 to build the casino. The hotel would measure over 100 feet (30 m) high, and Coast Resorts was required to notify the Federal Aviation Administration of its final plans, due to the site being located less than 1,000 feet (300 m) from a runway at the North Las Vegas Airport.[32] In January 2001, Station Casinos purchased the 29-acre (12 ha) site for $9 million. Coast Resorts president Harlan Braaten said, "As we saw the competitive nature of that area intensify, in terms of the size of competing facilities, we just felt we would have to build something much bigger than we had intended to compete with Texas Station and Santa Fe Station. It was just going to be a very expensive project, and we didn't feel the returns would be that good." Station Casinos planned to sell the property as a non-gaming site.[31]
Las Vegas Plaza
Main article: Las Vegas Plaza Not to be confused with the Plaza Hotel & Casino.
This was to have been modeled after the Plaza Hotel in New York City. The project was announced shortly before the demolition of the New Frontier Hotel and Casino, where the new hotel would be built. Las Vegas Plaza was cancelled in 2011 due to the Great Recession.
London Resort and Casino
This announced project was to have been themed around the city of London, and featuring replicas of the city's landmarks. The project was to be built on land across from the Luxor Hotel and Casino. A second London-themed resort was to be built on the former land of the El Rancho Hotel and Casino. Neither project ever began construction.[4]
London, Las Vegas
This was a proposed three-phase project using London as its design inspiration. When completed, the 38.5-acre (15.5 ha) property would have featured 1,300 hotel rooms, a casino, a 500-foot-tall (152.4 m) observation wheel named Skyvue (partially constructed), and 550,000 square feet (51,097 square meters) of restaurants and shops — all of which would be architectural replicas of various British landmarks and neighborhoods.[33] The project was to be constructed on land across from the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, where — as of November 2019 — the partially-constructed Skyvue still stands. The wheel was to be "Phase I of London, Las Vegas".
Montreux Resort
This Swiss-themed resort was to have been built on the property of the former New Frontier Hotel and Casino, but was ultimately cancelled.[34]
Moon Resort and Casino
Proposed by Canadian developer Michael Henderson, this is a planned 10,000-room, 250-acre (1.0 km2) lunar-themed casino resort.[35] Gaming experts doubt it will ever be built in Las Vegas, simply because the space planned for it is too large for the Las Vegas Strip.[4]
NevStar 2000
Further information: Craig Ranch Station § NevStar 2000 Proposed by NevStar Gaming in 1998, the NevStar 2000 entertainment complex in North Las Vegas would have included a hotel and casino,[36] but the project faced opposition from nearby residents who did not want a casino in the area.[37][38] The project was cancelled when NevStar Gaming filed for bankruptcy in December 1999.[12]
North Coast/Boyd Gaming project
In May 2003, Coast Casinos had plans for the North Coast hotel-casino, to be built at the southwest corner of Centennial Parkway and Lamb Boulevard in North Las Vegas. The project would be built on approximately 40 acres (16 ha) of vacant land, surrounded by other land that was also undeveloped. At the time, the North Las Vegas Planning Commission was scheduled to review requests for zoning changes and approvals for the project. The project was not scheduled to be built for at least another four years, after completion of a highway interchange at Lamb Boulevard and the nearby Interstate 15, as well as the completion of an overpass over nearby railroad tracks. Bill Curran, an attorney for the land owner, said, "We're going through the zoning changes now so everybody knows what's going to be out there." The North Coast would include a casino, a 10-story hotel with 398 rooms, a bowling alley, movie theaters, and a parking garage.[39] In June 2003, the Planning Commission voted 6 to 1 to approve preliminary applications necessary to begin work on the North Coast.[40][41]
Boyd Gaming, the owner of Coast Casinos, announced in February 2006 that it would purchase the 40-acre site for $35 million.[42] Jackie Gaughan and Kenny Epstein were the owners at the time.[43] Boyd Gaming had not decided on whether the new project would be a Coast property or if it would be similar to the company's Sam's Town hotel-casino. At the time, no timetable was set for building the project.[42] In March 2007, the project was put on hold. At the time, Boyd Gaming had been securing construction permits for the project but decided to first review growth in the area. Construction had been scheduled to begin in mid-2007.[44] In August 2013, Boyd Gaming sold the undeveloped property for $5.15 million.[43]
Palace of the Sea Resort and Casino
This was to have been built on the former Wet 'n Wild waterpark site. Conceptual drawings included yacht-shaped towers that housed suites, a casino resembling the Sydney Opera House and a 600-foot (180 m) tall Ferris wheel-type attraction dubbed a "Sky Wheel". It never left the planning stages.[4]
Paramount Las Vegas
A casino and hotel and condo resort with more than 1,800 units that was planned by Royal Palms Las Vegas, a subsidiary of Royal Palms Communities.[45][46] The project was to replace the Klondike Hotel and Casino at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip,[47][45] beside the Las Vegas welcome sign.[48] The resort was approved in October 2006,[45] but an investor pulled out of the project in August 2007, and the land was put up for sale in May 2008.[46]
Pharoah's Kingdom
Pharoah's Kingdom was planned as a $1.2 billion gaming, hotel and theme park complex to be built on 710 acres (290 ha) at Pebble Road and Las Vegas Boulevard, five miles south of the Las Vegas Strip.[49][1] Construction was approved in October 1988,[49] with Silano Development Group as the developer.[50]
The project would have an Egyptian theme, including two 12-story pyramids made of crystal, with each containing 300 suites. The hotel would have a total of 5,000 rooms,[50] making it the largest in the world.[51] The 230,000 sq ft (21,000 m2) casino would include 100 table games and 3,000 slot machines, while an RV park, mini-golf, a bowling alley, and a video game arcade would be located beside the casino area.[52] Three of the project's various pyramid structures would house the 50-acre (20 ha) family theme park. Other features would include sphinxes, man-made beaches, waterways resembling the Nile river, an underwater restaurant, a 24-hour child-care facility, a 100-tenant shopping promenade, and a repertory-style theater that would be overseen by actor Jack Klugman.[52] Additionally, the resort would feature an 18-hole PGA Championship golf course,[52] and a monorail located within the theme park.[50] The project would have one mile of frontage along Las Vegas Boulevard.[52]
Frank Gambella, president of the project, stated that financing was in place, with groundbreaking planned for March or April 1989. Gambella said the project would be financed by several entities, with the money coming from a Nevada corporation, suggesting the entities would be grouped together as an umbrella corporation. Gambella stated that the project could be opened by Labor Day 1990. The resort was expected to employ 8,000 people. Following the completion of the resort, Gambella said a complex of 750 condominiums would be built on the land along with 900 retirement-care apartments.[52]
The project was cancelled shortly after it was announced, as authorities became suspicious of developer Anthony Silano's fundraising efforts for the project. It was discovered that Silano and his associates hacked into the Switzerland bank accounts of Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos following his death in 1989. Silano pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges. Another Egyptian-themed resort, Luxor Las Vegas, would open on the south Las Vegas Strip in 1993.[1]
Planet Hollywood Resort (original plans)
Not to be confused with the current Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.
Originally planned to open in the late 1990s on the site of the Desert Inn, it was to be one of the largest hotels in Las Vegas. Because of the bankruptcy of Planet Hollywood Restaurants, the hotel was never built. However, in the 2000s, a group of investors bought the new Aladdin Hotel and Casino and remodeled it with a modern Hollywood theme.[4]
Playboy Hotel and Casino
A proposed casino resort themed after Playboy magazine was rejected in favor of a nightclub and suites built at the top two floors of the new Palms tower.[4] The planned location for the Playboy Hotel and Casino, on the Las Vegas Strip, was later used for the Cosmopolitan resort.[53]
Santa Fe Valley
Main article: Santa Fe Valley Santa Fe Gaming, which owned the Santa Fe hotel-casino in northwest Las Vegas, had plans for a second Santa Fe property in 1996.[54] The Santa Fe Valley would be built on a 40-acre (16 ha) lot[55] in Henderson, Nevada, adjacent to the Galleria at Sunset mall. The start of construction was delayed several times because of poor financial quarters for Santa Fe Gaming,[54] and because of the company not yet receiving financing for the project.[56] Site preparation started in July 1998, with an opening date scheduled for December 1999,[57] but construction never began. In 1999, the property was sold to Station Casinos,[58][59] which sold the land a year later for use as a shopping center.[60]
Shenandoah Hotel and Casino
A project by Wayne Newton. Although the hotel operated for a short time at 120 E. Flamingo Road, the management was unable to get a gaming license. After years of floundering it was sold to a Canadian company and became Bourbon Street Hotel and Casino.
