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2/5 NL 500 BB deep hand analysis

Another hand at Walker hill casino in Seoul playing 2/5 no max with average stacks at table 2-3k.
I am in the BB and straddle is on to 10, generally fishy player who wonders aloud if the casino allows mississippi straddles makes it 50 from UTG+1 gets a call from mid position, button and SB.
I look down at Ad5d and call. Straddle folds putting 265~ in pot and we go 5 ways to the flop.
Flop comes Qd 10d 7d and small blind leads out for 100. I make it 300 and get cold called by original raiser as well as SB making pot 1165. Rest of table folds.
Turn 10 of clubs and small blind checks to me. I have 1800 behind and am the smallest stack. What is correct move here?
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[Question] want to play poker in asia, but where? We're under 21.

Hello everyone, my friends and I are planning on travelling to Asia and would really like to play some poker there (especially some small tournaments).
Unfortunately, we're having trouble figuring out the best places to play poker, especially since we're all under 21 (but over 18). So we're really hoping that somebody could help with some advice/recommendations, as the information online is very sparse - the only place we've really been able to find is the Paradise Casino in Seoul.
Thank you :-)
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2/5 NL 500 BB deep hand analysis

Playing 2/5 no max at walker hill casino in Seoul during the APT last week. Half table regs half unknown.
Sitting with ~3000 and have 4c2c in BB. Mid position opens to 25 and gets call on button and from SB and myself. Other stack sizes om hand are 2-3k as well.
Flop 7 10 J with two clubs. SB checks, I donk lead for 60 and folds to SB who check raises to 160. I call and turn is 8c giving me worst available flush.
SB open ships for 1.6k into a 420 pot.
What is optimal move here? What hands are calls? I have never played a hand with the guy and he has only been at table for 20 minutes.
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Gambling in Seoul

How is it gambling in Seoul or S.K in general? What's a nice casino in Seoul?
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Casinos in Korea

This weekend I visited one of the hotel casinos in Seoul with the intention of blowing 100,000 won and drinking "free" wine. I arrived at about 11pm and it was really packed with people, like way more than I expected. People were mostly Chinese, from what I could tell.
Anyways, I got really frustrated because people kept getting up from the tables or video roulette stations to go smoke, but they would leave their money in the machine and leave a pack of cigarettes or a cell phone or something on the table to save their spots. I waited for like an hour for a spot to open up while watching 25% of the seats remain unoccupied but "held".
I have been to Vegas and Macau and I have never seen this behavior before. Vegas would never allow it because holding a spot means the casino is losing money, so I can't believe that Seoul casinos would allow this either. I didn't see a single staff member try to intervene.
Has anyone else experienced this before? Is there anything to be done about it? It was so annoying that I just wound up leaving. Probably for the best, but still frustrating.
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The difference between investing and gambling

Peter Lynch once said, “When people discover they are no good as baseball or hockey, they put away their bats and their skates and they take up amateur golf or stamp collecting or gardening. But when people discover they are no good at picking stocks, they are likely to continue to do it anyway.”
In traditional sports, it’s easy to measure if you are good based on batting average, goals scored, or other statistics.
In the stock market, some investors seem to believe their next great stock idea will be the big winner that makes up for all of their losers. The question every investor needs to answer is…are you investing or gambling?
What is Investing?
According to one definition, investing is, “the act of committing money or capital to an endeavor with the expectation of obtaining additional income or profit.” What this definition lacks is the real difference between investing and gambling…research.
Unfortunately, there is a huge crowd of amateur investors that ignore Peter Lynch’s sound advice, “a share is not a lottery ticket…it’s part ownership of a business.”
Many “investors” think investing in the stock market is like walking into a casino. They throw money at a stock, or a basket of stocks, based on a rumor, tip, or something they believe. They do very little research (if any) into each company, and many times, they lose just like at a casino.
For the amount of “investing” they are doing, they may as well have gone to Atlantic City and bet on number 13 at the roulette wheel.
While gambling involves random chance, investing requires some research. Lest anyone get intimidated, this type of research doesn’t require a PhD, and in some cases can be done in a short amount of time.
south korea casinoReuters Men play poker at the Paradise Walker-hill casino in Seoul September 17, 2007.
If you are interested in a company, the first place many real investors should go is the company’s most recent quarterly report. Beyond this, analyzing things like the company’s last annual report, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and income statement can be instructive.
More thorough research, might involve reading the company’s last few conference call transcripts, and even calling the company to ask questions.
Finally, the investor might look at some valuation comparisons of the stock compared to its industry peers, or historical norms. Unlike pulling the handle on a slot machine, in the stock market, a little bit of research can increase your chances of making money significantly.
Timing is Everything…or is it?
An additional hurdle that many investors must try to overcome is the idea that some people are born market timers. The truth is, there is no such thing as an investor who is consistently great at timing the market.
Investors do their research, and attempt to pay a fair valuation based on their assumptions. Real investors ignore the market and focus on the company.
A few case studies are instructive, to show how an investor can either make or lose a lot of money by trying to time the market. First, let’s say you believed in October 2011, that Netflix was going to be the king of online video.
The stock was valued at a split-adjusted price of around $12 a share. You decided to invest $10,000, and purchased 832 shares. Today, that $10,000 investment is worth more than $80,000, or an annual rate of return of just under 70%.
However, let’s say you decided to buy into Netflix a bit earlier in July 2011. With the same conviction as the first investor, you bought shares when they were at $42.16.
Just a year later, you get nervous because you’re losing money. Rather than focusing on the company, you abandon your investment a year later at $8.42 a share, a negative 34% annual rate of return.
The difference between the investor who made a huge profit in Netflix, and the one who suffered significant losses was patience and conviction. Netflix’s financial and operating profile didn’t change, the stock market simply mispriced the opportunity in 2012.
Gambling Poker CardsREUTERS/Jean-Philippe Arles A blackjack dealer pays out a winner.
In the second scenario, an investor decided that Keurig Green Mountain would change the coffee industry forever. In October 2011, the company’s stock was around $71 a share, and this investor chose to buy $10,000 worth.
That same investor has been on a wild ride over the last few years, and has witnessed their investment decline to about $7,800. With an annual rate of return of negative 6%, the company has some challenges and the market seems to be pricing these issues accordingly.
That being said, an investor in December 2010, might have thought that Green Mountain was a great company as well. With the stock at $32.50 a share, the investor decided to buy. Just nine months later, Green Mountain’s stock was riding high at $108, and the short-term investor sells out with an annual rate of return of nearly 400%. This investor might believe that Green Mountain is one of the best investments they ever made.
The Answer
The point is, in the short-term, a stock can move up or down without correlation to the strength of the business. Over the long-term, investors might experience volatility, as stocks move based on supply and demand – not necessarily intrinsic value.
The bottom line is, if you’re a gambler you’re probably better off taking some of your money and having fun in Las Vegas. Hopefully you’ll have enough left to take your serious money, and put it in the hands of a qualified financial advisor.
However, if you’re interested in becoming a better investor, do some research into the company or companies you are interested in. When you’ve decided to put your money to work, make sure you keep up with the story and buy or sell based on the strength of the business.
Sometimes, the difference between gambling and investing is a little bit of research, and the stomach to stick to your playbook.
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Non-combat $100,000/hr for noobs.

I haven't played GTA V/Online since 2014, so things have changed a bit. It's all quite overwhelming for newcomers or returning players, especially if you get the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack like I did.
I snagged my Motorcycle Club, my Bunker, and free vehicles, and proceeded to follow guides for making money with those businesses. I sank too much into them, to the tune of getting down to $500,000 with no profit coming in because I was getting skunked as a solo player, even in a solo public session.
The most difficult part of it all is dealing with the sharpshooter NPC's. These guys are ridiculous! So, we're aiming for non-combat jobs.
That said, here's what I recommend folks do: - Snag the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack for the $1,000,000. - Link your Amazon/Twitch Prime account with your Rockstar Social Club account to snag another $200,000 (and another $200,000 after 4 weeks consecutive play, supposedly). - Grab a bulletproof helmet ($20,000) from a clothing store, and ensure it's always equipped. (You may skip this, as it's really not necessary, but will help if you get pinned somewhere.) - Purchase a Mini SMG ($8,900). - Purchase a Pegassi Bati 801 motorcycle ($15,000). - Play Mission Repo - Simeonics until Rank 16 (Pause Menu > Online > Jobs > Rockstar Created > Missions > Repo - Simeonics). Profit $16,170. - Once Rank 16, play the Chasers II mission (Pause Menu > Online > Jobs > Rockstar Created > Missions > Chasers II). Queue into it, select Hard, and on the next screen, select Closed so no one else joins so you don't have to wait for them. Start a timer once you load in, go grab the car, ignoring people shooting at you (they'll stop once you get close enough to the destination), and turn in the vehicle once you pass 4:00. Profit $9,480. - Repeat - Once you get to $1,500,000, see this post or watch this video to start making $240,000/hr until you reach $2,200,000.

Notes for fellow noobs

Snacks are how you regain health. Your free CEO office has an executive assistant that provides snacks for free. These can be consumed on-the-fly via the Interaction Menu at Inventory > Snacks.
Ammo can be purchased for your currently-held weapons via the Interaction menu at Inventory > Ammo.
Visit the casino once per day (real time). No matter what, it's worth the drive, even if just for a few thousand RP.
At this point in the GTA Online lifespan, your goal should be to obtain a submarine ($2,200,000) in order to do the Perico Heist. So, after grabbing your free cash, and spending some dough on the aforementioned items, you should be sitting at $1,156,100 before even starting any jobs. You're practically halfway to the submarine already...
The reason we wait for 4:00 is due to the way payout is calculated. Further reading here.


I tried a bunch of things, but what boiled down to being most profitable-to-ease of completion, in order of best to okay, were: 1. Chasers II 2. Repo - Simeonics 3. San Andreas Seoul 4. Warehouse 1x Crate Pickup & Delivery
``` | Job | Avg Time to Complete | Net Profit | Avg Profit per Minute | Profit per Hour | | ------------------ | -------------------- | ---------- | --------------------- | --------------- | | Repo - Simeonics | 10:00 | $16,170.00 | $1,617.00 | $97,020.00 | | Chasers II | 6:45 | $9,480.00 | $1,404.44 | $84,266.67 | | San Andreas Seoul | 9:00 | $11,380.00 | $1,264.44 | $75,866.67 | | Warehouse 1x Crate | 8:00 | $9,000.00 | $1,125.00 | $67,500.00 |
Sample Size for each: 10 ```


Taking into account the costs for each warehouse, we'd have to do roughly 9 hours of solo 1x crate jobs before breaking even. However, these will come in handy with vehicle cargo if I decide to do that in the future.
While Repo - Simeonics is more profitable, it's also slightly more difficult. Taking your Bati 801 to the airport twice to grab two cars takes some time, and has more room for error, especially considering the wanted level at the beginning. That said, the only choke point is at the entrance/exit of the airport, and really isn't an issue. But it is worth noting.
Chasers II can be done in around 2:00, with 2:00 of waiting in Simeon's parking lot to turn in. This can definitely be more boring, so I am currently switching it up between Chasers II and Simeonics.
Once you're ~ Rank 40, you should be able to do some better missions, as mentioned in this post, but you should have already done the Perico Heist by then, and at that point the missions will be less than what you can make with Perico.

Testing Parameters:

Each mission was timed from the beginning of loading into the queue to loading back into free roam.
Crate jobs were timed from leaving the CEO laptop, picking up, taking to warehouse, selling and dropping off, to returning to the CEO office. Office used was Maze Bank West, while warehouses used were White Widow Garage ($360,000) and Convenience Store Lockup ($250,000).
All tests performed using PlayStation 5 with MTU set to 750. With default MTU setting, queuing into missions may be quicker, and therefore even more profitable.


Why not Sightseer?
Sightseer, the CEO/VIP Work, is definitely non-combat. However, there are so many variables here, that it's just not worth it. You're usually taken on a wild goose chase throughout the northern section of the map. You need a fast airborne vehicle for Sightseer to be worth it. But even then, you probably already have better means of income.
That said, give it a shot! Even if it takes you all 15:00 to complete, it's still $20,000 ($25,000 if completed in under 5:00, but let's not kid ourselves). This comes out to $1,333/min if done in 15:00, or $2,000/min if done in 10:00.


12/30/2020 - Added Questions section - Added information regarding Sightseer. - Added information regarding CEO Vehicle Cargo.
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Best casino to play poker at in Seoul m

Like the title says pretty self explanatory.