Silver City proposals
By January 2000, Luke Brugnara was planning to build a San Francisco-themed resort on the site of the closed Silver City Casino.[61] Brugnara intended to give Silver City a multimillion-dollar renovation, with plans to have a fully operational hotel-casino by 2002.[62] In March 2001, Brugnara's request for a gaming license was rejected.[63] In May 2002, it was announced that Brugnara had sold the casino while retaining six acres located behind the building.[64] In 2003, Brugnara was planning to build a 24-story, 304-room hotel and casino resort on a portion of the Silver City property. The resort, to be named "Tycoon", was to be designed by Lee Linton, with an expected cost of approximately $100 million.[65]
Starship Orion
International Thoroughbred Breeders (ITB) announced plans to demolish the El Rancho and construct Starship Orion, a $1 billion hotel, casino, entertainment and retail complex with an outer space theme, covering 5.4 million square feet (501,676 square meters). The resort was to include seven separately owned casinos, each approximately 30,000 square feet (2,787 square meters).[66][67] Each potential casino owner was to contribute up to $100 million to own and operate a casino within the complex.[68] The complex would have included 300,000 square feet (27,871 square meters) of retail space, as well as 2,400 hotel rooms and a 65-story hotel tower. ITB hoped to begin construction later in 1996, with a planned opening date of April 1998.[67]
This was to have been located at 4575 Boulder Highway. Property developer Michael Mona Jr. built the hotel-casino and stated that he was going to break tradition by starting a "casino without a theme". He failed to get an unrestricted gaming license when suspicions arose concerning his associations with alleged organized crime figures. Chips were made for the casino, but were never used.[69] The building was opened as Arizona Charlie's Boulder.
In 1999, Bob Stupak was planning a 400-foot-high (122 m) resort themed after the RMS Titanic, to be built on a 10-acre (4 hectares) property he owned near downtown Las Vegas. The resort would have included 1,200 rooms, 800 of which were to be used for timeshares to help finance the project. That year, planning commissioners rejected Stupak's request to change the zoning to allow for a hotel.[70] The project was later planned for the former site of the El Rancho Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip, but was rejected by the Las Vegas City Council.[4]
W Las Vegas
Main article: W Las Vegas W Las Vegas was proposed in August 2005, as a $1.7 billion joint project between Starwood and Edge Resorts, with a scheduled opening in 2008. The project would include a 75,000 sq ft (7,000 m2) casino and approximately 3,000 hotel, condo hotel, and residential units.[71][72] The project was cancelled in May 2007, after Starwood pulled out of the deal.[73]
Wally's Wagon Wheel
Wally's Wagon Wheel was to be developed by Walter Weiss through his company, Magna Leisure Partnership.[74][75] The project was proposed for 2200 South Boulder Highway in Henderson,[76][77] between Wagon Wheel Drive and Roberts Road,[78] near Henderson's Old Vegas western theme park. Manga Leisure Partnership purchased the 15.5-acre property in late February 1988. Weiss, at that time, had tentative plans for a western-themed, 112-room property known then as the Wagon Wheel Hotel and Casino. The Wagon Wheel was expected to cost $15 million, and financing had yet to be obtained for the project, which Weiss expected to open in early 1990.[74] The project, which would include a 55,000 sq ft (5,100 m2) casino, was to be built in two phases.[79]
By October 1991, Wally's Wagon Wheel remained unbuilt due to difficulty obtaining financing.[80][76] That month, the Henderson Planning Commission voted to give Weiss more time to make progress on the project. At that time, the project was to include 204 hotel rooms and would be built on 13.30 acres (5.38 ha). Weiss noted that the nearby successful Sam's Town hotel-casino opened with 204 rooms, and he believed his project would be successful if he opened with the same amount of rooms for good luck.[76] By the end of 1992, Weiss had still not acquired financing for Wally's Wagon Wheel. At the time, the project was the largest of five casinos being planned for Henderson. The three-story project was to include 200 rooms, two restaurants, a theater lounge for country and western entertainment, and a large bingo room. Weiss stated that groundbreaking was scheduled for May 1993, with an expected opening in June 1994. The hotel-casino would employ approximately 600 people upon opening.[81]
Weiss met with nearby residents to discuss the project, and he had the original design changed to include a larger buffer zone between homes and the hotel-casino. In November 1994, the Henderson Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of Weiss' requested zone change as part of the redesign. The project, at that time, was to include a one-story casino and a four-story hotel with 400 rooms.[82][83] In December 1994, the Henderson City Council rejected Weiss' plans for a 200-foot (61 m) buffer.[84]
In July 1997, the unbuilt project received its sixth extension from the Henderson Planning Commission for a use permit and architectural review.[85] In August 1997, the Henderson City Council approved the sixth extension, but denied Weiss' appeal for a one-year extension, instead giving him six months to make progress on the project.[77] Up to that time, $1.7 million had been invested in the project by Magna Leisure Partnership.[86] As of 1998, the project was expected to cost $80 million and employ at least 1,200 people, and the proposed site had increased to 19 acres (7 ha). At that time, Weiss stated that he was close to obtaining financing for the project from a casino operator.[87] The project was never built.
Wild Wild West
Not to be confused with Wild Wild West Gambling Hall & Hotel. As of 1993, Station Casinos owned a 27-acre (11 ha) site on Boulder Highway with the potential to be developed as a casino. The site was located across the street from Sam's Town hotel-casino.[88] In January 1998, Crescent Real Estate Equities Co. announced plans to purchase Station Casinos, which had intended to sell the land prior to the announcement.[89] By March 1998, Station Casinos was planning to develop a hotel-casino complex on the land, which was occupied by a vacant strip mall. The complex would be known as Wild Wild West, with local residents as the target clientele.[90][89]
Crescent's purchase of Station Casinos failed in August 1998, and Station Casinos subsequently slowed its plans to build the project.[91] By the end of the year, the project had received approval from the Clark County Planning Commission for a 273,000 sq ft (25,400 m2) casino and a 504-room hotel.[92] No timetable for construction was announced,[92][93] and Station Casinos had already decided by that point not to start any new projects prior to 2000.[92] Station Casinos sold the undeveloped land for $11.2 million to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in April 2004.[94]
World Port
In 2000, Howard Bulloch, David Gaffin, and their partner Tom Gonzales transferred ownership of the Glass Pool Inn property to their group, known as New World, with plans for a megaresort.[95] New World purchased several other nearby motels to accumulate a 77-acre (31 ha) parcel located on the Las Vegas Strip and east of the Mandalay Bay.[96] In January 2001, plans were announced for World Port Resorts, a megaresort consisting of hotel-casinos, a convention center and a fine arts facility. The project was to be built on the 77-acre (31 ha property, a portion of which was occupied by the Glass Pool Inn.[96]
World Trade Center
To have been located at 925 East Desert Inn Road. Leonard Shoen, co-founder of U-Haul truck rental, purchased the property of what had been the Chaparral Hotel & Casino in 1996, renovating it into the World Trade Center Hotel. A gaming license was applied for, but when it was discovered that two of Shoen's closest partners were convicted felons, the application was denied in 1998. He withdrew his application, and died in a car crash in 1999 that was ruled a suicide. Cards and gaming chips were produced for the World Trade Center Casino, but were never used.[97] The property has since been demolished and is now a parking lot, part of the Las Vegas Convention Center Annex.
World Wrestling Federation
A casino resort themed after the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) was proposed for a property near the Interstate 15 freeway across from Mandalay Bay. The project never went past the proposal stage.[4] The land where it would have stood is now Allegiant Stadium.
WWF also proposed to open the project on the property once used by the Clarion Hotel and Casino, which was demolished in 2015 to become a parking lot.
In February 1976, the Clark County Commission approved the 23-story Xanadu resort, to be built on the Las Vegas Strip at the corner of South Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue. The resort would include approximately 1,700 hotel rooms and a casino, as well as convention facilities, a showroom, dining, and indoor tennis courts. The resort was to be developed by Tandy McGinnis – of Bowling Green, Kentucky – and his Xanadu Corporation, and would be built on 48.6 acres (19.7 ha) owned by Howard Downes, a resident of Coral Gables, Florida.[98][99][100] The Xanadu would feature a pyramid design, and was expected to cost $150 million.[100] It would have been the first themed mega-resort. Much information and many artifacts of the project are housed at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas library. The Excalibur Hotel and Casino ultimately opened on the property in 1990.[101]
See also
Category:Defunct casinos in the Las Vegas Valley List of Atlantic City casinos that never opened
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Q Magazine feature

Come join JENNY LEWIS in Las Vegas and LA to hear tales of childhood fame, dysfunctional parents and a 20-year singersongwriter career full of audio riches and heartbreaking wrenches. “You wanna blaze a doob outside, then I’ll shower?” she asks EVE BARLOW.
With arms outstretched: Jenny Lewis jumps for joy, Los Angeles, 8 May, 2019.
Photography Rachael wright Watch this!” says Jenny Lewis, sipping on a Modelo. “Take a visual of this for a second.” It’s midnight in Mandalay Bay’s casino, Las Vegas, and Lewis is exiting the House Of Blues where she’s just played the debut show of her tour for fourth solo album, On The Line. In the bar next door a band plays; a group of long-haired men whose bodies look beaten by decades of strife, yet their faces exude a purposeful passion. “Big wheels keep on turning…” chews the lead vocalist. “Carry me home to see my kin.”
They holler the chorus of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama and Lewis marvels. “Oh my God. This! These are my people!” Lewis isn’t coming home to Vegas, though she was born here, sharing a birthday with Bowie and Elvis. Los Angeles has been her home throughout a 20-year singer-songwriter career, her second. Her first career was as a child actor. She met her agent aged two-and-a-half, bought a house at five and quit by 20. Highlights include starring in 1989’s The Wizard opposite Fred Savage and playing Lucille Ball’s granddaughter in Life With Lucy.
Tonight, she’s an extra in a different scene. “These are lounge musicians”, she says of Vegas’s Lynyrd Skynyrd. “A covers band. This is like my whole family: my parents, my sister, my brother.”
Unlike the tale of Sweet Home Alabama, Lewis doesn’t have much kin left. “Just my sister. And a shit ton of half-siblings.” Sister Leslie isn’t here, but will be at tomorrow’s LA show. Her dad died in 2010.
Eddie Gordon was a virtuoso harmonica player and absent. “He played Brahms on the harmonica – a prodigy”, she says. Her mother Linda sang in a ‘70s duo with Gordon, called Love’s Lounge. Eddie and Linda played at the Tropicana and the Sands, which has since been bulldozed. “Beautiful footage”, she says – of the bulldozing, not her parents.
Lewis grew up watching things fall apart.
It made her a great raconteur. Brother Steve lives in Minnesota. His 30-year-old covers band is called The Rockin’ Hollywoods. One night The Rockin’ Hollywoods played local bar Mancini’s. “In the middle of the set the drums stopped”, she says. The band looked back to find their drummer slumped over the kit. He’d died. It’s part of Minnesotan lore: Prince, The Replacements and this. What song did he die playing? “Footloose”, she laughs. “He died on his throne. His drum throne. God, I hope I don’t die on the fucking throne”, she says, meaning the toilet.
“What a terrible place to die.”
Her parents divorced and Lewis moved to LA’s San Fernando Valley where she still lives. Her first memory is in Vegas – of her babysitter Lisa holding her by the pool.
“Lisa was a female Elvis impersonator – called Ellis.” She chortles. “I’m not making this up. That’s the fucked-up part, I don’t make shit up.” Throughout her four albums with indie band Rilo Kiley, four solo albums, plus numerous side-projects, Lewis has never made shit up. She seems destined to outclass her family’s talents. “None of my peeps were writers”, she says. “They were song interpreters.”
That fate changed when one of Linda’s boyfriends taught seven-year-old Lewis piano. “The moment he taught me Phantom Of The Opera I took the chords and wrote about my dad.” For her 15th birthday she wanted an acoustic guitar but Linda bought her a red Stratocaster. “I was so bummed.” She studied her Beatles songbook, and another one of Linda’s boyfriends taught her Desperado by the Eagles. “I wrote five songs over Desperado’s chords. One was about my friend Camille. A dark tale.
I played her it. She goes, ‘Ugh, I hate this song.’ I was like, ‘Sorry!’”
Turns out, Lewis’s catalogue contains many such harsh facts, but for years fans assumed some of it was fantasy. When she sings, “Where my ma is now, I don’t know/ She was living in her car, I was living on the road/And I hear she’s putting that stuff up her nose” on Rabbit Fur Coat (2006), she’s singing about their estrangement. Linda used to spend Lewis’s earnings on heroin.
“When you’re a child of an addict there’s a dynamic”, she says of her premature adulthood. “But I rebelled at 15, smoked cigarettes, ran away, did acid at the mall.” From the age of 12 she was in Alateen meetings – AA for teenage relatives of addicts. “My mom was in and out of jail and rehab. I was dropped off at an Alateen dance thinking, ‘Maybe I’ll meet a cute guy!’
Riding high: (clockwise from right) Lewis goes for a spin in her back garden, LA, 2019; acting alongside Fred Savage in 1989’s The Wizard; with Rilo Kiley, 2004. “When you’re a child of an addict there’s a dynamic. But I rebelled at 15, smoked cigarettes, ran away, did acid at the mall.”
I didn’t.” She beat a kid up at school when word got out that Linda was using. “You defend your family’s honour”, she says. “So I fucking clocked them.”
Linda died from liver cancer in October 2017: Friday 13th. Lewis was by her side for eight weeks after two decades of silent treatment. Since then, she’s been sharing more than ever about her parents. Why? “Well they’re dead, so…” she says, cuttingly. “Sorry. I mean that’s the rule. I’m spitting on their graves. I didn’t wanna hurt them. Now they’re gone it’s my story. The truth as I see it.” Before she was terrified of what she saw. “I was repressing. I was writing about it but didn’t talk about it. I let very few people in. I was afraid they’d leave.” She pauses. “And I am my mother, so…”
The inner child in Lewis is contagious. Before the interview, she’s smoking a joint in a parking lot with LA restaurateur Roy Choi – a can of La Croix in one hand, a copy of Eminent Hipsters by Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen in the other. She’s 43 going on 13: boy crazy, talks like a character in Clueless, wears a weed-shaped pendant close to her heart. Later we’ll pass a Titanic exhibit. She’ll sigh, “Oh Leo.” Lewis would hang out with DiCaprio when they were teens. What did they get up to? “Well…” she giggles.
A mensch never tells. “We played video games at the arcade. Street Fighter.” She played as the character Dhalsim. “The long-legged guy. Never Ken. Ken’s too normal and definitely not Jewish.”
Jenny Lewis: “I feel in control of my craft right now…” As Lewis lets the night guide her, gliding past slot machines lined up like dominoes, she seems unfazed by losing her way or missing her 1am bus call. “This is where I feel most at home. With dirty carpets and a faraway smoke smell. It’s truly formative.
I feel like myself.” Even in moments of joy, her face has a way of falling. It reminds me of her lyric from 2006: “I was born secular and inconsolable.” Like a child, she becomes hopeless when there’s nothing to say. She tuts, hums, shakes her head.
On The Line is a grief album mourning her mother, but began as a grief album mourning a break-up. Lewis and Scottish- American songwriter Johnathan Rice were not married, but together for 12 years and made one album as Jenny And Johnny. Rice’s new LP came out today. Titled The Long Game, it’s about that dissolution.
It includes two songs they co-wrote. Has she listened to it? Her head shakes. “I uh…” Another silence. She takes her time and whispers quietly, “Not today.”
One co-write – Another Cold One – reads like a post break-up song (“It’s bittersweet in the long run/We’re both lost, nobody won”). Again her head shakes. “Often you don’t understand a song till later.” Her break-up was “pretty fresh” when Linda was hospitalised. “Johnathan was there for me”, she says. “I never want to hurt him.” She doesn’t believe in editing herself, though.