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Make a Race Route #3 Part 3: The Winner

Congratulations to u/No-Diver-2452 who won round 3 of Make a Race Route, 2nd place was u/Vinnymartin_09 and 3rd place was a tie between u/pandie12345 & u/Pgandhguyxc. The winning route is:
Leg 1: Atlanta, USA -> Cancun, Mexico
Leg 2: Cancun, Mexico -> Lima, Peru
Leg 3: Lima -> Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (self-drive) (NEL)
Leg 4: Rio de Janeiro -> Praia, Cape Verde
Leg 5: Praia -> Barcelona, Spain
Leg 6: Barcelona -> Nice, France -> Monaco -> Genoa, Italy (travel from Spain to France via train) (super leg) (self drive) (halfway point in Monaco)
Leg 7: Genoa -> Jerusalem, Israel (NEL)
Leg 8: Jerusalem -> Nairobi, Kenya
Leg 9: Nairobi -> Perth, Australia (self-drive)
Leg 10: Perth -> Hong Kong, China (NEL)
Leg 11: Hong Kong -> Seoul, South Korea
Leg 12: Seoul -> Las Vegas, USA
Additional Information:
Start line: Truist Park
Finish Line: Hoover Dam
Final Roadblocks:
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Different countries want startups to relocate there and are offering incentives - would you take them?

Hey all,
I just published some research on what different countries are doing to entice entrepreneurs to relocate. Whether visas, grants, mentorship, coaching... there's a lot.
Question for the group: Would you consider relocating / moving your startup post-COVID?
Visas, Incentives, and More: Here’s What Countries are Doing to Attract Remote Companies
As lockdowns ease, more than a few entrepreneurs are thinking about what’s next for them and their businesses, especially if they’ve chosen to stay remote. As news hit about remote worker visas in Barbados, or as small towns and cities are more equipped than ever to lure weary big-city remote workers, you’ve got to ask… what about the founders?
Sure, remote founders can work from anywhere just like their teams. Where things get interesting, though, is that many countries are launching programs to lure entrepreneurs to relocate their businesses or start up a new company - and with them come access to public funds, free visas, and even a path to citizenship. As governments think about recovery from COVID and general growth for the future, a handful are getting serious about offering a lot of perks to entice entrepreneurs to relocate.
All programs have three key elements to them, though in differing quantities:
  1. Accelerated / extended resident visa permits.
  2. Access to the country’s startup support ecosystems.
  3. Funding / financial support.
So if you’ve ever thought about relocating, being an entrepreneur is one of the fastest tickets out. In this article, I’ve highlighted a mix of programs, but it’s not necessarily exhaustive. I tried to focus on the programs with unique elements or that are easy to apply for. While large funding requirements or other hurdles may not be a problem for many companies, my goal here was to highlight the programs that work for the majority of entrepreneurs, including small businesses and freelancers who recently went remote.

France: La French Tech

France has a long history of artisan entrepreneurship but less in the big tech or digital scene. However, the government is hoping to change that with its La French Tech visa programs.
There are three kinds of La French Tech visas:
The founder-focused program requires you to get accepted to one of France’s 30+ startup incubators and accelerators, so your ability to get in hinges on that acceptance.
France also has a unique program in the sense that it provides a 4 year visa automatically (most other programs only provide 1-2 year visas) and family members are automatically granted residency rights regardless of which visa you get. Finally, the program is diploma agnostic - it’s geared towards creative people and entrepreneurs, not necessarily only STEM grads like many other countries.
Internet connectivity is relatively high quality in cities, though it can be lacking in the countryside. If you’re relocating, check for good internet service first.
More info: https://lafrenchtech.com/en/how-france-helps-startups/french-tech-visa/

Startup Chile

Chile is hoping to attract entrepreneurs with cash, incentives, a visa, and the natural beauty of the country.
The Startup Chile program is actually an accelerator - billed as the “best accelerator in LatAm.” As part of the program, though, non-citizens are granted a one year visa to live in the country while building your company.
Highlights of the program are:
Chile is not known for blazing fast wifi, but if you’re in the accelerator and living within city boundaries, you should be alright.
More info: https://www.startupchile.org/

Startup Denmark

The kingdom of Denmark seriously wants entrepreneurs to relocate there. Named by the World Bank as the number one country in Europe for doing business, the country wants to further attract entrepreneurs.
The Startup Denmark program is geared to helping people realize the ease of doing business in Denmark, specifically:
Internet connectivity and penetration is very high in Denmark, so high-tech companies (or even just remote companies with a lot of zoom meetings) should be just fine.
More info: https://startupdenmark.info/

Enterprise Ireland

The only English-speaking country on the euro, Ireland is a prime place for doing business. Its geographic location makes it easily accessible to Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and North America, and its low corporate tax rate has already attracted major players including Google and Starbucks.
Enterprise Ireland has also launched an entrepreneur visa, which is specifically for entrepreneurs who can:
Despite rigid sounding rules, the visa program is actually quite flexible. For instance, the fundraising requirements can be through almost any funding option, including using your own money and not taking any investment dollars. Further, the notion of being “controlled” from Ireland is more flexible than other countries that require a certain percentage of business to be done in the country for founders to be eligible for a visa.
More info: https://www.enterprise-ireland.com/en/Start-a-Business-in-Ireland/Startups-from-Outside-Ireland/

EntrePass Singapore

Singapore took the world markets by storm in the past few decades, going from a small island nation with no natural resources to a global hub of finance and casinos. Now, the country wants to be known as a hub for global entrepreneurship.
The EntrePass in Singapore grants founders a 2 year visa to live in Singapore while building a business. Like other programs (France, for example), businesses must be accepted into an accelerator in order for the founders to qualify for a visa. However, where Singapore adds a bit of strictness is two-fold:
  1. The business must be net-new or less than 6 months old at the time of application. This program is only for new businesses.
  2. Your business must be accepted into a government-backed accelerator or receive funding from a government-backed investor.
The Singaporean government is usually tolerant with expats, but the laws on the island can be incredibly strict. The program can be amazing for new entrepreneurs, though, especially given Singapore’s strategic location and relatively low taxes.
More info: https://www.startupdecisions.com.sg/singapore/relocation/entrepass/

Italia Startup Visa

Known for fine leathers, fashion, and amazing food, Italy is now hoping to become known as a centre of innovation.
The country offers two kinds of visas for non-EU entrepreneurs:
The Visa is made for entrepreneurs who aren’t currently in Italy but want to relocate there to start / scale their business. The Hub option is for people already in Italy who want to stay and launch a business (I think Italy caught onto the fact that people sitting in gorgeous villages sipping a coffee might just want to stick around).
Visa programs came about through Italy’s “Decree 179/2012,” which is the country’s program to explicitly attract what they deem ‘innovative startups’ to the country. In general, innovative startups by Italy’s definition are technology companies that either invest more than 15% of their revenues to R&D, employ PhD-level researchers full-time, or own patents for inventions or ‘original software.’
The visa lasts for 1 year, but is renewable for another 2 years. While business taxes in Italy can be fairly high, the relatively low cost of living can balance those costs out.
More info: http://italiastartupvisa.mise.gov.it/

SMART Visa Thailand

Thailand is one of the only programs to highlight that spouses and children are automatically granted residency (along with France) - and that your spouse will have a work visa included in their residency permit as well.
The country’s SMART visa program has four tiers:
S visas are explicitly for entrepreneurs and startup founders, and have three options: a 2-year, a 1-year, and a 6-month visa. The 2-year program is for designated high-tech startups, the 1-year for incubator and accelerator-backed startups of all varieties, and the 6-month visa is intended for sales and promotion in Thai markets as opposed to setting up shop in Thailand.
More info: https://smart-visa.boi.go.th/smart/pages/smart_s.html

Startup Visa Lithuania

A Baltic country bordering Poland and Latvia by land and Denmark and Sweden by sea, Lithuania has some of the fastest internet on the planet and gorgeous medieval towns and sea views.
The visa program is part of Startup Lithuania, a government-backed organization geared towards helping Lithuania succeed in global markets.
Recognizing that many people have probably heard the name “Lithuania” but don’t know much about it, the Startup Visa program focuses heavily on soft landings with guides on how to relocate, connections to other relocated workers and entrepreneurs, and links into the country’s extensive support programs for businesses.
More info: https://startupvisalithuania.com/about-us/

Startup Estonia

The original “digital society,” Estonia is regularly in the news for how connected their society is. The internet is fast, citizenship is digital, and the country even launched a remote worker visa to entice more people to relocate.
On the entrepreneur side of things, Startup Estonia launched a Startup Visa to encourage entrepreneurs to relocate to Estonia. The program is very explicitly focused on technology-based companies with global market potential, but Estonia has the minimum required capital of all programs in Europe (you only have to prove you have around $2,000 USD for a one-year visa).
Entrepreneurs can apply for a 3-month visa to test the waters and get set up, or a 12-month visa to make the move and begin the process of permanent residency.
Like its cousin Lithuania, Estonia has beautiful scenery, sea views, and a high quality of life.
More info: https://startupestonia.ee/visa

Entrepreneur residence permits (Sweden)

Sweden is known in the business world for producing the likes of IKEA, but it’s also a welcoming country for entrepreneurs with companies of all sizes.
While Sweden doesn’t have a flashy website or dedicated startup-lingo page, the Nordic country has a Self-Employment Residency visa, which provides up to 2 years stay - with a path to permanent residency - for self-employed individuals.
The capital requirements are fairly low - you have to prove you have around $25,000 USD to support yourself while on visa - and you can apply from anywhere in the world. The primary potential downside for remote entrepreneurs is that this visa requires you to produce and/or sell the majority of your business’ goods and services in Sweden, which could be a challenge for a distributed workforce.
More info: https://www.migrationsverket.se/English/Private-individuals/Working-in-Sweden/Self-employment.html

Not sure about relocating quite yet?

One of the wins of remote work is that you can physically do your job from anywhere. So if you’ve been dreaming of relocating but not sure about taking the actual plunge, plan an extended working holiday.
Depending on where you’re from, most countries will allow you to stay at least a few weeks (and upwards of 90 days in some cases) with no visa or simply on a tourist visa.
If you’re planning this kind of “working holiday,” here are some places to consider visiting (that have great, accessible wifi) for when the world opens back up:
Smaller cities, towns, and villages:
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WATCH LIVE at 2:30 PM - Gov. John Bel Edwards COVID-19 Press Conference

WATCH LIVE at 2:30 PM - Gov. John Bel Edwards COVID-19 Press Conference

Made by Jeff Asher of the Times-Picayune

For today's conference, Gov. Edwards will be accompanied by Lafayette-area hospital officials and Joe Kanter from the Louisiana Department of Health.


  • Today Louisiana passes the 100,000 case benchmark with 101,650 cases being reported. These are only the cases we know about. These are cases with a positive test result. There are undoubtedly more cases out there, not everyone who is symptomatic has been tested, and we know that between 20-45% of people with COVID19 are asymptomatic and do not generally get tested. We know that there is more COVID out there than those that test positive.
  • 2,408 new cases reported since yesterday.
  • Today we report +16 new deaths, for a total of 3,574. Yesterday we reported 60 new deaths, the highest single-day report of COVID-19 deaths since May. We know deaths sometimes lag behind other numbers. No matter how you slice it up these numbers are very troubling.
  • In the month of July, we have reported over 400,000+ tests and have greatly expanded our testing in Louisiana and are #1 for the month of July for testing per capita in the country.
  • We know we have a high prevalence of COVID19 across the state of Louisiana.
  • I hope that hitting the 100k benchmark shows people we are in a public health emergency, not one that was declared by the Governor himself on his own accord, but one that is happening. This number should be sobering.
  • Cases are increasing across the state and this is why we are remaining in Phase 2. The mask mandate, limitation of bars, reduction of crowd size limitation to 50 people for social gatherings will continue.
  • We are nowhere we want to be in Louisiana. We do not want to have to go back to Phase 1 or Phase 0. However, we cannot lose our capacity to provide life-saving healthcare in our hospitals, which his why we have restrictions in place.
  • We have every reason to believe that if we can get universal compliance with face coverings, social distancing, washing hands, cutting down on travel, with people staying home more often, Lousiana can flatten the curve without having to go back into Phase 1 or Phase 0.
  • You can recall how previously I said that 3 parishes met the were not considered an area of high-incidence of COVID-19 by CDC's standards, and thus met the qualifications to opt-out of the mask mandate? There are currently no parishes that are not in the high-incidence of COVID-19 category.
  • The latest resurgence has impacted the ability of our healthcare systems.
  • OLOL has taken a two-week pause in performing non-emergency medical procedures that require inpatient beds to makes sure they have the beds, and more importantly the staff, they need for COVID19 patients.
  • Hospitalizations have increased all over the state in Louisiana there I, not one region where it decreasing. Especially concerned for Regions 4,5,6.
  • Hospitalizations have increased by +4 for a total of 1,585 COVID-19 positive patients hospitalized across Louisiana.
Dr. Amanda Logue, chief medical officer at Lafayette General Health System
  • Lafayette General Health is the largest healthcare provider for Acadiana but with the volume, they are seeing of COVID19 cases, they are not able to take care of their own community let alone expand services outside.