“I’ve said before: don’t hang around cannibals if you don’t wanna get eaten. I did not listen to his record today. But his record is fair game. It’s like Fight Club. The number one rule of dating another songwriter is: you can’t say anything about their songs.”
After all, her album contains songs about Rice (“after all we been through, don’t you wanna kiss me?”). After the split, Lewis fled to New York, the first time she’d lived outside LA. Her friend Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, gave her her apartment. When she was younger she’d dream of NYU (“I never took my SATs”). “I’ve been trying to get out of the Valley since I was 16.” In New York, she realised that wherever you go, there you are. “Kind of a bummer”, she says.
By way of circumstance the songs were the first she’s written alone since Rabbit Fur Coat. She writes “almost every day”. “I feel in control of my craft right now in a way I hadn’t fully felt before”, she says. It contains all of Lewis’s nuances: her ‘60s classicism (Heads Gonna Roll), her blues-y rockers (Red Bull & Hennessy), her balladry (Dogwood). Little White Dove is its centrepiece. An olive branch to her mother on her hospital bed, and a reclamation. “In the middle of love, I’m the little white dove/ I’m the heroine”, she sings. She performs it onstage with a victory strut and a pout.
She recorded the LP with a showstopping group of legends, including Rolling Stones producer Don Was, Beck, and Ringo Starr in Capitol’s Studio A. “He’s so cool”, she says of the Beatle. “Way more relaxed than I was. I’d say, ‘Hello Ringo’, but between my teeth I was like, ‘Oh Jesus Christ!’ I love the fucking Stones. But I’m a Beatles stan.
It’s all I listen to.” The other day she was at AutoZone getting a new car battery. The clerk, an old man from India, was playing The Beatles. They bonded. “He said something so beautiful: ‘Babies love The Beatles.’ It’s true.” She sighs. “The Beatles transcend everything.”
Says Lewis about her new which includes highlights…
  1. HAPPY
From solo LP Rabbit Fur Coat (2006)
Lewis performs this sad ballad banging two wooden claves. It’s slow and sleepy, like a train pulling into its station, while she waits for contentment to return.
From Rilo Kiley’s Under The Blacklight (2007)
Rilo Kiley’s final LP was a go-hard-or-gohome effort for the band; a synth-y crossover into mainstream rock. Lewis carries its legacy effortlessly. “Hooray hooray, I’m your silver lining/Hooray hooray, but now I’m gold,” she sings.
From solo LP The Voyager (2014)
One of Lewis’s finest: an ode to curating your own rules in a man’s world but eventually hitting a wall.“There’s only one difference between you and me,” she sings.“When I look at myself all I can see/ I’m just another lady without a baby.”
From solo LP On The Line (2019)
There’s a moment in the bridge where Lewis goes full-on Kate Bush. Contains all the drama of Fleetwood Mac, and similarly she’s lived it.
From Rilo Kiley’s The Execution Of All Things (2002)
One of Lewis’s most beloved anthems on unrequited love. She cuts the house lights for this, invites a sea of iPhone torches and lets the crowd carry the verses.“And if you want me, you better speak up/ I won’t wait, so you better move fast.”
From solo LP Acid Tongue (2008)
A folkier acoustic ballad and one of Lewis’s best stories. She sings about taking solace in sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. “To be lonely is a habit like smoking or taking drugs/And I’ve quit them both but, man, was it rough.”
Performing These Days with Jackson Browne at the Hollywood Palladium;
“No popping, guys!” Lewis is a band freak. Before Rice, before her solo career, came Blake Sennett and Rilo Kiley. Sennett and Lewis wrote songs, played them to room-mates and formed a foursome. They took off in 2001. “It took over my entire life. I was in a relationship with my bandmate, just like my parents. The cycle continued. I had no idea.”
The band survived long after their split. “It sucked!” she says. “It was so hard. You break up, then you see the person the next day and spy on them outside the club like, ‘Are they making out with someone else?’
But I don’t know how to be with someone unless we play music together. I’m away for so long. I wanna hang with my babe.”
You wonder if it’s tough for a prolific, successful female to be with a male songwriter of lesser success. One of Rice’s new lyrics goes: “I always pictured you and me growing old disgracefully/Now I see the club’s sold out and there’s no room for me.”
She makes a pained face. “Yeah, probably not a good idea”, she says, of the question, seeking to keep things sweet. “Johnathan is amazing, and was supportive. It takes a very special person to be able to support a strong woman. It shouldn’t but it does.”
Lewis gravitated towards special men, who lent her their platform. In the 2000s, she was a queen amid a sea of male anti-heroes including Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse and Death Cab For Cutie. She was a “superfan” who studied the back of Death Cab’s Something About Airplanes LP and sent Rilo Kiley’s demos to their label Barsuk. She discovered Bright Eyes from a friend’s mixtape, bought Fevers And Mirrors and listened in the car “crying my fucking eyes out”. She wanted to know Conor Oberst. “Who was this? My soulmate? And he’s super cute? It was fucking Christmas!”
Oberst was the reason she made debut Rabbit Fur Coat, which was the catalyst for Rilo Kiley’s demise. He asked her to make a solo album for then new label Team Love.
“I go, ‘That’s so controversial, I’m in a fucking band. I’m not a solo artist. I’m a band person!’” He insisted. The resulting album – confessional, spooky and gospel-tinged – was a cut above. Soon she was invited to be on Death Cab frontman Ben Gibbard’s side-project The Postal Service, too. “What a lovely gift to pluck me out of a dysfunctional [band]. Without Conor, without Ben… They believed in me and gave me a chance to learn, to step up and just fucking do it.”
Not all have been princes, though. The unmentionable of On The Line’s players is Ryan Adams, who produced briefly. Weeks after the LP was announced, the New York Times ran a story containing allegations of sexual misconduct against Adams employing the voices of ex-wife Mandy Moore, exfiancée Megan Butterworth, artist Phoebe Bridgers and a woman named Ava who was 14 years old at the time of Adams’s alleged abuse. He worked with Lewis in early 2017.
“I was in a relationship with my bandmate, just like my parents. It was so hard. You break up, then you see the person the next day outside the club like, ‘Are they making out with someone else?’ But I don’t know how to be with someone unless we play music together.”
“I was born secular and inconsolable…”: Lewis relaxes at home;
this year’s On The Line album. Lewis looks glum when Adams’s name is mentioned. After the allegations, she tweeted, “I am deeply troubled by Ryan Adams’ alleged behavior [sic]. Although he and I had a working professional relationship, I stand in solidarity with the women who have come forward.” She told Pitchfork she “hates” that he’s on the album. It’s not Lewis who should have to justify her actions.
She doesn’t resent having these conversations. “I get scared when I’m asked about Ryan. Ryan is an important part of the bigger story of my career. We have a deep musical connection. I really appreciate his contributions. Unfortunately I sometimes feel like I can’t say it. However! Bad behaviour is bad behaviour and if you’re fucked up people are gonna find out about it. You have to treat people well. To bring it back to The Beatles, we need to project peace and love. We also need yin and yang. But we can’t accept abusive behaviour.”
The next night at LA’s Palladium, the room brims with Hollywood starriness. The set is the best she’s ever designed. In a moment only a Jenny Lewis can pull off, a perspex phone rings upon a heart-shaped platform onstage. “Oh shit”, she says. She takes the call.
“Jackson Browne?”
She asks. “I’m in the middle of a show right now…” Browne appears. They perform These Days. “Don’t confront me with my failures, I had not forgotten them”, they sing. It’s an interpretation, sure, but Lewis could have written it. Her band ran through it at soundcheck in Vegas yesterday afternoon. Who called Jackson? “I mean I actually dated his son way back”, she said backstage.
Despite her family traumas, Lewis’s inheritance – music – is her greatest ally. “It was the family business. It wasn’t a choice. But music as a job? What a fucking snooze. It’s such a gift to have success in music.
Playing in a Vegas lounge is better than jail, or another boring ass job. It’s like Cass McCombs sang [The Executioner’s Song] – you gotta love your fucking job.” As she moves into a new independent life, she’s trying to take stock more. “I’m so short. I’m five-foot-three-anda- half. I have to remind myself: Look up!”
In 2019, she’s greeted by a new generation as an icon. Her lyrics have become mantras like Buddhism for millennials. “It’s crazy to do something for 20 years, let alone do an OK job”, she says. Bus call looms once more and she sparks up. “You wanna blaze a doob outside, then I’ll shower? There’s an order for things.” Spoken like a true professional.
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Free Shuttles and Trams in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Travel Wizards complete list of Free Shuttles and Trams in Las Vegas
@LVTWs and
Excalibur - Luxor - Mandalay Bay Tram Service -
A free tram runs between the Excalibur, the Luxor and Mandalay Bay hotels. The southbound tram runs only from the Excalibur to Mandalay Bay, but the northbound tram starts at Mandalay Bay, stops at Luxor and ends at the Excalibur.
ARIA Express Tram - Monte Carlo - CityCenter - Bellagio -
Free Tram Service The ARIA Express tram is a three stations free tram with stops at Monte Carlo, Crystals retail and entertainment district (closest to ARIA) and Bellagio/Vdara Hotel & Spa.
Mirage - Treasure Island Tram Service -
The Free Tram service between the Mirage and Treasure Island Hotel.
The Rio and it's sister properties, Bally's/Paris and Harrah's Las Vegas on the Strip, offer a complimentary shuttle to and from the Rio. Please note: the shuttle only runs from the Rio to Bally's/Paris or Harrah's Las Vegas, not from Bally's/Paris to Harrah's Las Vegas or vice versa. The shuttle runs daily from 10:00am to 1:00am. Pick-up times are approximately every 30 minutes from each location, depending on traffic conditions.
Pick-Up Locations: Rio: Carnival World Buffet entrance Bally's: Race and Sports Book entrance (side of Flamingo Rd) Harrah's Las Vegas: Shuttle/Bus/Trolley drop off.
The Orleans offers shuttle service to its sister property, the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino, as well as the Las Vegas strip. The shuttle operates 7 days a week from 9:00am to 12:30am and picks up guests approximately every 30 - 45 minutes from the hotel's Tropicana Avenue entrance. The shuttle drops off at The High Roller at The Linq. The last shuttle will leave the strip at 12:30am. Hotel guests will receive priority seating on all shuttles.
Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall offers shuttle service to its sister properties, Fremont Hotel & Casino and California Hotel & Casino, as well as the Las Vegas strip. The shuttle operates seven days a week starting at 9:00am and hotel guests will receive priority seating on all shuttles.
Source: ​
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My Vegas Trip - Just got back Oct. 2nd 2017

Okay, so here it goes. There may be some typos and I apologize for that, since I hate that as well, but I mainly wanted to get out my insane week in Vegas, going for the first time.
(Fortunately, I did not goto the Route 91 concert, so this story does not include any first-hand experiences from that event. If you are mainly looking for that, then this is not the post for you. Sorry :/ )
TL;DR Went to Vegas for the first time and had a wild time.
I was going to Las Vegas for a singing competition being held at Vince Neils Tatuado in Circus Circus. I had gone through reviews of hotels, airlines, places to get good deals, etc and ended up just trying to go with the lowest cost trip I could find. In terms of strictly Airfare/Room, it cost me $330 for 2 Round trip tickets from DFW/LAS and $226 for 1 week in a 1-bedroom apartment. (More on the apartment) This is not counting the amount of money I ended up spending all week on Lyft/Food/Gambling/Lyft/Souvenirs/Gambling and Lyft plus those unexpected expenses that come up, which they did. I haven't even counted it up yet, just not ready for that yet.
Spirit Airlines AirBnB
I honestly should have:
-- Gone with the package we were offered for our team in the competition, which would have been about $350/week for Circus Circus in the Main Tower facing the strip. -- Played the MyVegas app prior to going to Vegas (had I known about it) and racked up some points to get discounts at hotels -- Picked a different AirBnB further from the strip initially
Every little thing that could happen to hinder your trip/experience, or try to sway you from having a good time happened. Thankfully, there were dispensaries in Vegas which saved the day, literally at one point. I tried getting an AirBnB for 3 people since one of the other singers wanted to tag along, to make sure he had a place to sleep and stay. I could have got an AirBnb at a house,apartment,hotel, etc somewhere closer to Circus Circus and with more amenities that this one, but I settled for what I thought was a one bedroom apartment all to ourselves, 5 minutes from the Strip. Now, I have never been to Vegas and even thought there are numerous resources you can goto for information and guides on where to stay, it was pretty overwhelming and I ended up only doing about 20% of my research. The AirBnB was around Tropicana and Maryland Pkwy. I soon found out that area was interesting. The host showed up half naked, in a see-through shirt an hour late, kept the talks strictly "business". We were dropped off and I found out we had one bedroom in a 3/bdr apt, with other occupants. The couch which I thought my other friend could crash on since I paid for 3 ppl was not for sleeping, just for staring at the wall or fireplace. Maybe reading/talking if you are into that sort of thing while in Vegas. The room ended up being exactly what I paid for, and the other occupants were 2 attractive women, and we are 2 attractive men, so we decided we can make this work and to go with it. Went walking to the first dispensary, and took the Lyft back since yeah. This so far was the only highlight besides just taking in the sights. I think we were still checking out if the area was secure enough to leave our stuff in the room, so we didn't really go too far. We mainly smoked, talked to the "Tatiana's" (They were both named Tatiana <-- not sure if spelled right though) and plotted what we wanted to do the next day. We wake up to no power in the apartment. We thought it was our room only, but nope. We check the breakers, outside and confirm she didn't pay her bill. We text her and she states it is paid and they are turning it back on. I wait about 30 minutes before I tweet AirBnB and give them a call because hell no. They mentioned they needed to at least try and contact the host and get a response, which I understood, but they were understanding of my situation. They had first asked if it came back on in the next 30-45 minutes, if that would be acceptable, and even though it would solve the situation, I had explained that this was my first time with AirBnB and Las Vegas, and this will be the experience I am left with. The rep had already given me $100 coupon for my next time, but this would not helping the current situation. After about a couple of hours of waiting, I just got a room at Circus Circus. It was Tuesday already, and I got the room for that night until Friday for $200 online. Not bad, since it was last minute. The power was still not on when we left the apartment and I felt this was more of the host defaulting on their contract as a host, rather than just a bad experience. They offered a full refund in cash, or refund plus 10% for another AirBnB. I didn't have room for Friday-Monday and accepted a workaround for accommodations for that date in a different area. The "Booking Queen" took care of everything and I ended up only paying $20 for a Condo right off Fremont street next to The Cortez. Top floor, rooftop heated pool/jacuzzi, the works. I just had to wait until Friday. Circus Circus was not bad, compared to the reviews I read. I am father or two wonderful children, so I thought this place would be great for them. The kids around me did were not bothersome, and the activities around the place was honestly great. Being a kid inside probably helps. My brother ended up spending almost all his cash on slots, even though we both knew that they had the least payout or return of all the games. He wanted to play roulette and I wanted to play blackjack, but Vegas gets you since the first slot he played was in the airport. Straight off the plane, recently turned 21, turns $5 into $35 and he was hooked. Pretty lights, colors, sounds, cartoons, etc. all around you just waiting for you to play them. We know we will lose, but we both agree to play about $20 to kill time and just have some fun. I think I ended up being up about $70 before I cashed out and he went up about $150 before he did. We did day two of our Dispensary tour and stocked back up. All our gambling throughout the entire week ended up netting us just enough money to pay for our flowefood and a little extra to gamble with for the whole week. We partook everyday and gambled everyday. Me with an initial $60 start and him with about $100. We took in the sights, avoided the street "dealers", gambled on the slots too much at Circus Circus and eagerly waited until Friday. The competition happened and ended a little differently than I expected, but it didn't prevent any good times or fun we had. Friday comes and we are checking out of Circus Circus at 11am. We cannot check-in until 4pm to the Condo, so the host mentioned we could leave our bags with the front desk while the place was cleaned, and we could take in the sights of Fremont street. We get back to the room and our flower was stolen from our bags, by the security guard, in the security office of these condos. Million dollar condos with you would think, good security and yeah, stolen. Diamond, Platinum and Gold from the Reef Dispensary. The priciest one of them all that we went to, and he just goes through our things randomly since the jars are sealed glass, and just takes them. The building cannot do anything since we are staying with AirBnB and not a resident, and even though we had a receipt, we ended up dropping it since the security guard got fired anyway. Turned those 3 grams into some pretty expensive flower. They were all honestly great, minus one bad attitude from the last one we went to, but the Reef was awesome. Khalifa Kush, Sunset Sherbert, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, mmmm. Pricey, but honesty the same you would pay in the street, from what I have read online.