  • Actively taking care of patients, and surging as they need to, but are quickly running out space.
  • Had to transfers patients to Rapides, Baton Rouge, Northern Lousiana, even Mississippi.
  • Had to decline 87% of requests of transfers into our health system. That is not normal. Do not have the capability or space to take care of them.
  • Please come to the ER if you need to, do not be afraid to come to seek medical services. We will be here if you need us.
  • Main campus, largest hospital, Lafayette General Medical Center 1/2 of ICU, and 1/3 of non-ICU beds have patients fighting COVID19.
  • On May 27th we had 15 COVID 19 patients and yesterday we had 105.
  • In our whole 5 acute hospital system, we have had 143 patients and that number was only 20 six weeks ago
  • Seeing the rapid increase in community spread and hospitalizations that follows the community spread.
  • Please to Acadiana to understand the impact of widespread community outbreaks impacts the hospital system.
  • Moving elective surges off of the main campus and canceling some altogether. This is the last thing we want to do, some patients are still waiting for surgeries that were canceled in April.
  • Hospitals are full and the ICU is full.
  • Some beds are closed due to illnesses to staff.
  • Do not have enough nurses to staff the beds right now.
  • Thankful for the nursing teams but the level they are working at right now it unsustainable.
  • COVID19 has not replaced the typical volume of pattens we normally have like health attacks, strokes, etc. but when you add COVID on top of that it is unsustainable. Normally we can do both, but not when there are surges to this degree.
  • The only way to prevent recurring surges is to truly flatten the curve once and for all.
  • Follow the guidelines. Wash your hands. Physically distance from one another. Avoid large crowds. Wear a mask when you leave the house
  • If you are elder or high risk be especially careful and stay home if you don't have to be out.
  • Impacting not only COVID19 patients but anyone who wants to seek care in Acadiana.
Dr. Henry Kaufman, chief medical officer at Our Lady of Lourdes
  • OLOL the hospital is full and ICU is near complete capacity.
  • This significantly affects normal operations.
    • for 2 weeks OLOL has almost completely eliminated elective surgeries.
    • This means if your cardiologist recommends you need a heart bypass or early-stage cancer those operations will be deferred.
  • Still dealing with the aftermath of people coming in with later stages of diseases due to having to wait from the first surge.
    • Some people weren't able to get tests they would have, like mammograms, and now they are at later stages than what they would have been caught if these elective procedures weren't postponed.
    • 100s if not 1,000s of women have not been able to get their mammograms and he is worried there is the hidden impact completely unrelated to COVID that we haven't appreciated yet.
  • This is a real and present danger, the secondary effects of COVID, but how it affects our hospitals and community.
  • Physicians and team members are doing an amazing job, but they are getting burned out from overwork. Fatigue is a very real problem and this current wave is taxing our abilities for us to provide services.
  • Thought the second wave would come in the Fall and that there was more time to prepare.
  • The community needs to realize how compelling and dangerous of an issue this is.
  • This affects not only the people who are seeking treatment for COVID but also those seeking normal medical services for other needs.
  • OLOL has 19-20-year-old healthy kids in the ICU without any comorbidities.
  • Also seeing an increase of 50-60-year-olds without comorbidities in the ICU.
  • There is no way to tell who it will affect in a severe way. Fortunately, it doesn't affect most people, but it is a very real problem.
  • Wear your mask. Be smart. Good hygiene. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk. Avoid large crowds. Physically distance. It is extremely important right now.
Gov. John Bel Edwards
  • Testing available in EBR, no symptoms needed, no exposure needed. Please take advantage of the FREE test while testing the available.
    • You can pre-register at DoINeedACovid19Test.com - please do not register multiple times.
    • Thanks to the WH Taskforce for putting surge testing in Louisiana.
  • Working to establish a new surge testing site in the New Orleans area.
  • Deliberate misinformation campaign about the state inflating numbers by counting every positive test as a positive case. That is not the case, only your first test is counted. Every individual who tests positive only counts as one case regardless of the number of positive test results they may get.
  • If you have COVID19 in your state you will see cases go up, then hospitalizations, then deaths. It doesn't make sense that you would have hospitalizations and deaths going up without cases having gone up as well.
  • We have people being irresponsible and we are asking them to stop. No one should pay attention to what these individuals are saying.
  • We are not perfect, but we've put in multiple redundant systems to make sure the data is accurate, timely, and that we are sharing in a manner to be as transparent as possible.
  • Encouraged today by the vast majority of businesses and local leaders who are taking this seriously and masking up to protect their loved ones, employees, and the state of Louisiana to make sure we get back on top of the virus as soon as we can.
  • Asking everyone to take this virus seriously and do his or her part.
  • No one wants to go back to Phase 1. It shouldn't be necessary to go backward, but the only way to keep us from doing that is if everyone wears their mask when they are outside their home. It is a small price to pay. Be a good neighbor. If nothing else has respect for our healthcare workers who are working months on end.
  • There is not a safer place than at home. If you go out do so as little as possible. You do not need to go to the grocery store 3 times. Just go one once. If you go do not bring your entire family
  • If when you'd o go out you practice social distancing, washing your hands, and do not go out when you are sick. We will turn this around.
Comment on the weather
  • Watching the tropics. We're in hurricane season.
  • TP 8 is moving across the Gulf Coast towards Texas but there is a risk of heavy rainfall in the S, SW, and Central parts of the state.
  • Areas south of I-10 could receive between 2-4" of rain and tides are running higher than normal.
  • Flash flooding is a possibility. Do not drive on any street that could be underwater.
  • Will monitor Storm Gonzales.
  • Go to GetAGamePlan.org and prepare for a hurricane.
  • Preparing for a hurricane is different this season because of COVID19. Encourage everyone to check GetAGamePlan.org to get prepared.


What's the plan if we run out of space, is the plan to shift them to Morial?
First off, we are going to make sure that doesn't happen that we don't run into a situation where we cannot provide healthcare. We still have 250 beds at the Morial Convention Center with staffing for 60 with 28 beds currently being filled. We can expand to 60 more beds quickly. Further, much of the investments we made early on created new permanent surge capacity at various hospitals around the state. So we are in better shape than we were before.
Frankly, my bigger concern is not about beds, but about staffing. We believe we will be able to make the adjustments necessary and open the surge units, but the bigger challenge is around staffing. It is bigger this time because the surge we are seeing is happening in multiple parts of the country at one time. Hard to draw upon out-of-state staff because of those areas and not willing to give them up because they need them too. We discussed it with the VP last week after a phone email with hospital staff prior. Submitted a request through FEMA and it is currently pending. Looking to us the existing footprints of our hospitals, because it is easier to solve the staffing challenges than open up a new facility that isn't part of the existing footprint. No plan to currently create new facilities, but are working to fill staffing shortages.
How much did you request from the FEMA
As best as I can recall it was 300 Request to FEMA ranged from phlebotomists, ICU nurses, respiratory therapists, and so forth. I will get you the exact information.
Some people in Acadiana and Lafayette, in particular, feel the local agencies and parish governments are not doing their parts to enforce the mandates. What can we do on the state level to drive home how important it is to follow the mandates
When you watch Fauci or Birx speak and see what is coming out the CDC, that speak to you about the importance of these mitigations measures and you accompany it with the numbers we are seeing in Louisiana right now, not just cases but hospitalizations and deaths, you would hope the people would be responsible enough, take that into consideration, and they will comply because they understand it is important for those who are valuable, to help the medical community. Even if for some strange reason that is totally incomprehensible that you don't care about COVID you should care about there being capacity in the hospital if you get into a car accident or a family member has a stroke, you want that care to be available. We just need people to focus on the task at hand, do their part, be good neighbors. It is not that we won't force these things but if the people of Louisiana are going to make us enforce all of this we will not be successful. There are 4.6 million people in Louisiana, 10s of 1,000s of businesses if the people of Louisiana are going to sit back and say we will make you enforce every part of this we are doomed. As I mentioned the vast majority of businesses and people are being responsible but there are still too many that are not. So I am directing these comments to those individuals. IF you want to be mad at me, and disagree with me be mad and disagree but do so with a mask when you are outside of your house.
Where do you think the deliberate misinformation campaign is coming from?
I do not know. I am not personally investigating it. I am doing what I can to make sure no one attaches any credibility to it. This not just happening in Louisiana. This is happening in all of the other states that are having this tremendous resurgence. No one is out there "cooking the books". One thing we would do, if it was safe to do, is open our hospitals up so they could see with their own eyes the people who are fighting for their lives. They would know this is not a made-up number. This is grossly negligent and irresponsible. I am asking people not to do it and for others not to believe it.
Are you surprised that bars are the top location for an outbreak of COVID
I cannot say I'm surprised, bars were one of the last things opened because we knew the environment is not the easiest to control so people do things safely. It's just the nature of that establishment. Many people go to a bar to stay for several hours, have multiple drinks, and relax their inhibitions. They may have one mindset going in and another coming out. Then there is loud music and so you need to speak louder and release more particles if you happen to have COVID19. Then if you're listening you tend to get closer to hear than you should be. We were hopeful restrictions would work, but for the vast majority of bars, it proved to be too much. This is not just here in Louisiana. It is a WH Taskforce recommendation for our state and other states with high rates of COVID-19. It is also a worldwide recommendation. Once South Korea came out of its lockdown they had to shut down every bar in Seoul because they had a similar experience.
With staffing being an issue is the Morial Convention center a viable option as a field hospital
Dr. Henry Kaufman, chief medical officer at Our Lady of Lourdes: We have physical space, we have beds that are used during the day for outpatient surges. Those can be converted into hospital rooms. We have beds that are typically used for other purposes, and those have been converted to rooms. However, as we see an increasing number of transferrable cases in the community we see our nurses become infected. When a nurse becomes infected the quickest they return to work is 10 days. As a result, there is a huge pool of nurses who are currently out right now. This puts a strain on other nurses and staff in the hospital. So far it is working out, but our nurses are tired. The problem is not needing physical space, it is having enough people in our community to staff those beds to keep our nurses healthy. One way you can prevent yourself from getting COVID is to stay active and healthy, well-rested, and that your immune system is working well. Nurses, physicians, and staff are tired and not taking care of themselves as well as they need. This is a vicious cycle. Everyone is looking for staff right now. We are not at the point of reaching out to non-traditional areas for staffing. We have disucssed calling in retired nurses or those who have moved to other careers who still hold their licenses who could help.
Have you thought of reaching out of state for staffing?
Dr. Henry Kaufman, chief medical officer at Our Lady of Lourdes: We have contacted local staffing agencies, not many people available, anyone who is employable is employed. Everyone across the country is seeking nursing right now. Yes, we have considered that.
Governor John Bel Edwards
I've had requests to take national guard soldiers in a medical unit and have them available at the hospitals. But guess where the national guard soldiers in our medical unit work? In our hospitals. So I would be pulling them from one hospital to send them to another hospital around the state. The first thing we did was put out an EMAC request to all other states to see if they had anyone they could offer to address what we need. Exactly zero states offered any staffing. So then you start looking at staffing contractors and we are working that angle now. That is proving to be difficult as well, which is why we continue to work with FEMA on staffing.
In regards to the Morial Convention Center, remember that facility is for the less acute patients to allow hospitals to free up space sooner than they would. So once a patient reaches that level of care where they don't need an acute bed, but can't go home, they can go to the Morial Convention Center for care. Having hospitals sending their less severe patients to the convention center is something we are considering.
With the testing shortage issue in terms of a turnaround..
I just want to be clear we are doing an extraordinary amount of tests, but it is not a shortage of collection kits. There are reagent issues in the lab that are contributed to longer turnaround times, as well as the sure volume of tests. So of all the tests, we reported today 65% were within the last week. 30% were from the week before. That gives you an idea of the percentage of tests. This greatly impacts our ability to fight COVID-19. If someone waits 7-10 days to find out they are positive and did not curtail their activities, we know they are out there spreading that disease. Plus if it takes too long to get a test result back the contact tracing is too hard. So the turnaround time at the labs is the current challenge, not the testing supplies itself.
with turnaround times does this challenge testing congregate settings
In congregate settings, we are testing 100% of residents and staff every 2 weeks. We are seeing some delays in getting those results back. Anytime you see that it interferes with our ability to quickly get on top of the situation and appropriately quarantining patients. It is also true for the staff member who goes home at night and interacts with their family.
Over the next approx 8-12 weeks it is the goal of the Federal Government to send a rapid point of care tests to every nursing home. We are starting to see those machines arrive in small numbers this week and that will continue. That way tests are administered with results being known within 24 hours. It sounds too good to be true, so we need to make sure the machines come and we have all the testing materials that are needed.
Why are casinos not facing additional restrictions?
I'm not going to tell you we haven't experienced any issues at casinos but I can say they have been few in number and much more easily removed because you only have only a small number of them operating. Plus it is the most regulated industry in Louisiana so if you go in there and tell them a problem the corrections get made. We know they have been very responsive to any remedial measures we have told them to take. That is why they are open. We believe they can safely operate at the level of occupancy we have described. We want as much of our economy opened as possible consistent with public safety and the health of our people. Where we can operate a business safely we want to do that. Under the limitations, we currently have in place with casinos they can operate safely.

Closing Remarks

We have flattened the curve before and we can do it once again. We can do it without going back to Phase 1. But everyone must do their part. So if you want the economy open then we must all do our part. Please wear a face covering. Social distance. Stay home when you are sick. Wash your hands often. Watch out for the most valuable. The safest place you can be is at home. Lift one another upon prayer and focus on our blessings. If nothing else let's be thankful for our healthcare workers. Everyone has a healthy and safe weekend. God bless.
👉 NEXT PRESS CONFERENCES Will be Tuesday and Thursday next week at the Capital. If there is a reason to meet at other times, whether related to weather or COVID19, I will let you know.
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Is Ryan Coogler Marvel's Best Director?

Rewatched Black Panther due to recent circumstances and I was impressed by Coogler's direction. He has a great eye for visuals and his script hits hard with the dramatic moments and the characters. The scenes in the ancestral plane are beautiful with the way the dialogue unveils so much about the characters. I especially loved T'Challa's scene where he calls out his father. The action outside of the messy third act is top notch. The Seoul Casino long take was masterfully done and avoids the usual quick cut nature of the Marvel movies. Coogler felt like he was making a movie with a vision unlike a lot of other Marvel directors.
I think Taika Waititi and James Gunn have strong cases to make but I think Gunn's talent is more as a writer than a director.
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Why $TOMZ Could Be The Next 200-400% RUNNER DD & Charing

I’m still new to DD so please don’t burn me.
The stock I’m going to be going over is $TOMZ (OTC) and why I think it has the potential to 2X, and possibly 3X in the coming month, this is a long swing (At least a month). Since this is an OTC there will be some Dips here and there and some times where the stock absolutely Rockets. The reason why I want to talk about this stock is because of Earnings and everything below will explain: What TOMZ is, why it should/will rocket, chartings, news etc pretty much everything you need to know to get locked and loaded (I recommend you read everything because this is actually some pretty interesting DD and I promise it’s not boring :D ).
What is TOMZ:
TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. is a global bacteria decontamination and infectious disease control company, providing environmental solutions for indoor surface decontamination through the manufacturing, sales and licensing of its SteraMist brand products. SteraMist is an EPA registered sole active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide based product line that uses Binary Ionization Technology (BIT).
The four primary divisions of TOMI include: Hospital-Healthcare , Life Sciences, TOMI Service Network (TSN), and Food Safety. TOMI offers a variety of products and services to fulfill the disinfection needs of those industries. SteraMist Surface Unit is a fully portable, hand-held, point and spray disinfection and decontamination unit. The SteraMist Environment System is a complete room decontamination fogging system. In all of its divisions, TOMI remains committed to a focus on both customer satisfaction and client retention.
They are continuously growing and are expected to keep growing as the Pandemic gets worse and worse. Because of lack of volume TOMZ didn’t move much during its earnings but this time I believe that TOMZ is going to not only obliterate earnings again but have a massive bull run, the volume is definitely increasing going from 100k-400k volume per day to over 1 million in volume consistently and I also believe that they are going to beat earnings by more than 400% again (Possibly even more because of bad the Pandemic is getting).
Tl;dr They manufacture antibacterial sprays to fight diseases pretty much those big sprays that people spray in trains, stadiums, food markets etc to clean. You can use these anywhere and these are used in food markets, schools/police stations, casinos, stadiums, subways, schools etc almost everywhere. It's safe for the environment, drys fast etc and it’s 100% safe for plants. They are based on the US meaning no weird Chinese stock pump and dump scheme. Their products kill 99.99999 (yea 5 9’s % of bacteria)
Why TOMZ Can Rocket Massively:
They have a product line called Steramist which is used to fight off bacteria, and clean places (like I mentioned before) which is perfect because obviously were in a Pandemic, and this product is needed EVERYWHERE. Their products have insane profit margin and one product costs between $20,000 to $53000! This company is from Beverly Hills California and is available Internationally.
Their steramist is patented and one of the best antibacterial sprays in the globe. They are the LEADER in the US when it comes to antibacterial sprays. They are found in continents such as South America, Europe, and even Asia.
About Their Stermist (Why it's SO good):
Their product is possibly the best on the market and perhaps in the world. Not only are their profit margins INSANE they are one of the only antibacterial spray manufacturers that have a product that requires no mixing with other liquids/chemicals, no special cleanup/wiping and leaves no residue.
Their product does not contain any hazardous DOT restrictions meaning it does not need to be transported with any special vehicles or special products.
Their products can be stored perhaps anywhere and do not to be stored in a special room or contraption.
These products are EXTREMELY needed right now for obvious reasons, constantly being used everywhere and their company is the leader in this.
+1000% over the year
+OTC Market
+Expect a nice 10-40% dip soon since the RSI is overbought. HOWEVER there have been times where the RSI on TOMZ have been at 90+
+MACD is curling showing possible continuous gain
+Volume is picking up surely
+Support is around $1.20-$1.03 (So expect a dip somewhere there)
+”Top 1% of all short term signal directions” by Barchart: https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/TOMZ/overview
+Authorized Shares: 250,000,000 a/o Jul 10, 2020
Outstanding Shares: 133,537,083 a/o Jul 10, 2020
Restricted Shares: 32,054,629 a/o Jul 10, 2020
Float: 63,271,197 a/o Mar 31, 2020
Last earnings was on 3/31/2020 and they beat it by almost 500%! The reasons why they did not move was because it was literally unknown and the volume back then was around 200-400k which is nothing. Now the volume is starting to spike up, instead of getting 200k-400k volume we’ve been having 700-4mil volume since June 25thish.
Earnings Soon: ✅
The earnings is the main play of this stock. With record breaking sales and up over 500% in sales since last earnings, and with higher volume, and more hype this is bound to not only CRUSH earnings but Rocket to the galaxy. But let’s hope it doesn’t pull a CJJD on us. If Volume increases and there are much more buyers and earnings are absolutely ridiculous TOMZ can rocket, and on top this Earnings are a full month away (August 24th) meaning that there is still lots of time to load up, look for a dip etc so you really can’t miss out :). Infact I just realized that the amazing Timothy Sykes is recommending $TOMZ and it’s on his watchlist which is very nice to see.
News/Potential Catalysts: ✅
*They have earnings coming out soon (August 24th so lots of time left, and they are going to absolutely SHRED the earnings)
*https://www.linkedin.com/posts/tomi-environmental-solutions_county-spotlight-steramist-decontamination-activity-6683792430644518912-4dhO (About their Steramist Products
*https://tomimist.com/about/ihp/ (Scientific Ingredients in their Products if you care)
**Added another manufacturer facility to produce their SteraMist Spray on June 25th to mass produce these (Shows the sprays are in mass demand and are not only growing but selling more)
*https://twitter.com/nyc_joe638/status/1263936387973353473 (Glimpse of their Potential Q2 Earnings Which Sounds like it’ll be astronomical) “6weeks into Q2 & CEO states more Revs than Q1 & all of the past 12 months”
*Earnings on August 24th (Main Play)
*TOMZ First Quarter 2020 Financial Results: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/05/18/2035005/0/en/TOMI-Environmental-Solutions-Inc-Reports-First-Quarter-2020-Financial-Results.html
*Could have Revenue over 15-20MILLION Which is 1/10 of their total Market cap in a single quarter
*Their product line: https://tomimist.com/products/
*Each niceEach unit can cost between 18,000 and 53,385 USD. Trained individuals in the hospital, biomedical, and food service industries
*financials/balance sheet/cash flow https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/TOMZ/financials
“Furthermore the Company has entered into an agreement with Thailand’s Clean Environmental Solutions to combat cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the country, besides being declared the official decontamination technology of the Seoul City Metro Transit in South Korea.”
“In February 2020, the Company received a CDC registration in China after undergoing a 3-year long submission process, for both of its SteraMist equipment registration and BIT solution registration, officially making it the industry standard for disinfection in China. The approval is even more significant in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, which necessitates decontamination of public places throughout the community.”
TOMZ aboutta go to a whole different multiverse :')
Jokes aside I really have faith in this company, there is just so much good about it. It reminds me of WKHS, SOLO etc and I have good vibes with this stock. I'm in at $1.24 and not selling till it hits $3 at least (or when the earnings hits).
This company is gonna obliterate earnings which means , chart looks and company is great and actually know and here's why:
*”Each unit of Steramist can cost between $18,000 and $53,385 USD. Trained individuals in the hospital, biomedical, and food service industries.” (profit margins)
*****Great solid financials
*Stated that 6 weeks in Q2 they have more revenue than all of Q1 and all of LAST YEAR TOO
I will add more and EDIT if I find any mistakes/more info! To the galaxy we go hopefully

Financial Results for the Three Months Ended March 31, 2020 compared to March 31, 2019
● Total net revenue was $7,053,000 compared to $1,253,000, representing an increase of $5,800,000, or 463%.
– SteraMist® product-based revenues was $6,638,000 and $1,029,000, respectively, representing an increase of $5,609,000 or 545%.
– Service-based revenue was approximately $415,000 and $224,000, respectively, representing a year over year increase of 85%.
– Domestic revenue was $3,569,000 and $1,136,000, respectively, representing an increase of $2,433,000, or 214%.
– International revenue was approximately $3,484,000 and $117,000, respectively, representing an increase of $3,367,000 or 2,878%.
● Gross margins were 63.6% compared to 60.6%. The higher gross profit is attributable to the product mix in sales.
● Income from operations was $2,659,000, compared to a Loss from operations of ($868,000), representing an increase of $3,527,000, or 406%.
● Net Income was $2,619,000, or $0.02 on a per share basis compared to a Net loss of ($935,000), or ($0.01) on a per share basis, representing an increase of $3,554,000, or 380%.
● Cash provided from operations of $3,316,000, compared to cash used in operations of ($649,000).
● EBIDTA was $2,831,000 compared to an adjusted net loss of ($691,000). A table reconciling EBITDA to the appropriate GAAP measure is included with the Company's financial information below.
Balance sheet highlights as of March 31, 2020 and December 31, 2019
● Cash and cash equivalents of approximately $3,756,000 and $897,000, representing an increase of $2,859,000.
● Working capital of $6,365,000 and ($1,266,000), representing an increase of $7,631,000.
● Conversion of $4,500,000 in convertible notes into 8,333,332 common shares.
● Shareholder equity of $8,324,000 and $890,000, representing an increase of $7,434,000.
Current Business Highlights To Date
● First quarter revenue of $7,053,000 eclipsed total revenue generated for the full calendar year of 2019.
● Year over year growth in overall revenue to date of 496% (unaudited).
● Year to date growth in equipment and solution revenue of 485% and 933%, respectively, compared to the same prior year period (unaudited).
● Sold 241 machines to date in 2020, representing an approximate 551% increase over the same prior year period.
● Sold 16,000 gallons of solution to date, representing a increase of 834% when compared to the same prior year period.
● Added one hundred and forty-one (141) customers to date in 2020, representing a 571% increase over the same prior year period.
● Added thirty-one (31) new facilities in the hospital-healthcare division to date in 2020, representing a 94% increase over the same prior year period.
● Added fifty-nine (59) new TSN providers to date in 2020, representing a 1,833% increase over the same prior year period, creating a total of 161 providers throughout 40 U.S. States and Canada.
● Added twenty-nine (29) new customers to our Life Sciences customer base, representing an increase of 263%.
● Added one (1) new Food Safety customer who purchased and implemented our SteraMist® technology into their facility, bringing to a total of six (6) customer food safety customers.
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Gamebreaking Glitch: Ferris Wheel

EDIT: Everyone is thinking I’m taking about the Task ManageTab out/Test NAT Type/whatever it is on PS4 to get a Solo Public Lobby, But the point of the glitch is to show how this could be used to break a lobby into limiting the amount of spawns of police (it’s perma 1 Star with no police spawns except for police stations)
This glitch will break the lobby while the person who started it is still in the lobby
1,Have 2-4 people (I did it with 3 people but the the third person didn’t really do anything 2,Have a Arcade with The Diamond Casino Heist active and The Patrol Routes prep not done
Step 1: have a person situated at the Ferris Wheel in del peiro
Step 2: have the other person situated at their Arcade
Step 3: The person near the Ferris Wheel has to board the Ferris wheel and do a full loop of the Ferris wheel and as soon as the loop has finished pressed quit which means at the end of the second loop it will quit
Step 4: The person in the arcade will start the Patrol Routes Prep (make sure you do it after the Ferris Wheel player has pressed quit on the Ferris wheel) and make their way towards the Patrol Route area, but they cannot begin it and it should still say (as an example) Go to Little Seoul.