That whole 4 days we were waiting was made worse, since I had enough money to cover myself in food/lyft and to get by until Friday when I got paid. I knew I was good then, but I had to spend the rest of my money on the room for that week, just to make sure we had a place to sleep. My brother had his cash and since it was only for him, we had to pretty much make it work throughout the week for both of us, which we did. Everything was expensive too, Starbucks, McDonalds, Lyft lol, we always ended up having just enough to have a good time, have something to eat and drink and get around to where we needed to. Fremont was the best though. We wished we had ended up there in the beginning. Music, better casinos, food, culture, art on the sides of walls, talent all throughout the street, just one big party. We watched AlterEgo live which was pretty awesome. They put on a great show and the vibe around you was just great. You are laughing your ass off at some of the comedy acts on the street, wowed at others and then you also pass by performers who are wearing next to nothing. Almost naked and you want to stare, because hey, you are in Vegas, they are attractive and naked and well they are naked. It is weird, but you end up not staring and just kind of laughing at the situation. I took one last look though, just to make sure nothing changed. The zipline looks fun and next time, I would not mind taking that for a ride. The Cortez was our favorite place. I now like blackjack. I did not learn to count cards, just the basic strategy and ended up coming out on top always. I would lose some nights, but I could go back and always double or triple my money. Dealers would stare at me at times, the men in suits would come by the tables and sometimes talk with me for a bit to feel me out, but I just have that kind of luck. Either I am not winning the hands, but others around me are getting blackjack multiple times or winning, or the dealer would bust when I needed it. I should have played the Royal Match more too. I would have made so much more on that. Ended up hanging out with a blackjack dealer the next night and just chilled/smoked/laughed and then used Lyft. Really cool chick. We had plans to rent a car on Sunday, goto the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Red Rock, Gold/Silver Pawn Shop, Ricks Restorations, Kounts Kustoms, but no place takes debit cards for car rentals. We ended up gambling again, having some fun on Fremont street for a little more and then had plans to go check out a show or possibly Route 91 since I was dressed like a cowboy for the competition and that was working out reaaaallllyyyy well. Props from everyone in the hat and the whole look. Fun times. The Chevelle concert the night before didn't go as planned either since a fight broke out right before it started and it was so packed, we just took off. We weren't getting good vibes and being so packed, we did not want to take any chances, which led to another Dispensary time. Before we even heard anything about the shooter, we saw about 12 cops past Fremont by the freeway with some vans. We thought it was a drug bust, but soon found out it was SWAT or some team. The concert had already started and we wanted to goto the Dispensary again before we went, just for good measure. As soon as we got in, thats when it happened. We were not really looking at the time, but you could see the flashing lights on the corners of the street which the driver mentioned were cameras and alert signals. We get to the dispensary and the guard is armed with an assault rifle. Street corners have police posted, blocking some routes and full armed as well. You don't really understand the full gravity of the situation, or what is happening. You think it is something out of the movies, a man trying to rob the casino or threatening to shoot, but you just assume Vegas has handled these types of situations all the time, and it was nothing new. We stayed the entire night at the Condo, listening the police scanners, just waiting. I couldn't sleep. The streets were quiet, maybe 10-20 people walking that you could see. We had a pretty good view from where we were and there was nothing. Fremont was empty. All of the buildings in Vegas had their rooftop red lights turn on at the same time, which was weird, but just figured it was for the situation going on. I am not going to get into the details of what I heard on the scanner or the stories from the people I met afterwards. There is plenty of conspiracy posts online regarding that, I will just say after that you just shutdown. Nowhere near what the people there went through, but just being 10 miles away from there and knowing there are people hurt, dead or just going through one of the worst experiences of their lives gets to you. You want to help, but you are torn between the police telling you to stay inside, not having your own transportation and the area being blocked off by police already. I feel like crap that I didn't try. I wasn't sure if I could, but I was more focused on just being safe. You assume everything. I thought a bomb was going to go off, that our flights were going to be cancelled, that someone was going to drive into a crowd on the sidewalk at every intersection I crossed. Just constantly on alert and knowing you are going to have to answer a lot of texts. The next day I was in a daze the whole time. Our flight ended up getting delayed about an hour and we left around 7pm. There were people crying in the airport, but mostly people trying to cheer you up. TSA was the nicest I have seen, people willing to talk to you, just the need for comfort. I know there are probably a lot more little stories I am leaving out, but being in Vegas a week becomes a blur. You never really pay attention to time except when you are checking out/in, you are immersed in a huge online video game with micro-transactions everywhere and you spend way more money than you anticipate. I want to go back again sometime, and I highly recommend looking for an AirBnB around Freemont street. Perfect location.
My little notes:
Spirit Airlines were better than I thought, compared to the reviews. Print out your ticket, buy your baggage online when you check-in prior to your flight and pick your seat. The flight was the best I had been on, really smooth and the view was amazing.
AirBnB was great. Customer Service was awesome, they really were empathetic to my situation and made a bad experience turn into an unforgettable one.
Circus Circus is honestly a really good deal and has almost everything you need. If you are a family person, or bringing your family, stay there. Vegas is not a family-friendly town I don't think. Fremont street was too much for kids and everything is sexualized, so just keep your kids at home and enjoy it by yourselves.
Play MyVegas facebook app if you have FB. You can rack up lots of points and have enough to cover a good amount of expenses for you.
Rent a car lol. I think Fox Rental was one of the lowest rates, but even some of the Lyft drivers offer rentals. As low as $25/day, you don't need a sportscar unless you just want to spend the money on it. You can get those 3 wheel motorcycle things with two seats. I saw them for around $350/day or $75/hr. Expensive, but damn it looks fun. There are also these electric scooter thingies at the Container Park off Fremont. As low as $6.50/hr, you can schedule a slot and use those to get around. I didn't know you had to schedule ahead of time, so I did not use them, but really looked fun and worth the price.
The Cortez had the best blackjack that we played at. Single deck, pays 3 to 2 and $5 minimum bet. We went to about 4 other casinos and won at 2 of them, but the Cortez had the best payout.
I had no sex in Las Vegas. Sorry if you were looking for juicy details, but I'm not going to pay for it and it's not in me to go to a bar and try to pickup a woman just to have sex. My game is not that good and it's just not me, so no crazy "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" stories, but at least I did not come back with something that stays with you after you leave Vegas.
Long ass post, but I wanted to get it out and write it down. Thanks for reading if you got through it all.
**I have pics on Instagram of the trip if you want to check them out "thethomasbeck" - iPhone 7+ and it does a pretty good job too with no other editing software except the built-on Photos app and Instagram filters/editing.
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Borgata now part of MGM resorts: show your mlife gold card (obtainable throught hyatt card) -complimentary stay for new Borgata rewards members   Mlife gold is obtainable through status match from Hyatt Platinum which is automatically granted with the Hyatt Visa card.   Details are a little bland but heres the text from the link: BORGATA WELCOMES MGM MLIFE GOLD, PLATINUM AND NOIR CARDHOLDERS!   Show us your Mlife card and we will upgrade you to Black Label. New members will receive the following reward when upgraded:**   $100 BONUS SLOT DOLLARS or Match Play Complimentary Stay in a Classic Room Access to VIP Lounge Plus the Black Label Benefits: FREE self and valet parking Access to Amphora Lounge 10% discount at Borgata Collection Priority line at check-in and at My Borgata Center Invitations to My Borgata Black Label only parties and events Priority reservations at restaurants Priority access to guest rooms and suites Premium cards will be accepted from Caesars Entertainment, MGM, Tropicana Atlantic City, or Trump Casinos only. Visit the My Borgata Center for details.     *Offer only applies to new My Borgata Reward members. Complimentary room is based on availability and must be used within 90 days of Black Label upgrade. Management reserves the right to change or cancel program.
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The Big Ol' Bigot Boycott List

We may have a lot of people against us, but it's good to remember that there are a lot of corporations out there that either are for us, or that at least want to keep up appearances.