Step 5: After the Ferris wheel player has finished their Loop and are off the wheel they have to rush straight to the prep and enter the area (without the arcade player)
Step 6: Kill all the guards and find the car
Step 7: make sure the person who was on the Ferris Wheel opens the boot of the car, you will notice that the boot is empty and supposedly the papers are in a random carpark location (check on your map, for me it was 90% of the time in Del Piero)
Step 8: Drive to the photos location and you will notice that their is a briefcase floating, shoot that briefcase and it will fall while the plans (which will spawn either after shooting the briefcase or will already be there)
Step 9: as you will have the Wanted Level you can walk around and do crimes without the wanted level rising, And police won’t spawn
Conclusion: After doing this the lobby will be permanently broken (well broken until the CEO of the group that did this leaves) this can be used to ruin a lobby, abuse the part where police don’t spawn or just to stop people from doing free mode jobs or anything free mode
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Although the number of cases here is going down, I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet. Not by a long shot.

To begin, clusters in Seoul have begun to emerge as people here are already becoming more complacent about staying home and avoiding crowds. Second, the situation in the US and Europe is deteriorating quickly not just in terms of the number of cases but economically.
Schools and unis are closing. Restaurants, shops and bars are closing. Theaters and casinos are closing. Planes aren’t flying, and cruise ships have stopped sailing. All of these businesses no longer need their workers and many of those workers are living paycheck to paycheck. Think of the millions of people who don’t have a ton of savings and who now won’t be able to cover their rent or pay their bills. This will have a huge impact on the global economy for months to come. Markets are falling and credit ratings for large company are starting to become scrutinised as companies with less cash could run into problems without a bailout.
How does that effect you in your teaching job in Korea? Already we’ve seen the won fall against home currencies. I think it will fall further. The European and US economies have a huge impact on the rest of the world. Already we’ve seen the effects of the Chinese economy impact Korea with some factories here coming to a halt as materials from China have stopped coming. Demand for Korean things such as phones and cars will go down hurting the economy here more than it already is. That means people will have less to pay for tutors, hagwons, etc.
Yes, we may be seeing the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, but the growing economic problems are just over the horizon.
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[Event] Dash to the Future Megaproject

Dash to the Future Megaproject

As teased by President Lim, the Legislative Yuan finally put a rubber-stamp on his teased Dash to the Future megaproject. The project is slated to cost $100 Bn, with the goal of launching Taiwan over the $1 Tn GDP mark and well towards the next trillion, to be the largest economic overhaul of the nation since its rise as an East Asian Miracle in the 80's and 90's. The Legislative Yuan has placed a soft completion date for the project around mid 2038.

Greater Taipei

With population in Taiwan climbing, and already having metropolitan spill over between Taipei, New Taipei City, Taoyuan and Keelung, the Ministry of the Interior has included as part of the Dash to the Future Plan a major overhaul of these areas that include full integration into a new smart megacity called Greater Taipei. As part of this integration, the entire city will be called Greater Taipei, but Taipei, New Taipei City, Taoyuan, and Keelung will be the new Super Districts while still having jurisdiction of their already existing districts. With the exception of New Taipei City, most of these new Super Districts are extremely old. While there are newer, overhauled areas, most of the residences are small high-rises that have been there since Japanese colonialism and slowly updated. Electrical wires run from street transformers directly through windows into buildings, the same could be said about the internet. Being the oldest part of modern Taiwan, it is no surprise it is the last place on the island that remains this way, and this will have to be addressed when creating Greater Taipei into a smart megacity.
Massive digging projects will begin to streamline the electricity management of Greater Taipei by placing it underground and integrated into each residential and business structure as overhauled in the Housing Boom subproject. The same will be done with the internet as well, to provide fibre optics to every residential building and business. All current sewage piping, and water piping will be completely redone to connect sewage to waste water plants to clean out the waste and filter the cleaned water towards the interior where agriculture is present.
To make Greater Taipei into a world class city like Tokyo, or Seoul, it will need to be clean. While trash has never been an issue with Taiwan’s dominant recycling regimen and daily trash routines, streetside food vending is not only violating health regulations, but looks unsanitary. The Ministry of Interior acknowledges that night markets are an important part of Taiwan’s culture and tourism background so they decided to build several specific large mall-like markets with multiple floors. Vendors will rent out space from the Ministry of Interior, and will be given a license to operate within the lease date so long as they pass the health inspections.
After the Port of Taipei was damaged by the People’s Liberation Army, the Ministry of National Defense was quick to dispatch CSBC Corporation to repair the damage, however the port is important to the northern economy, and President Lim has been vigilant to include it in the Dash to the Future Megaproject. The container port is going to be expanded to service 20,000 TEUs and up to 52 container berths. To do so, the quay length will be extended 15,500 m with 190 quay cranes and 178,000 m2 of warehouse. The Taiwan Heavy Industries Shipyard at the Port of Taipei will also be subsequently expanded to provide a larger away of civilian and business vessels to feed Taiwan’s monstrous trade regimen. The facility expansions will focus on crude oil tankers, oil and natural gas drilling ships, LPG carriers, offshore oil and gas rig vessels, semi submersible heavylift ship barge, and superlarge freighters. Most of these will service EVERGREEN’s growing need for vessels as Taiwan’s economic influence expands across Africa and the world, to service LNG and petroleum drilling operations in Africa, the Indian Ocean, and the Philippine Sea.
The Ministry of Interior plans to move the central government from Taipei to Tainan so Taipei can focus on finance, business, and tourism rather than politics. All current government buildings such as the Legislative Yuan, Presidential Office Building, and others will be turned into the Taiwan Smithsonian, so that citizens can visit the historical monuments for free.
Roads in the city will be expanded to feed the growing population and updated to modern standards. The highways will be expanded to ten lanes, while roads will be expanded to eight lanes. The roadways and the highways across Taiwan will be armed with speed and traffic cameras for enforcement of laws by photography and speed signalling. The Ministry of Interior has set their goal of 99% of Taiwan’s roadways to be enforced by camera policing to not only make driving safer, but cleaner. Sound barriers will be added around the freeways, highways to minimize sound.
Having long been delayed, the Taoyuan International Airport, the island’s primary airport is going to undergo extensive remodeling as part of the Dash to the Future Megaproject. With the large-scale international recognition of the Republic of Taiwan, many previously off-limits routes are now available to Taiwan, meaning the airport will have to accommodate the increased traffic. Already a busy airport, they have decided to market themselves towards being the hub to South Asia from North Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas. Meaning that flights headed to South Asia will be directed through Taoyuan International Airport. Two more runways are going to be added, each at 12,467 feet made primarily of concrete. The airport has a target of around 100,000,000 passengers served annually, which is 20,000,000 more than the current 80 million. All of the terminals will be upgraded to be on a loop to the highway so that vehicles can pull up, and drop off relatively quickly.
The integration is expected to cost $20 Bn over the course of the project.

New Capital City - Tainan

The central government has decided to jump ship from Taipei to the old ancient capital, Tainan. Tainan was the original capital to the island government when ruled by their own people, and seemed like a fit for the Republic of Taiwan. Additionally, the transition to Tainan will bring with it a large amount of investment and repurposing of the city from stagnant industry, to bustling political center. A building for each ministry will have to be constructed, as well as a Legislative Yuan, and a Presidential Building. The site for the construction of the new seat of government has been selected in the Annan District of Tainan, mostly abandoned farmland and right on two scenic rivers, right across from Anping Old Fort. All of the ministry-level headquarters will be built in a similar ancient Taiwan palace-style along a single road called Independence Way that connects to Road 17. Taiwan’s new presidential building will be called the “Green House” denoted by its green-colored roof to be as pictured at the end of Independence Way with each Ministry building at its North and South. (See the Green House, pictured center, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, pictured left). The area around the structures will be maximized for the growth of vegetable and fruit gardens. The paddies around the buildings should also be preserved as much as possible to maintain the healthy natural image. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated the buildings on Independence Way will be entirely powered by renewable energy, like 80% of the country.
The construction and overhaul of the area to prepare for the transition of the seat of government should cost $5 Bn.

Housing Boom

The island has already built over most of its non-mountainous areas with houses since the early 1900’s. As noted above, the new focus will be about building new, and higher than ever before. While most of Taiwan’s buildings, especially in Taoyuan, and Taipei are very aged, the new push is to build tall and build new. As part of a great urban renewal project and residential housing project, Continental Engineering Corporation has been provided the contract and subsidies to undertake the massive housing project. All of the structures will be replaced with large multi-use skyscrapers. This will allow the ground floors to be used by stores, and restaurants, while the remaining floors can be used for apartments. Electricity, water, sewage, gas, and the internet will run to these buildings. Each unit will have its own integrated HVAC system, a considerable upgrade for Taiwan. These high-scale cookie-cutter apartment complexes will be dotted across the island, replacing the old. These apartments will be sectioned into units of 10, and that will consist of a neighborhood that has a secure vehicle and foot entrance on two sides. Using the home key to swipe at the security gate they can gain access to the neighborhood and to their building. Guests can check in at the security gate by providing their National Identification Card. A section for visitor parking by the security gate will be allotted, while residence parking will be camera detected by parking pass, and will remain underground in the neighborhood. At the center of each neighborhood, will have a park and common area for community activities. The security entrances will be manned by uniformed, unarmed, volunteers to the National Police Agency as part of their new Community Safety Office. They will not have the authority to arrest anyone or detain anyone, but could assist with situations until law enforcement arrive if serious, solve communal disputes, report suspicious activity, and general community outreach activities like helping a child find their home, get into their building, assisting people carrying groceries etc.
Likely the most important piece of the project, and the largest arm of the project, it is expected to cost $50 Bn in upgrades and construction across the island to completely modernize housing and implement the safe neighborhood system.

Connection Penghu

The islands of Penghu, still on Taiwan’s continental shelf, are in shallow waters, easily accessible, and within 10 miles of Chiayi County on the island of Taiwan. A series of bridged highways have been proposed in a loop to link Penghu County and its respective islands to each other which will be linked by a long over-water bridge to the coastal Highway 61. As part of the loop there will be two connections across to Penghu, the first will connect the Hwy 61 to Penghu’s 202 at the Huxi Township. The other connection will connect Dongjiyu Township to the 61 by Jiangjun District. This plan will effectively connect all of the islands of Penghu directly to each other and to Taiwan proper. The connection will be called the Penghu Causeway, and will cost $20 Bn.

Gambling Laws and Tourism

As Taiwan gains a taste for luxury life and culture, the Legislative Yuan decided to generally legalize gambling across the Republic of Taiwan. Previously, gambling was only legal in designated areas, however no areas were ever designated. After the passage of this law, gambling and e-gambling will now be legal in Taiwan. Specifically, the Legislative Yuan has targeted Yilan County’s coast for specific gambling and resort build up on the Eastern Coast. White sands will be poured over Yilan’s coast and allow the targeted foreign resort and casino investment into the area. The Ministry of Interior will be conducting a $5 Bn construction and infrastructure build up of the coast to cater to construction of prospective resorts and casinos. This will include the clearing of the new coast, extending of power lines and water lines, and carving out areas for resorts and casinos, while preparing the white sand beach.
Taiwan will now allow the hosting of e-gambling services, including Simplified Chinese to suck money out of China’s rampant addiction to online gambling that the government can’t seem to crank down on. Currently, the Philippines manages the monopoly for e-gambling in South East Asia, but as an easy market to get into and a sector dominance of Chinese-language, the barriers to entry for Taiwan are extremely low. With the technological prowess of Taiwan, the Legislative Yuan expects it will not be long until most e-gambling could be regulated through Taiwan’s government, and all the digital transactions and gambling fees raking in more revenue from overseas players to Taiwan. The Legislative Yuan hopes that this broad legalization will drive further business, and will make Taiwan one of the first in South East Asia to do so.
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New world news from Time: World Health Organization Reports Largest Single-Day Increase in Coronavirus Cases

(GENEVA) — The World Health Organization on Sunday reported the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases by its count, at more than 183,000 new cases in the latest 24 hours.
The UN health agency said Brazil led the way with 54,771 cases tallied and the U.S. next at 36,617. Over 15,400 came in in India.
Experts said rising case counts can reflect multiple factors including more widespread testing as well as broader infection.
Overall in the pandemic, WHO reported 8,708,008 cases — 183,020 in the last 24 hours — with 461,715 deaths worldwide, with a daily increase of 4,743.
More than two-thirds of those new deaths were reported in the Americas.
In Spain, officials ended a national state of emergency after three months of lockdown, allowing its 47 million residents to freely travel around the country for the first time since March 14. The country also dropped a 14-day quarantine for visitors from Britain and the 26 European countries that allow visa-free travel.