If someone tells you that they're boycotting Angie's list because they oppose same-sex marriage, show them this list (I just compiled) of other things they should then be boycotting. This [incomplete] list consists of organizations that have received a score of at least 80 from the Human Rights Campaign, and/or that have been specifically targeted for a boycott by the National Organization for Marriage.
And if any employee of a place on this list [I'm specifically thinking of hotels] tries to discriminate on religious grounds, because the larger corporation is on HRC's list, talking to management, or climbing higher up the corporate ladder will probably let you find someone willing to help.
3M products, 409 [the cleaner], 7-Up,
A1 Steak Sauce, AAA [American Automotive Association], Abbott Laboratories, Abercrombie & Fitch,, Abreva, Acuvue contact lenses, Adobe Systems, AdvantEdge, Advil, Aetna, Ajax, Alaska Airlines, Alavert, Aleve, Alka-Seltzer, All brand laundry detergent, Allstate, Almond Joy, Always [feminine care products],, AMC Theaters, AMD, American Airlines, American Eagle, American Express, American Family Insurance, American Girl [the dolls], Android, Angie’s List [and everyone on it], Anheuser-Busch, Apple, Apple Jacks, Aquafina, Aquafresh, Armor All [the stuff that keeps your car door handles looking nice], Art of Shaving, AT&T, ATI, Audi, Aunt Jemima, Aussie haircare,, Aveda, Aveeno, Aviance cosmetics, Avis Rent A Car, Avon Products,, Axe/Lynx deodorant,
Bahama Breeze, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Ball Park Franks, Band-Aid, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Banquet frozen dinners, Barbie, Barclays Capital, Barnes & Noble, Barq’s Rootbeer, Bath & Body Works, Bayer, Baymont Inn & Suites, Beaulieu Vineyard,, Beck, Behr, Ben & Jerry’s, Benadryl, Benefiber, Bengay, Bentley, Best Buy, Bethesda [the game studio], Betty Crocker, Bioware, Bisquick, Bloomingdale’s, Blue Moon, Blue Stratos Cologne, Bobbi Brown beauty, Boca Burger, Boeing, Bold laundry detergent, Bonamine [AKA Bonine and Dramamine], Bonterra Vineyards, Bon-Ton Stores, Boost Mobile, Bottom Dollar Food, Bounce fabric-softener, Bounty, Breakstone’s, Breath Savers, Breyer’s ice cream, Bridgestone, Brita, British Petroleum, Brown-Forman, Bubble Yum, Bud Light, Budget Rent A Car, Budweiser, Bugatti, Bugles, Buick, Burt’s Bees, Busch Gardens,
Cabbage Patch Kids, Cadbury, Cadillac, Caesars [hotels and casinos], Calgel, California Pizza Kitchen, Caltrate, Camay bath soap, Campbell’s Soup, Cap’n Crunch, The Capital Grille, Capital One, Capri Sun, Captain Morgan, CarePlus Pharmacy, Caress brand soaps, Carr’s, Cascade dishwasher detergent, Cascadian Farm, Celestial Seasonings, Centrum, Chambourd, Chapstick, Charles Schwab, Charmin, Chase,, Cheer laundry detergent, Cheerios, Cheetos, Cheez-It, Cheez Whiz, Chef Boyardee, Chevrolet, Chevron, Chex, Chili’s, Chips Ahoy, Chips Deluxe, Choice Hotels, Christina Aguilera perfume, Chrome [web browser], Chrysler, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cirrus [owned by MasterCard], Citigroup [including Citibank], Clairol, Clarion hotels, Claritin, Clean and Clear, Clinique, Clorox, Club Crackers, C.O. Bigelow, Coca cola, Colgate, Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Command [the convenient sticky wall hooks], Compaq, ConAgra Foods, Continental Airlines, Cooking Light, Cool Whip, Coors, Coppertone, Corn Pops, Cortizone, Costco, Cottonelle, Country Crock margarine, Country Inns & Suites, Country Time lemonade, Courtyard Hotels, CoverGirl cosmetics, Cracker Jacks, Craftsman, Crate and Barrel, Crayola, Crest, Crispix, Crown Royal, Crystal Light, Cub Foods, CVS,
Darden Restaurants, Dasani bottled water, Dawn [the dish soap], Days Inn, Degree deodorant, Dell, Delta Airlines, Dentyne, Depends, DieHard, Dimetapp, Disneyland, Doctor’s Formula cosmetics, Dodge, Dolce & Gabbana cologne and perfume, Dole, Dollar Rent A Car, Doritos, Dove, Downy, Drano, Dr. Scholl’s, Dulcolax, DuPont, Duracell,
EAS protein shakes, EB Games, Ebay,, Econo Lodge, Egg Beaters, Eggland’s Best, Eggo Waffles, Electronic Arts, Embassy Suites, Ensure, Enterprise Rent A Car, Entertainment Weekly, Era laundry detergent, Estee Lauder, Eukanuba dog and cat foods, Ex-Lax, Excedrin, Expedia,
Facebook, Fairfield Inn, Famous Amos, Famous Footwear, Fannie Mae, Fanta, Fantastik, Farm Fresh, Febreze, FedEx, Fetzer, Fiber One, Fiddle Faddle, Finlandia Vodkas, Firestone, Fischer-Price, Fix-A-Flat, Fixodent denture adhesive, Flickr, Food Lion, Ford, Fortune [magazine], Foster’s, Fox’s Jewelers, Freddie Mac, Fresca, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, Fudgsicle, Fuze,
Gain, GameStop, Gap, Gardetto’s, Gas-X, Gatorade, General Electric, General Mills, General Motors, Gilette, Girl Scout cookies, Glade, GlaxoSmithKline, Gmail, Gold Medal [the flour company], Gold Peak, Good Earth, GoodNites, Goody, Google, Green Giant, Groupon, Gucci cosmetics, Guinness,
Haagen-Dazs,, Hallmark Cards, Hamburger Helper, Hampton Inn, Hawthorn Suites, Head & Shoulders, Healthy Choice, Heartbrand ice cream, Heath, Hellmann’s, Herbal Essences haircare products, Herradura Tequila, Hershey’s, Hewlett-Packard, Hi-C, Hidden Valley, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Hillshire Farm, Hilton Garden Inn, Hoegaarden, Holiday Inn, Hollister, Home Depot, HomeGoods, Home Shopping Network, Honest Tea, Honey Maid, Hornbacher’s, Hot Wheels,, Hotmail, Hotwire, House of Blues, HSBC, Huggies, Hunt’s [ketchup], Husky, Hyatt Hotels,
I can’t believe it’s not butter, Iams, IBM, Icebreakers, IMDb, Imodium, InStyle [magazine], Intel, Intuit, Irish Spring, Ivory soap,
Jack Daniels, JC Penney, Jeep, Jell-O, Jet Blue Airways, Jiffy Lube, Jiffy Pop, Jimmy Dean, John Hancock, Johnnie Walker, Johnson & Johnson [including all the medical devices they make], Jolly Rancher, Jose Cuervo, Joy dishwashing liquid,
Kaiser Permanente, KC Masterpiece, Keebler, Kellogg’s, Kenmore, Ketel One, Kevlar, Key Bank, Keystone, Killian’s Irish red, Kimberly-Clark brands, Kirin, Kit Kat, KitchenAid, Kix, Kleenex, Klondike bars, Kmart, Knights Inn, Knorr, Kodak, Kool-Aid, Korbel, Kotex, Kraft, Kroger,
Lactaid, Lamborghini, Land O’Lakes, Lawry’s, Lay’s, Leffe, Leinenkugel’s, Levi, Lexus, Life [cereal], The Limited, Lipton, Liquid Plumr, Listerine, Little Swimmers, Longhorn Steakhouse, Lubriderm, Lucky Charms, Lunchables, Luvs disposable diapers, Lux soap,
Maalox, Macaroni Grill, Macy’s, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Magic Chef, Magnum ice cream bars, Marie Callender’s, Marmite [hear the anti-LGBT Aussies and Kiwis wail], Marriott International, Mars Inc., Marshall’s, MasterCard, Matchbox [the toy cars], Mattel, Mauna Loa, Maxwell House, Maytag, McAfee, McDonald’s, Mc-Graw Hill Publishing, Mello Yello, Memorex, Merck, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Metamucil bulk fiber supplement, MetLife, MGM Resorts International, Michelob, Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Microtel Inn & Suites, Midol, Miller, Milwaukee’s Best, Mini-Wheats,, Minute Maid, Miracle Whip, Molson, Money [magazine], Monistat, Monsanto, Morgan Stanley, Morningstar Farms, Motorola, Motrin, Mounds, Mountain Dew, Mr. Clean house-hold cleaning products, Mug Root Beer, Muir Glen, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Mylanta,
Nabisco, Naked Juices, Nationwide Insurance, Natural Ice, Nature Valley, Neosporin, Nestea, The New York Times, Newtons [like Fig Newtons], Neutrogena, Nexcare, Nice! Brands, Nicoderm, Nicorette, Nike, Nilla Wafers, No-Doz, Norton, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp., Nutri-Grain, Nutter Butter,
O’Douls, Odwalla, OFF! [bugspray], Office Center, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Olay, Old El Paso, Old Spice, Olive Garden, On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, One-A-Day vitamins, One Touch [the diabetes testing equipment], Oral-B, Orbitz, Oreo, Orville Redenbacher’s, Oscar Mayer, Oust,, Owens Corning,
Pace Salsa, Palmolive, Pam [cooking spray], Pampers, Pantene, Park Inn, Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts, Pasta Roni, Payday [candy bar], PayPal, Pedialyte, PediaSure, Pennzoil, People [magazine], Pepcid, Pepperidge Farm, Pepsi, Pepto-Bismol, Peter Pan peanut butter, Pfizer, Philadelphia Cheese, Photoshop, Pictionary, Pillsbury, Pine-Sol, Planters Peanuts, Playstation, Pledge, Poise, Polly Pocket, Pop Secret, Popsicle, Pop-Tarts, Poppycock, Post-it, Pottery Barn, Powerade, Power Wheels, Prego, Premium Saltine Crackers, Preparation H, Pringles, Proctor and Gamble, Progressive, Progresso, Propel, Prudential, Puffs tissues, Pull-Ups, Purell,
Q-Tips brand cotton swabs, Quaker Oats, Quaker State, Quality [hotels], QuickBooks, Quicken, Qwest,
Radisson Hotels & Resorts, Ragu, Raid, Rain-X, Ramada, REACH [the dental floss], Red Lobster, Red Rose Tea, Red Stripe, Reese’s, Regent Hotels & Resorts, Rembrandt toothpaste, Renaissance Hotels, ReNu, Residence Inn, Rice Krispies, Rice-A-Roni, Rite Aid, Ritz [crackers], The Ritz-Carlton [hotel], Robitussin, Rodeway Inn, Rogaine, Rold Gold, Rolling Rock, Rolo, Roundup, Royal Carribbean Cruises, Rubbermaid, Ruffles,
Safari [web browser], Safeguard soaps, Safeway, Sam’s Club, Sara Lee, Saran, Save-A-Lot, Science Diet, Scion, Scoop Away [cat litter], Scope mouthwash, Scotch [tape], Scotch-Brite, Scotchguard, Scott, Scrubbing Bubbles, Sears, Seasons 52, Seattle’s Best Coffee, SeaWorld, Secret deodorant and body sprays, SeniorMed LLC, Sensodyne, Shell Oil, Sheraton,, Shop ‘n Save,, Shout, Sierra Trading Post, Simply Orange, Skippy Peanut Butter, Silly Putty, Skype, Sleep Inn, Slim Fast, Slim Jim, Smirnoff, Smith’s Dairy, Smartwater, Snapfish, SoBe, Sodexo [the people who do stadium concessions], Softsoap, Sonoma-Cutrer California Wines, Sony, S.O.S., South Beach Living, Southern Comfort, Southwest Airlines, Speedstick, Splenda, Sports Illustrated, SpringHill Suites, Sprint, St. Ives hand and body care, Staples, Starbucks, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, State Farm insurance, Staybridge Suites, Stella Artois, Sterling Vineyards, Stove Top stuffing, STP [the gasoline additive], Suave, Subaru, Sudafed, Sun dishwashing detergent, SunChips, Sun-Maid [raisins], SunTrust, Super 8 Motel, Sustainable Earth, Swanson, Swiffer cleaning products, Symantec,
T Mobile, Tampax feminine care products, Tang, Target, Tazo Teas, Teen Spirit, Teflon, Terra Chips, Texas Instruments, TGI Friday’s, Theraflu, Thrifty Car Rental, Tide [laundry detergent], Tiffany & Co., Tigi shampoo and conditioner, Time Magazine, Time Warner, TJ Maxx, Toblerone, Tombstone Pizza, Tom’s of Maine, Torrefazione Italia Coffee, Tostitos, Total, Totino’s, Town House, Toyota, Travelocity, Travelodge, TRESemmé, Trident, Trip Advisor, Triscuit, Trix, Tropicana, Tuaca Liqueur, Tums, TurboTax, Turkey Hill, Twizzlers, Tyco Electric Racing, Tylenol, Tyvek,
Unilever brands, United Airlines, Universal Parks and Resorts, UNO [the card game], UPS,
V8, Valpak, Vaseline, Velveeta, Venus, Viacom, Vick’s Vapo-rub, Victoria’s Secret, Virgin America, Virgin Mobile, Visa, Visine, Vitaminwater, Viva, VO5 hair care, Volkswagen,
Walgreens, Wal-mart, Walt Disney, Wanchai Ferry, Wasserman Media Group, Waste Management, Wells Fargo, Wesson cooking oil, Westin [hotels], Wheat Thins, Wheatables, Wheaties, Whirlpool, White Barn Candle Company, Whole Foods, Wishbone salad dressing, Woodford Reserve, Wyndham,
Xbox, Xerox Corporation, XtremeMac,
Yahoo, Yoplait, York peppermint patties, YouTube,
Zantac,, Zest, Ziploc, Zynga, Inc., Zyrtec
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Fight at Tropicana Casino Atlantic City - YouTube 3 Hand Pay Weekend! Our best ever!!! Slot play at Tropicana Evansville- over 6k in jackpots! Fight at Tropicana casino Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort Sept 2019 ... Tropicana Casino in Laughlin, NV Craps Info and Details Tropicana Hotel Laughlin Royal Derby Only at Tropicana Atlantic City **STACKS OF GOLD** WITH SLOTWINNER @ TROPICANA ATLANTIC CITY  SlotTraveler The Tropicana Hotel & Casino Walk Thru 2019 - YouTube

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Fight at Tropicana Casino Atlantic City - YouTube

His girl said the guy in the brown hoodie sexually harassed her By Peter Ramirez Play Royal Derby now only at Tropicana Atlantic City! More Fun, More Value, More Variety. Must be 21. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. 🥇Gold BONANZA 🌴🌴 Tropicana Casino 🏙️ ATLANTIC CITY More... 🎰🌐EAST COAST TOUR BCSlots - Duration: 18:25. Brian Christopher Slots Recommended for you Walk with us and explore The Tropicana Hotel and Casino located in Las Vegas. This was recorded on a Thursday night around 9PM. THANKS for watching. #LiLV - ... Let's take a walk through the Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort. This was filmed in September 2019 on a Thursday around 2:30PM. Hope you enjoy.Camera: ... 🥇Gold BONANZA 🌴🌴 Tropicana Casino 🏙️ ATLANTIC CITY More... 🎰🌐EAST COAST TOUR BCSlots - Duration: 18:25. Brian Christopher Slots 51,835 views. 18:25. HUGE WINS!!! Rakin Bacon ... The Tropicana Hotel & Casino Walk Thru 2019 - Duration: 17:57. Living in Las Vegas 45,288 views. 17:57. What Happened to the Gold Strike Casino?? - Duration: 4:38. ... Golden Nugget suite - Duration: 2 ... Aquarius Casino Resort Laughlin (Arizona Tower Sunset Suite 16003) Room Tour 9th January 2019 - Duration: 3:03. Matt Bridger 12,440 views. 3:03. Cinco de Mayo ... **STACKS OF GOLD** WITH SLOTWINNER @ TROPICANA ATLANTIC CITY Welcome to my Slot Machine Video Channel on YouTube! I really appreciate you talking the time to...