But there was only a trickle of travelers at Madrid-Barajas Airport, which on a normal June day would be bustling.
“This freedom that we now have, not having to justify our journey to see our family and friends, this was something that we were really looking forward to,” Pedro Delgado, 23, said after arriving from Spain’s Canary Islands.
Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez urged people to take maximum precautions: “The virus can return and it can hit us again in a second wave, and we have to do whatever we can to avoid that at all cost.”
At a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Trump said Saturday the U.S. has tested 25 million people, but the “bad part” is that it found more cases.
“When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people, you’re going to find more cases,” Trump said. “So I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please.’″
White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said on CNN that Trump was being “tongue-in-cheek” and made the comment in a “light mood.”
Democratic rival Joe Biden’s campaign accused Trump of “putting politics ahead of the safety and economic well-being of the American people.”
The U.S. has the world’s highest number of reported infections, over 2.2 million, and the highest death toll, at about 120,000, according to Johns Hopkins. Health officials say robust testing is vital for tracking outbreaks and keeping the virus in check.
In England, lockdown restrictions prevented druids, pagans and party-goers on Sunday from watching the sun rise at the ancient circle of Stonehenge to mark the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. English Heritage, which runs the site, livestreamed it instead. A few people gathered outside the fence.
“You can’t cancel the sunrise,” druid Arthur Pendragon told the BBC.
The number of confirmed virus cases is still growing rapidly not only in the U.S. but in Brazil, South Africa and other countries, especially in Latin America.
Brazil’s Health Ministry said the total number of cases had risen by more than 50,000 in a day. President Jair Bolsonaro has been downplaying the risks even as his country has seen nearly 50,000 fatalities, the second-highest death toll in the world.
South Africa reported a one-day high of almost 5,000 new cases on Saturday and 46 deaths. Despite the increase, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a further loosening of one of the world’s strictest lockdowns. Casinos, beauty salons and sit-down restaurant service will reopen.
In the United States, the virus appears to be spreading across the West and South. Arizona reported over 3,100 new infections, just short of Friday’s record, and 26 deaths. Nevada also reported a new high of 445 cases.
In Europe, a single meatpacking plant in Germany has had over 1,000 cases, so the regional government issued a quarantine for all 6,500 workers, managers and family members.
In Asia, China and South Korea reported new coronavirus cases Sunday in outbreaks that threatened to set back their recoveries.
Chinese authorities recorded 25 new confirmed cases — 22 in Beijing. In the past week, Beijing tightened travel controls by requiring anyone who wants to leave the Chinese capital, a city of 20 million people, to show proof they tested negative for the virus.
In South Korea, nearly 200 infections have been traced to employees at a door-to-door sales company in Seoul, and at least 70 other infections are tied to a table tennis club there. But South Korean officials are reluctant to enforce stronger social distancing to avoid hurting the economy.
Joe McDonald reported from Beijing and Kim Tong-hyung reported from Seoul, South Korea. AP journalists around the world contributed to this report.
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November History: Full

November 1, 2, & 3, 2014 Bigeast Fanclub Event 2014 Location: Osaka, Japan (Day 1, 2, & 3) Venue: INTEX Osaka Hall 5
November 1, 2017 Digital: 72주년 경찰의 날 홍보영상 OST 01 당신과 함께
November 2, 2005 JP Single: My Destiny [CD Only] 01 My Destiny 02 Eternal 03 My Destiny (Less Vocal) 04 Eternal (Less Vocal) [CD + DVD] 01 My Destiny 02 Eternal 03 My Destiny (Acapella Ver.) 04 My Destiny (Less Vocal) 05 Eternal (Less Vocal)
November 2 & 3, 2013 WWW: 2013 Kim Jaejoong 1st Solo Album Asia Tour Location: Seoul, South Korea (Day 1 & 2) Venue: COEX Hall D Attendance: 10,000 (Each for both days)
November 2, 2018 Secret Road: 2018 Live Hall Tour Location: Fukuoka, Japan Venue: Fukuoka Sun Plaza
November 2, 3, & 4, 2018 Tomorrow: Live Tour 2018 Location: Niigata, Japan (Day 1, 2, & 3) Venue: Toki Messe Niigata Convention Center
November 3, 2012 2012 Kim Jaejoong 1st Asia Tour Fanmeet Location: Jakarta, Indonesia Venue: MEIS in ANCOL Attendance: 7,000
November 3 & 4, 2020 [POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS!] 2020 Breaking Dawn Live Tour Location: Aichi, Japan (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Aichi Sky Expo Hall A
November 5, 2014 JP Single: Time Works Wonders [CD + DVD] 01 Time Works Wonders 02 Baby Don't Cry 03 Time Works Wonders (Less Vocal) 04 Baby Don't Cry (Less Vocal) [CD Only] 03 Time Works Wonders (Acapella)
November 5, 2014 KR OST: Mr. Baek 01 널 사랑한 시간에 (In the Time that I Love You)
November 5 & 6, 2014 Bigeast Fanclub Event 2014: The Mission III Location: Yokohama, Japan (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Yokohama Arena
November 5, 2017 2017 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour Fanmeet Location: Taipei, Taiwan Venue: NTU Sports Center
November 5, 2018 Junsu's Discharge
November 16, 2011 JYJ World Tour Concert Location: Berlin, Germany Venue: Tempodrome
November 7, 2007 JP Collab: Koda Kumi ft. Tohoshinki - Last Angel 01 Last Angel 03 Last Angel (Inst.)
November 7, 2010 JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: Shanghai, China Venue: Grand Stage
November 7 & 8, 2015 Yesterday: 2015 XIA 4th Asia Tour Concert Location: Seoul, South Korea (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Jamsil Indoor Stadium
November 8, 2006 JP Single: Miss You [CD + DVD Ver.]01 Miss You 02 “O”‐正.反.合. 03 Sky (TVP UTA’S MIX) 04 Miss You (Less Vocal) 05 “O”‐正.反.合. (Less Vocal) [CD Only] 01 Miss You 02 “O”‐正.反.合. 03 Miss You (Less Vocal) 04 “O”‐正.反.合. (Less Vocal)
November 8, 2007 KR Single: Anyband ft. Junsu - Talk, Play, Love) 01 TPL (Talk, Play, Love) 02 Promise U 03 Daydream 04 TPL (Talk, Play, Love Inst.) 05 Promise U (Inst.)
November 9 & 10, 2019 XV: 2019 Live Tour Location: Fukuoka, Japan (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Fukuoka Dome
November 10, 2010 [CANCELLED]JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Venue: Neal S Blaisdell Arena
November 10, 2012 2012 Kim Jaejoong 1st Asia Tour Fanmeet Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center Attendance: 3,500
November 11, 2006 Bigeast 1st Fanclub Event Location: Chiba, Japan Venue: Makuhari Messe
November 11, 2009 KR OST: Heaven's Postman사랑아 (Love) *To my knowledge, this was never officially released. The track isn't listed on the soundtrack either.
November 12, 2008 KR Repackaged: Mirotic (Ver. C) 02 사랑아 울지마 (Don’t Cry, My Lover) 06 소원 (Wish) [ft. Ryeowook & Kyuhyun of Super Junior] 10 사랑 안녕 사랑 (Love Bye Love) 14 Don’t Say Goodbye
November 12, 2010 JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: New York City, New York Venue: Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom
November 13, 2006 KR Album: “O"-正.反.合. (Ver. C & D) 01 “O"-正.反.合. 02 세상에 단 하나뿐인 마음 (You’re My Miracle) 03 Hey! Girl 04 Get Me Some 05 I’ll Be There 06 네 곁에 숨쉴 수 있다면 (White Lie...) 07 Remember 08 이제 막 시작된 이야기 (The Story Has Just Begun) 09 ON&ON 10 Phantom 환영(幻影) 11 You Only Love 12 풍선 (Balloons)
November 13, 2010 [CANCELLED] JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: Seattle, Washington Venue: Wamu Theater
November 14, 2007 JP Single: Forever Love [CD + DVD & Bigeast] 01 Forever Love 02 Day Moon ~ハルダル~ 03 Forever Love (Less Vocal) 04 Day Moon ~ハルダル~ (Less Vocal) [CD Only] 01 Forever Love 02 Day Moon ~ハルダル~ 03 Forever Love (Acappella Version) 04 Forever Love (Less Vocal) 05 Day Moon ~ハルダル~ (Less Vocal)
November 14, 2007 JP SM Collab: Tenjochiki ft. JJ - Graceful 4 03 Just for One Day (ft. Jaejoong)
November 14, 2010 JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Venue: Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
November 14, 2010 [CANCELLED] ]JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: San Francisco, California Venue: Bill Graham Auditorium
November 14, 15, & 16, 2018 Tomorrow: Live Tour 2018 Location: Nagoya, Japan (Day 1, 2, & 3) Venue: Nippon Gaishi Hall
November 14 & 15, 2020 [POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS!] 2020 Breaking Dawn Live Tour Location: Miyagi, Japan (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Zebio Arena Sendai
November 15 & 16, 2013 WWW: 2013 Kim Jaejoong 1st Solo Album Asia Tour Location: Yokohama, Japan (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Yokohama Stadium Attendance: 35,000 (Each for both days)
November 16 & 17, 2019 ~Love Covers~: J-JUN Live 2019 Location: Chiba, Japan (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Makuhari Messe Event Hall
November 17 & 18, 2012 Catch Me: Live World Tour Location: Seoul, South Korea (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Olympic Gymnastics Arena Combined Attendance Total: 25,000
November 18 & 19, 2014 Ichigo Ichie Location: Tokyo, Japan (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Tokyo Dome
November 18, 2015 JP Solo: Close to You 01 Into the Water 02 道程 (Road) 03 Oh No! 04 Rock with U 05 Gold Dust 06 Admit It, You Love It 07 木枯らしが届く頃に (By the Time the Cold Winter Wind Arrives)
November 18 & 19, 2020 [POSTEDPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS!] 2020 Breaking Dawn Live Tour Location: Tokyo, Japan (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Yoyogi National Gymnasium
November 19, 2010 JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: Los Angeles, California Venue: USC The Galen Center
November 19, 2015 Changmin Enlists
November 19, 2017 2017 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour Fanmeet Location: Hong Kong Venue: KITEC Star Hall
November 19, 20, & 21, 2019 XV: 2019 Live Tour Location: Tokyo, Japan (Day 1, 2, & 3) Venue: Tokyo Dome
November 20, 2019 AiiAxJAEJOONG Honey Holic Special Fanmeeting 2019 Location: Tokyo, Japan Venue: Line Cube Shibuya
November 21, 2009 [CANCELLED] The 3rd Asia Tour: Mirotic Location: Shenzhen Stadium Venue: ?????
November 21, 2011 KR Album: In Heaven (Special Edition) 01 Get Out 02 In Heaven 03 낙엽 (Fallen Leaves) 04 소년의 편지 (The Boy’s Letter) 05 Mission 06 I.D.S 07 삐에로 (Pierrot) 08 You’re 09 Nine 10 이름없는 노래 Pt.1 (A Song Without A Name Pt.1) 11 Get Out (Remix) 12 In Heaven (Remix)
November 21, 2018 JP Single: Jealous 01 Jealous 02 大好きだった 03 Jealous (Inst.) 04 大好きだった (Inst.)
November 22, 23, & 24, 2018 Tomorrow: Live Tour 2018 Location: Miyagi, Japan (Day 1, 2, & 3) Venue: Sekisui Heim Super Arena
November 23 & 24, 2013 Bigeast Fanclub Event 2013: The Mission II Location: Saitama, Japan (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Saitama Super Arena
November 23, 2013 WWW: 2013 Kim Jaejoong 1st Solo Album Asia Tour Location: Taipei, Taiwan Venue: Taiwan University Gymnasium Attendance: 6,000
November 24, 2007 The 2nd Asia Tour Concert: 'O' Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Venue: Stadium Merdeka Attendance: 30,000
November 24 & 25, 2020 [POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS!] 2020 Breaking Dawn Live Tour Location: Tokyo, Japan (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Yoyogi National Gymnasium
November 25, 2004 JP Ver.: Tri-angle 01 믿어요 (Trust Me) 02 Thanks To 03 Tri-Angle (ft. BoA & TRAX) 04 내 여자친구가 되어줄래? (Will You be My Girlfriend?) 05 Whatever They Say (Acapella) 06 Million Men 07 지금처럼 (Like Now) 08 I Never Let Go 09 꼬마야 (Hey, Kid) 10 넌 언제나 (You Always) 11 Hug 12 My Little Princess 13 The Way U Are 14 Tri-Angle (동방신기 Ver.) Additional Track for JP Ver. 15 Hug (International Ver.)
November 25, 2017 2017 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour Fanmeet Location: Bangkok, Thailand Venue: Thunder Dome
November 25, 26, & 27, 2017 Begin Again: Live Tour 2017 Location: Tokyo, Japan (Day 1, 2, & 3) Venue: Tokyo Dome
November 26, 2012 KR Repackaged: Humanoids 01 Humanoids 03 Here I Stand
November 27 & 28, 2010 JYJ World Tour Concert Location: Seoul, South Korea (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Seoul Olympic Stadium
November 27, 2013 JP Single: Very Merry Xmas [CD + DVD] 01 Very Merry Xmas 02 White 03 Very Merry Xmas (Less Vocal) 04 White (Less Vocal) [CD] 03 Very Merry Xmas (Remix)
November 27, 2020 Fansign Event Location: ???, Thailand Venue: TBA
November 28 & 29, 2015 Yesterday: 2015 XIA 4th Asia Tour Concert Location: Nagoya, Japan (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Nippon Gaishi Hall Combined Attendance Total: 18,000
November 28, 2020 1st Mini Concert Location: ???, Thailand Venue: TBA
November 30, 2011 JP Single: Winter Rose [CD A] 01 Winter Rose 02 Duet (Winter Ver.) 03 Winter Rose (Less Vocal) 04 Duet (Winter Ver. Less Vocal) [CD B] 03 Winter Rose (Reversible Ver.) 06 Duet (Winter Ver + Chorus Member Ver.)
November 30, 2012 Tarantallegra: XIA 1st World Tour Concert Location: Oberhausen, Germany Venue: Turbinenhalle
November 30, 2013 Bigeast Fanclub Event 2013: The Mission II Location: Kobe, Japan (Day 1) Venue: Kobe World Memorial Hall
November 30, 2017 2017 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour Fanmeet Location: Manila, Philippines Venue: Smart Araneta Coliseum
November 30, 2018 2018 WAY BACK XIA Concert Location: Seoul, South Korea (Day 1) Venue: Jamsil Indoor Stadium
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November History: JYJ

November History: JYJ

November 6, 2011 JYJ World Tour Concert Location: Berlin, Germany Venue: Tempodrome

November 7, 2010 JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: Shanghai, China Venue: Grand Stage
November 10, 2010 [CANCELLED] JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Venue: Neal S Blaisdell Arena
November 12, 2010 JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: New York City, New York Venue: Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom
November 13, 2010 [CANCELLED] JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: Seattle, Washington Venue: Wamu Theater
November 14, 2010 JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Venue: Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
November 14, 2010 [CANCELLED] JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: San Francisco, California Venue: Bill Graham Auditorium

November 18 & 19, 2014 一期一会 (Ichigo Ichie) Location: Tokyo, Japan (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Tokyo Dome
November 19, 2010 JYJ "The Beginning" 2010 Showcase Tour Location: Los Angeles, California Venue: USC The Galen Center

November 21, 2011 KR Album: In Heaven (Special Edition) 01 Get Out 02 In Heaven 03 낙엽 (Fallen Leaves) 04 소년의 편지 (The Boy’s Letter) 05 Mission 06 I.D.S 07 삐에로 (Pierrot) 08 You’re 09 Nine 10 이름없는 노래 Pt.1 (A Song Without A Name Pt.1) 11 Get Out (Remix) 12 In Heaven (Remix)

November 27 & 28, 2010 JYJ World Tour Concert Location: Seoul, South Korea (Day 1 & 2) Venue: Seoul Olympic Stadium
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Spike in South Korea virus cases shows perils of reopening

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot)
SEOUL, South Korea - As Mediterranean beaches and Las Vegas casinos laid out plans to welcome tourists again, South Korea announced a spike in new infections Wednesday and considered reimposing social distancing restrictions, revealing the setbacks ahead for other nations on the road to reopening.
The EU move came as the International Labor Organization reported nearly one in six young people have stopped working during the pandemic, warning of long-term fallout that could lead to a "Lockdown generation" if steps aren't taken to ease the crisis.
Across the Atlantic, the pandemic claimed new victims as the confirmed U.S. death toll approached 100,000 - the highest by far in the world - and nations from Mexico to Chile to Brazil struggled with surging cases and overwhelmed hospitals.
India saw another record single-day jump, reporting 6,387 new cases on Wednesday as the government prepared new guidelines for the next phase of a 2-month-old national lockdown that ends Sunday.
Mexico's health department reported 501 deaths from the coronavirus - a new one-day high.
U.S. officials are pushing hard to reopen even as more than a dozen states are still seeing increasing new cases.
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[AMA] I quit my gamedev job and travelled the world (no antarctica sorry) for 18 months AMA

hi guys I wanted to do this for a while but finally convinced myself that some people might actually be interested
I'm 31 (29 when I started the trip), male, originally from Austria. I lived and worked in Germany and England as a game developer before quitting my job early 2017 to travel the world. Over the course of 18 months my trip took me to all 6 inhabited continents.
I started in southern Africa, flew to east Asia, went down to New Zealand for christmas and new years, back up to South East Asia, over to South America up the west coast from Chile to Colombia and on my (long) way home visited friends in USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands and Germany before coming back home to Austria. (amazing pic of my route)
touristy highlights included driving the coast of South Africa, seeing all kinds of animals in Botswana, amazing beaches in Fiji & NZ, getting amazed by the likes of the Shwedagon Pagoda, Angkor Wat and Borobudur, seeing otherworldy landscapes in Vietnam and especially in the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, getting a taste of the Amazon in Bolivia, hiking a lot all over the world with highlights being the 4 day Santa Cruz trek in Huaraz in Peru, the 3day Quilotoa Loop in Ecuador and 2 days in Myanmar from Kalaw to Lake Inle.
personal highlights include living with a local in the middle of nowhere in Botswana for 3 weeks, watching the GSL (Starcraft 2) finals in Seoul in Korea, playing the last game I worked on in a gaming cafe in Penang in Malaysia, conquering my fear of heights doing the 3rd highest bungee in the world in South Africa, winning over $1k in a casino in Sihanoukville in Cambodia, seeing wild dolphins (South Africa & Chile) and whales (Ecuador), and on top of all making friends from all over the world (short term, but I still msg quite a few of them regularly and semi regularly).
the top lowlight of the trip was crashing my scooter in Taitung in Taiwan with the exact low point being the paramedic answering my "am I gonna lose my finger?" question with "maybe". In Malaysia a scooter drove into the door of our Uber when I opened it which resulted in a few angry indian malay men asking me to pay for it (I did in the end, 500rm). other than that nothing really too bad happened so I guess I got kinda lucky.
I had a few points where I thought about going home early but thinking about how much I would hate myself when at home and I still had money from my budget left and thinking "what would I do at home now" always kept me going.
it was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone. If you have any questions about any of the destinations mentioned or pretty much whatever I am more than happy to share my experience (not enough people in real life care enough anyways, so it really makes me happy to share it)
the proof I have is my blog (it's not amazing writing or anything more like so people at home know I'm alive) and my instagram
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GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist prep mission tips and details

Disclaimer: this is WIP and locations are for the La Mesa arcade, might be different for others in certain missions.

General tips:

Scope vault contents

Support crew details

Weapon loadouts for each gunman

Approach Support crew Weapon loadout 1 Weapon loadout 2
Stealth Karl Abolaji Micro SMG loadout: Micro SMG, Vintage Pistol, Stun Gun, Knife Machine Pistol loadout: Machine Pistol, Combat Pistol, Stun Gun, Knife
Stealth Charlie Reed Shotgun loadout: Suppressed Bullpup Shotgun, Suppressed Heavy Pistol, Stun Gun, Knife SMG loadout: Suppressed Assault SMG, Suppressed Combat Pistol, Stun Gun, Knife
Stealth Patrick McReary
Stealth Gustavo Mota
Stealth Chester McCoy Shotgun loadout: Pump Shotgun Mk II, Pistol .50, Stun Gun, Knife Rifle loadout: Carbine Rifle Mk II, Pistol .50, Stun Gun, Knife
Big Con Karl Abolaji Shotgun loadout: Double Barrel Shotgun, Ceramic Pistol, Switchblade Micro SMG loadout: Micro SMG, Ceramic Pistol, Switchblade
Big Con Charlie Reed Shotgun loadout: Sweeper Shotgun, Ceramic Pistol, Switchblade Machine Pistol loadout: Machine Pistol, Ceramic Pistol, Switchblade
Big Con Patrick McReary Shotgun loadout: Sawed-Off Shotgun, Ceramic Pistol, Switchblade Rifle loadout: Compact Rifle, Ceramic Pistol, Switchblade
Big Con Gustavo Mota Shotgun loadout: Assault Shotgun, Ceramic Pistol, Switchblade Rifle loadout: Carbine Rifle, Ceramic Pistol, Switchblade
Big Con Chester McCoy SMG loadout: SMG Mk II, Ceramic Pistol, Switchblade Rifle loadout: Bullpup Rifle Mk II, Ceramic Pistol, Switchblade
Aggressive Karl Abolaji Shotgun loadout: Sawed-Off Shotgun, SMG, Molotov, Knuckle Duster Revolver loadout: Heavy Revolver, SMG, Molotov, Knuckle Duster
Aggressive Charlie Reed Shotgun loadout: Pump Shotgun, SMG, Grenades, Hammer Assault SMG, SMG, Grenades, Hammer
Aggressive Patrick McReary Shotgun loadout: Heavy Shotgun, SMG, Sticky Bombs, Crowbar Combat MG loadout: Combat MG, SMG, Sticky Bombs, Crowbar
Aggressive Gustavo Mota Shotgun loadout: Assault Shotgun, SMG, Proximity Mines, Machete Rifle loadout: Carbine Rifle, SMG, Proximity Mines, Machete
Aggressive Chester McCoy Shotgun loadout: Pump Shotgun Mk II, SMG Mk II, Pipe Bombs, Pipe Wrench Rifle loadout: Assault Rifle Mk II, SMG Mk II, Pipe Bombs, Pipe Wrench

Possible vehicles for each driver

Possible prep missions:

Support crew

Unmarked weapons
  • Elysian Island police raid on a ship. You can do it without being spotted by being stealthy, easier to finish.
  • Steal flight manifest from Merryweather compound, then shoot back door of flying Titan while being chased by respawning Buzzards until it drops weapons, then pick them up. Doable with a Buzzard. Not sure what happens if the back door of the Titan is shot with rockets.
    • Possible locations: Palmer-Taylor Power Station, ?
  • Weapon smugglers off the coast: kill them then steal a Tula, being chased to the Sandy Shores air strip by Froggers.
    • Possible locations: Palomino Highlands, ?
  • Steal from The Lost MC clubhouse, uses the player owned clubhouse interior
    • Possible locations: Paleto Bay, ?
  • Steal from the Vagos Clubhouse.
    • Possible locations: La Mesa, ?
  • Steal from military
    • Possbile locations: Fort Zancudo, ?
  • Search NOOSE vans moving across the map, then steal the one containing weapons (have to lose cops first).
  • ?
Getaway vehicles
  • Valet job at a random hotel. Wait for the owner to exit the car and walk away then drive the car back to the Arcade. Easiest one.
    • Unlocks: Valet outfit
    • Possible locations: Rockford Dorset Hotel, Opium Nights Hotel (LSIA), Banner Hotel & Spa (Del Perro), ?
  • Steal cars from LSPD lockup. Doable with stealth inside, prevents a shootout in the lockup. There are two policemen standing outside who can spot you. You can try your luck and after exiting moving to the right lane of the ramp and tearing off, they might not see you or if you want to go for sure: you park with your Terrorbyte across the street, then you take one car outside, move it to the right lane but do not move forward, then go back for the other car, taking it out to the default left lane, killing the two guards, entering the back of the Terrorbyte to lose wanted levels, and deliver the cars to your Arcade.
    • Possible locations: Rockford Hills, ?
  • Steal racing cars at air strip. You can wait for them to finish the race or steal during (you have to shoot the driver then). Cars chasing afterwards.
    • Possible locations: LSIA, Sandy Shores
  • Steal illegally imported cars from the importers. A Cargobob Jetsam spawns so if you watch what you shoot at you can use it to fly the cars back (a bit slow though, so unless the cars themselves are slow it's probably better to drive).
    • Possible locations: Chupacabra Street (Elysian Island), Paleto Bay railyard, ?
  • ?
Chester McCoy vehicles only:
  • Elysian Island, Merryweather testing, 1 armored NPC with railgun, multiple turreted cars, explosives next to getaway cars (not a good idea to shoot rockets or grenades), helicopters and cars chasing afterwards.
  • Guarded convoy in LS or Blaine County.
  • ?
Hacking device
  • Steal from FIB HQ. First go and kill a couple crooked FIB agents, get their badges and then enter the FIB HQ. Use phone app to find the item by its signal. On the way out when you pass the entrance gates in the FIB building, they will start shooting and you, so you may as well start by shooting them. You will receive a wanted level anyway.
    • Unlocks: FIB outfits (no badge)
    • Possible agent locations: La Puerta (at the Bay City apartment), Strawberry / Strawberry Ave, West Vinewood / Laguna Place, ?
    • You can tell you got this mission by having your outfit changed to a messy FIB suit.
    • Dialogue start: "You might remember I directed your attention to some keypads when you were looking around the casino. Yeah, if we wanna hack them which we do, we're gonna need some FIB technology from their building on Pillbox Hill."
  • Kill a corrupt NOOSE agent (wait for it to walk away from the other two, then take him out with one melee hit from stealth to prevent the others from shooting and possibly a wanted level) take their badge and enter the NOOSE HQ (same interior as DDH, Act 1 Server Farm). Use phone app to find the device's signal. You can do this part without killing by sticking to the safe side corridors and avoiding guards and cameras. You get a wanted level after exiting though. You can not enter a Service vehicle's cargo area to remove the wanted levels and if you drive to the North you get wanted levels when you drive by the NOOSE HQ again, so start driving towards your Arcade and don't mess around.
    • Possible agent locations: Davis City Hall, Los Santos City Hall, at IAA building at Pillbox Hill, ?
    • Dialogue start: "You'll remember I directed your attention to some keypads when you were looking around the casino. Yeah, their tech is some of the best in the business, government level."

General prep work

Vault keycards
  • Two guards, randomly found in Los Santos or Blaine County, on the streets or in a motel/apartment room. This is definitely the easier mission though you have two targets.
    • Possible locations: starts walking in front of Hornbills on Eclipse Boulevard (West Winewood), The Motor Motel (Harmony), Perrera Beach Motel (Del Perro), Mirror Park Tavern, ?
  • Steal a prison bus then drive it to Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Maintain your disguise and drive to the mentioned tower. Your target is either outside (lucky) or inside the tower. If your target is inside and facing away from the stairs, do a sneak melee attack to kill it. If it's facing the stairs, you are very unlucky. Try to do a headshot from below or wait for it to turn around but do not linger for too long or they will start shooting at you (with two snipers from the adjacent towers) and you also get a 4 star wanted level. The only way out of the ring is the way you entered.
    • Unlocks: Prison Guard outfits
Patrol routes
  • What does it do? Displays patrolling NPCs on the same level on the map (both minimap and pause menu map).
  • Mission: Duggan security meeting in a parking lot. You need to take a photo of the patrol routes roster in the back trunk of a car. Lester sends a text with the licence plate of the target car. There are two patrolling guards in a mirrored pattern. The car will always be on the less crowded side of the parking lot in the way of one of the two moving guards, where no stationary NPCs can see the back of the cars. Once you found the target car (just by walking past them) wait for the guard to pass it towards the more crowded part of the parking lot and open the trunk. After opening it move into a safe spot immediately becuase you don't have time to take a photo of the roster, the guard is on it's way back. You can take a photo of the trunk from farther as well, it only checks which side you are taking the photo from, it doesn't actually have to be legible on the photo (gg rockstar). Or you can go in loud and kill them all (the Stone Hatchet with its Rampage mode is really good) but you will receive a wanted level if you choose this method.
    • Possible locations: Galileo Observatory, Little Seoul or Pillbox Hill
  • Tips and bugs:
    • Two example locations of the cars: Observatory and Little Seoul. Check the minimap.
    • You don't have to be right next to the trunk to take the photo of the roster you can take it from farther away, the only thing that matters is to take it from the proper side.
    • If you take a photo of the routes in the trunk of the target car then destroy the car, the prep mission fails, even though you already sent the stuff to Lester.
Duggan shipments
  • What does it do? Weakens the equipment of the Casino security, such as bulletproof helmets.
  • Mission: 10 targets have to be taken out, across the whole map in 10 minutes. They are not armored, 1 homing rocket is sufficient to destroy them, the Oppressor Mk II (with maxed out performance upgrades and rockets equipped) is really good for this mission if you are doing it solo. You can not get wanted levels during this mission. Usually 3 ground (gruppe sechs van), 3 water (dinghy) targets and the rest are aerial (1 target and 1 escort helicopter). If you shoot at them but miss and they survive they will start chasing you. Helicopters may rarely crash on their own, one target less for you.
Security intel
  • What does it do? Show all cameras and their cones on the map in the casino during the heist.
  • Requirement Own Casino Penthouse/do Casino missions (Ms Baker) as host.
  • Mission: Meet Vincent at Rockford Plaza and follow up with him. This mission is unlocked permanently though there is an option to replay it later from the second prep board. You have to chase a car and shoot the driver so it might be a good idea to not drive a vehicle that only shoots rockets.
Power drills
  • What does it do? Gives you the ability to drill small deposit boxes in the vault. You won't have time for this with two players so probably not necessary. You can carry multiple drills at the same time so you don't have to drive back for the second one.
  • Mission variants:
    • Steal a hardware store van leaving a construction site (you don't have to go to the marked location as it will start moving away from it once you are in spawning distance). Or you can just destroy it and take both drills. Killing them gets you 2 wanted levels.
      • Possible locations: Dunstable Lane, Redwood Lights Track, ?
    • Go to a construction site and search boxes of equipment (i.e. look at them). You can put on a disguise if you are careful but if you linger near the workers they will attack you (along with the security guards).
      • Possible locations: Vespucci Canals, ?
Security pass lvl1
  • Penthouse owners can steal a level 1 pass from the cleaning trolley in their penthouse if the maid is present.
  • ?
Security pass lvl2
  • What does it do? Lets you skip the pattern hacks by swiping the security card.
  • Mission variants:
    • Dead casino valet: steal a Hearse and funeral director clothes from Hill Valley Church, go into morgue, get badge. If you enter a room and the green blip doesn't appear on your map, the pass isn't in that room.
      • Unlocks: Undertakers/The Ominous outfit
    • Croupier: knocked out at a party in a random garden. Go to party, wait for Lester to send the photo of the target, find target (laying or sitting somewhere out of sight), search them then if they don't have the pass on them, look for it on a nearby table or under some foliage.
      • Possible locations: Vinewood Hills, West Winewood, Pacific Bluffs, ?
  • Tips and bugs:
    • you can walk into the garden, walk out and wait around 1.5-2 minutes then walk back and lester will almost always send you the text right then, you can avoid having to "blend in" while he is searching for the croupier
    • the croupier will always be someone unconscious
    • looking at a "blend in" prompt will automatically start doing it, therefore standing under the tent on PC makes you stuck in dancing, it says pressing Esc will allow you to you quit the animation but it's actually right click and you gotta spam it a bit to break out of the loop (because you are looking at the prompt)
    • when approaching the area of the party with a flying vehicle, try not to fly over or you will get a nice 3-star wanted level.

Approach specific preps

Nano drones
Shoot down 5 LSPD nano drones, everyone in Org/MC gets 3 star wanted level, doesn't clear upon death but can be lost. Pick up drone parts. You can pick them up after losing wanted levels too.
Vault laser
Steal from military or Cliffford mercenaries, instant 4 stars, not removed upon death. Take an armored vehicle and lots of snacks if you want to make sure you do it as quickly as possible.
  • possible locations: Fort Zancudo, El Burro Heights, ?
EMP device
Steal EMP from USLA with a Cargobob (you have to steal that from LSIA but maybe you can bring your own?) and deliver it to Vinewood substation of Los Santos Department of Water and Power. (stealing EMP from university is an Ocean's 11 reference)
Infiltration suits
Has to be stolen from Humane Labs. You can either parachute in and take a sneaky approach or go in and kill them all then hack the door also hacked in Deliver EMP of Humane Raid heist. Two duffel bags have to be taken, if you are alone you have to come back. A couple NPCs respawn but not all of them. Wanted level upon breaking in of course.
Big con
Entry disguise (2 parts for each)
  • Bugstars gear
    • Part 1: Steal a Bugstars Burrito, containing the outfits as well
      • Possible locations: Richman, ?
    • Part 2: Steal a Trashmaster full of insects to create a reason for Bugstars pest control being called to the Casino
      • Possible locations: Rogers Salvage & Scrap (La Puerta), ?
      • Unlocks: Refuse Collector outfits
  • Maintenance gear
    • Part 1: Steal two bags of equipment and outfits from a maintenance crew
      • Possible locations: Rockford Hills, ?
    • Part 2: Steal an LSDWP van and take it to the Casino, then pour chemicals into a broken ventilation unit on top of the building. Take van to Arcade.
      • Possible locations: Cypress Flats, ?
  • Gruppe Sechs gear
    • Part 1: Steal damaged Stockade (armored van) from an auto repair shop (drive there with a Service vehicle to remove wanted level)
      • Possible locations: Harmony, Beeker's Garage (Paleto), ?
      • Tips: You can enter the back of a Service vehicle to lose wanted levels. A Vigilante can push the Stockade to make it go faster if you get a location far from your Arcade.
    • Part 2: Infiltrate security meeting of the Duggans (somewhat similar to Patrol routes) and take a photo of the licence plate of a security van plus steal two duffel bags from its back (outfits)
      • Possible locations: underground garage in Little Seoul, parking lot under the intersection of I-2 (Del Perro Freeway) and I-4 (Olympic Freeway) in Murrieta Heights, ?
      • Quick complete: drive Terrorbyte really close, kill dudes, enter Terrorbyte to lose wanted level, take photo and grab the bags.
Vault drills
  • Steal from bank robbers robbing the Fleeca branch on Great Ocean Highway (nostalgia)
  • Steal from police who just caught a couple bank robbers
    • Possible locations: Del Perro, Terminal, ?
  • ?
Yung Ancestor preps if host scoped out the terrace, unlocks Yung Ancestor fan entry disguise
  • Part 1, "Dead Weight": take care of a vehicle, with a corpse in its trunk (allegedly), you end up going to the Altruist camp after a couple changes in the destination
  • Part 2, "After Party": chase down paparazzi and destroy their cameras
Exit disguise
  • Firefighter gear: go to a reported arson incident and steal the Firetruck. Wanted level guaranteed but can be removed by entering a Service vehicle's back area.
  • NOOSE gear: two duffel bags, stolen from an LSPD (or possibly LSSD) station. Wanted level guaranteed. This is an Ocean's 11 reference, as they leave the casino disguised as SWAT.
    • Possible locations: Mission Row Police Station
Breaching charges
  • Steal them from thieves. Two bags, have to be delivered one by one. Chasing hillbillies.
    • Possible locations: Cholla Springs Avenue (Sandy Shores), Zancudo River, ?
  • Steal from SecuroServ warehouses (big warehouse interior). They give chase with sedans and Buzzards when the second package leaves the warehouse.
    • Possible locations: LSIA (westernmost building in the corner), Popular Street (Cypress Flats), ?
  • ?
Vault explosives
  • Steal them from smugglers. Underwater, 2 boxes, can only carry one at a time, lots of waves of helicopters spawning. I suggest equipping a scuba based outfit before starting it (as it locks outfits as soon as you start) and going in as a CEO to call in a Dinghy and to use BST (or you could just steal another boat if you can). Kill everyone beforehand until the waves stop. Then dive down and find both of them. Pick up one and swim out to the shore, aim for an area with a bit of cover. Drop a BST and kill the waves of helicopters or get in your vehicle and tear off. Alternatively you can use a Stromberg to pick it up undetected, helicopters will still spawn after the broadcast timer is gone.
    • Possible locations: Catfish View, Paleto Cove, North Calafia Way (Alamo Sea north shore), ?
  • ?
Reinforced armor
  • Steal from Humane Labs, swim through underwater entrance with scuba suit you put on at the shore (mandatory objective, plus Style menu gets locked on mission start), steal armor, go up with elevator. Don't dawdle in the elevator or it will take you to the surface. After you picked up the armor and go back to the surface with an elevator, get into cover immediately, there will be a couple armed guards with machine guns and deadly accuracy. Take the Buzzard and don't stop to fight.
  • Steal from a Merryweather bunker. Uses the player owned bunker interior, there are a couple Insurgents and a Brickade inside, you can use these to drive out but it will force you out of the vehicle shortly after. I don't think you can take a sneaky approach to find the boxes containing the armor as the guards cones of vision overlap and most of them don't move, so just kill them all, which will result in Mesas and Buzzards chasing you back to the Arcade when the second armor has been picked up.
    • Possible locations: Route 68 Bunker, Farmhouse Bunker, ?
  • ?
Boring machine
  • Steal and drive to the Sewer entrance. Don't follow the GPS if you know where it is (end of the storm drain, just south of the race track at the Casino), it's really dumb and wants to take you to one specific legal entry of the storm drain when in fact you can enter it nearly anywhere. Wanted level most likely.
    • Possible locations: driving on the freeway, parked in El Burro Heights, north of the Grapeseed airfield, Davis Quartz, Terminal, ?
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